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Revised and Updated - So you believe Skinnier, Raw, Vegan people must be weak

Dear Woman, Man, Children a healthier nutrition along with healthier lifestyle works. Our body will always stand by our side by giving us health constructive messages, sure our mind has been conditioned but our body has its infinite wisdom when it comes to its own processes. Nature is the model, nature is where we evolved from and we are part of it just as much as it is part of us, don't let some guru or society tell you that just because we live a bit unplugged from nature that all of a sudden nature does not work. It works for 10's of millions of species including some that are up to 99.4% same DNA, so it will work for us also if we have some patience and persistence.

1. IF you are not sure if Natural hygiene still works or if it is outdated and obsolete
2. IF you are not sure if whole fresh fruits, vegetables and a pinch of nuts can nourish you well
3. IF you think that our raw and vegan skinny asses are weak, slow and frail
4. IF you think that you need to consume any of those "Super Dood" fake "super foods" that have almost nothing so super about them
5. IF you think that Sunshine, Mental poise, fasting, sleep etc. have nothing to do with health
6. IF you believe those super gurus that look and move just like the average "dood" that say that you must eat cooked foods to survive at all, and to be strong and health

Please come and lets play and work side by side for a few week.

Or maybe you are not convinced and you need to see some cardio, you know how a cardiovascular system that is not plugged up with 40 to 60% occlusion, choked up with foreign animals cholesterol and other junk, with red blood cells stacked up clumped together trying to cope with the acidity in your blood from the lovely western you know what.

Or is it the mental side of things that you need to see, to see the clarity of thought and etc. You wanna know how the mind works when it is not soaked like a sponge with you know what. All those lovely preservatives, artificial colorants, artificial flavors, growth hormones, alcohol, various acids, antibiotics, etc. etc. and spiced up and dehydrated., always enjoying auto intoxication do to the never ending byproducts of fermentation and putrefaction do to incomplete digestion. To see how a mind works when it actually has some blood flow instead of all the time blood being diverted to the desperate digestive system trying to desperately digest the next to indigestible. A few IQ tests online would be nice.

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