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Antidepressants that help with anxiety (SSRI)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Laura Marie May 10, 2016. 30 Replies

Both my mom and my counselor think that medication would help cure my depression.  It's not getting much better, and it will only get worse when my sister leaves for college.  I have a horrible…Continue

Tags: anxiety, medication, depression

Vitamins (especially D) on a vegan diet

Started this discussion. Last reply by Laura Marie Jul 16, 2015. 7 Replies

Hello all,Recently I've been having some problems. I feel as though no matter how much sleep I get, water to drink, carbs I eat, etc., I never feel energized.  I've also been seeing a therapist for…Continue

Tags: depression, D, vitamin, nutrients

Not feeling healthy

Started this discussion. Last reply by Laura Marie Jul 16, 2015. 14 Replies

I am 15, around 5'3.  Not sure about my weight, because I don't own a scale, but estimating around 120. I normally don't have time for breakfast, but when I do, it is usually a small banana + peanut…Continue

Extreme weight gain post anorexia

Started this discussion. Last reply by Laura Marie Jan 27, 2014. 29 Replies

Hello all,So I've decided to get my eating disorder out in the open. I haven't been restricting myself at all since the end of the summer. It started in March last year, and ended when I found the…Continue

Tags: confused, questions, help, extreme, weight


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At 5:01pm on August 6, 2013, cody snakemon said…

keeeeeep going aand flowing :)

At 1:27am on June 11, 2013, Angelo Carrion said…

I used to think the same about protein intake until I read 80/10/10 and did my own research. It's crazy how society does have us brainwashed that we need so much protein and the dairy and meat industry pay tons in marketing to make sure you have every opportunity to eat it and get sick. Sometimes it just feels like the government and medical establishment wants people to get sicker so it can make more money and keep people addicted and not even know it.

It's funny that if people knew how much little protein we actually need and that our body constantly recycles protein and uses it again they would be shocked to learn the truth. Also the fact that the body has to break down the protein to glucose or store it as fat when there's too much of it which is usually the case. Not everyone is an eskimo or live in Alaska in the winter when there's no other choices but protein. Hopefully we can make people more aware and they can change and spread more positive change.

It's funny about your friends situation. I was the same way for too many years. I studied the field and yes it can possibly happen that you lose weight cutting out carbs but it's called starvation! Even with many calories the body prefers carbs to thrive so the body has no choice through gluconeogenesis to convert the protein to carbs and through ketosis the fat to carbs but the main problem is that it has to break down any carbs first, then protein and chances are unless it's a small amount that it won't get to touch the fats and the body will gladly store it. It's such a dangerous gamble to do all that when you can go low fat and eat plenty of healthy carbs!! All I know is even when it did work for me I never felt great and usually I felt bloated and starved after a while. Especially when I would see people eat carbs that I craved. Sadly your friends will wind up hitting the carbs even harder when they stop and grossly over consume the burgers with the bun and other fat laden foods. Hopefully you setting a good example will make people around you want to emulate your lifestyle over time. It's easy to be in denial when so much bad info is out there and when chemists artificially engineer food additives to potato chips and sauces on meats that give people a drug addict response to come back for more. 60 minutes had a good special about food additives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7Wh3uq1yTc

That's why eating raw mainly and real foods when cooked are so important. Luckily we have knowledge and others around in the community who are fighting the good fight. :)

At 1:06am on June 9, 2013, Angelo Carrion said…
You can't go wrong either way as long as it's vegan. I like raw till 4 and that's as hardcore as I want to go right now. Down the road who knows. I understand the friend thing. Right now my wife thinks I'm crazy because I eat too many mono meals of bananas although I told her I eat other foods. I guess walking in with 20 lbs of bananas for the week although it cost me only 8.00 was too much for her to take in. :)
We kind of argued a little but then dropped it and agreed to disagree. She doesn't understand that I used to skip breakfast and ate crappy fatty lunches and crap food on the road before. It's crazy for family and friends to relate to the lifestyle If they don't understand it. Even though its super nutritious and makes me feel good. For me the switching to low fat is such an extreme for people that they can't believe I'll stick with it. I guess I just have prove them wrong in time and make believers out of them.
At 5:37am on June 8, 2013, Krista said…
If its not organic then soak your fruit in a vinegar & water bath for 10 min then rinse. That will get the pesticides off
At 5:27am on June 8, 2013, Angelo Carrion said…
I can't afford organic either. I am careful to wash a great deal when I eat soft skinned fruit and I don't eat the skin of pears and other fruit most times. It's still better for me than my meateater lifestyle I imagine. Hopefully when I have more income I will buy organic. For now, I'm not sweating it since even non-organic isn't cheap.
At 5:20am on June 8, 2013, Angelo Carrion said…

Hang in there Laura. I find sometimes I am undercarbed myself and it creates confusion at times. Especially when certain fruits like Kiwis that you mentioned take a while to ripen. I have that same issue right now at home. It can be pretty complicated if you have to worry about not having enough fruit ready to eat. I'm such a newbie to everything and trying to find a streamlined way to make things easy. I haven't really done the blending bananas because I am at work for breakfast and lunch but I"m thinking of bringing a small mixer that is pretty strong and see how that goes. Blending seems to be the main way that people stay on the lifestyle for the long run. I have to make it a priority, especially once summer is done and I go back to school. 

You're doing awesome, especially for your age and wisdom it's very inspiring. I'm sure you'll make good decisions regardless of what kind of vegan style you want to follow. Even if you eat more fruit than before and still eat healthy carbs from fruits and vegetables don't stress too hard about it. A lifestyle has ups and downs but as you make good decisions you'll be awesome in life.

At 12:23am on June 7, 2013, Angelo Carrion said…

Thanks Laura!

I did see Freelee's videos on Raw till 4. I think that's what inspired me to realize that I can do this realistically originally. I ate so many nuts and avocados before to fill up before and now I feel so much better switching to fresh fruit. This weekend I'm trying a wholesaler by me to see if I can get a deal on a case of bananas and maybe one other fruit. One member here got a case for $6.00! That's insane!..lol

As you know planning ahead and having enough ripe fruit for the day is crucial. My bananas from Saturday's shopping are finally ripe enough to eat. Only a small amount was ripe and it went fast. I had to make a few trips every other day to get more fruit but that's kinda fun. Feels good to be around so much fruit!..lol

Are you finding enough variety in fruit so far? I've had 4 or 5 different fruits to keep things interesting. Sucks that some fruit just isn't ripe enough to eat right away like my kiwis at home and some mangos I have here at work. I had a tart one for lunch yesterday and it was not too pleasant. 

Probably in the next month I'll have some pics of the garden when it really blossoms. Right now my strawberries are coming in pretty good. It's an early season but my goodness they are so good! :)

I love reading your posts. Keep sharing, it helps hearing about the ins and outs of eating well. There's always some challenge or pitfall down the road but moving past them and getting back on track is what it's all about.

Awesome job Laura!

At 10:02pm on June 5, 2013, Angelo Carrion said…

It's fun growing veggies when you can. We had two 6 foot beds and now this year we have 4. It's a little work but a lot of outcome. I just bought 15 lbs of Bahri dates to help. Finding that bananas and mangos are great but man do they go through you in a few hours. What I'm compromising at doing now is 3/4 fruitarian and my dinner is just a cooked vegan meal. Plus you need more variety for dinner. I do still have some fruit with dinner though. How's it going with your eating style? I listened to a podcast with Fruitarian and ultra-marathon runner Michael Arnstein from http://thefruitarian.com/ and he even said that 2/3 fruitarian is still a great alternative for those that can't do full raw vegan. The dates are nice by the way, but best when blended with bananas or taken on the road as snacks. 

At 3:12am on June 3, 2013, Angelo Carrion said…

Hi Laura,

I actually live in Phillipsburg Nj but I'm a minute away from Easton, PA which is a stone's throw away. Easton has a farmer's market every weekend at the town circle and plenty of organic choices. The bananas I get aren't organic but I get a great deal at Produce Junction in Whitehall, PA. You're in Western Pa and I'm far east. Do you and your family grow any fruits or veggies during the summer?

At 7:49am on April 13, 2013, ednshell said…

Welcome! :) Welcome! :) Welcome! :)

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