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At 5:05am on September 5, 2019, Amanda May said…

Hello Kevin. Yes, I will always be a vegan and yes, still in England. :)

At 7:35am on June 13, 2014, Jonno Gibbins said…

Hi Kevin, yes still in Nelson - coaching run technique at the National Academy of Distance Running at Saxton Oval, Stoke near Nelson - you could join the Academy for while you are here? Some very fast runners to give you a work out! I'm not that fast! They train Mon Tues Thurs and Sat. How long have you been here? Have you made many contacts? If not I know a few people I can put you in touch with. Keen to train sometime although I am only running at the moment as I had a bad bike crash and full time studying but all good, at least my running is improving! email me direct on jonnogibbins@mac.com. 

At 2:24am on September 11, 2012, Hannah Day said…

Hi Kevin,

I just watched your video. It was beautiful. exactly what i needed to see this morning.

thank you,


At 2:07am on August 13, 2012, Anastasia/Champagne Mango said…

How dare you delete your facebook my sexy love!! I just got your FB message, saw your vid - VERY well done! I should take some pointers from you on how to make vids better :D Im glad I saw it and I'm glad we're friends and I wuv you toooooooo.

If you got rid of the FB, whats a good way to keep in touch?

At 3:39am on January 25, 2012, Stephane said…


I wanted to let you know we will have a raw fruit festival in Spain next September


Maybe you'd like it.


At 8:20pm on January 16, 2011, jillian st. james said…
bahaha amazing bro!!
At 2:02pm on October 28, 2010, Kevin said…
anastasia, im currently protesting the rubbish music on your page which is set to automatically offend my soul when i stalk your page...and so all correspondence with you will be done through my comment wall in future.
I hope this encourages you to develop some cultured taste. That is, the culture of truth, not MTV. (c;
At 8:40am on October 26, 2010, Anastasia/Champagne Mango said…
Hey friend. New videos? Hows your progress coming?
At 12:34pm on October 23, 2010, Bristol said…
Haha Hey Kevin,
no I just hate rotating images that were taken sideways...I feel like they don't look quite right. I am too particular lol so I shall have to remain sideways. :P

No problem I definitely "liked" your video. Cool stuff and its great to spread the lfrv love.
any time!
At 1:56am on October 22, 2010, Rah Sandara said…
It's ok, it's always good to know someone in this way of life...
I'm learning about this path, than I'll learn many things in your videos...

Have a nice day, good wishes!!!
At 12:06pm on October 20, 2010, Liam G said…
Ha. Coleslaw. Never mind. What puts me off about coleslaw is the high amount of cabbage in it. Not very digestible stuff. And the mayonnaise of course.

Haven't really started training yet. Been researching though. I'll let you know how it goes :) Rock on
At 5:34am on October 16, 2010, juicyfruity said…
you are crazy lol
At 1:28pm on October 15, 2010, Anastasia/Champagne Mango said…
Lol Sometimes thats how it goes, handsome.

Attention: your queen has just updated her website:(http://tgitas.com/Modeling.php)

..is me pretty?
All bullshit aside--I'm curious to see myself really fit, if I look fine now. I know you're on the same quest. I guess we all are, here. And in regards to your newest vid too, its like, where does that curiousity to see the best of ourselves go, when we're in the food that doesnt get us where we need to be. The tub of butter, the molasses for asses, the cookies, the ....coleslaw???? gasp
Hey not drinking enough maybe? Bored? Habit? I find drinking hot tea really helps for some reason. It changes up my hydration method. You're in the UK so you should be no stranger to this.
Did your girlfriend throw hot tea on you? Thats called a hint.
keep it up, enjoyed the vid.

BTw, have you seen Snatch? Hilarious UK bamf movie with a kickass soundtrack.
Or this? Man On Wire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIawNRm9NWM
At 7:00am on October 14, 2010, Michael said…
talk is cheap as you know ;) Make us proud, you can do anything if you want it bad enough! Train like a JEDI! This is the time my man!
At 1:20pm on October 12, 2010, Kevin said…
ya, anastasia mentioned that also...not too sure what you guys are talking about?
At 11:25am on October 12, 2010, juicyfruity said…
what is with the vagina?!
At 10:32am on October 12, 2010, Laura Wood said…
im going to try and find that movie tonight and watch it! I looked at a preview for it, and it looks really good
At 9:33am on October 12, 2010, Dan said…
Best of luck for it!
At 2:06pm on October 11, 2010, Liam G said…
Awesome indeed. Yeah I was following that beautiful aim guy too when he first started. So he isn't doing much these days no?

I liked the stuff you did in your video. The faces popping up. Haha

Hunger? For bad food you mean?

I think I'm like you. I need a challenge. Something to work towards. Mike Arnstein has inspired me to start doing these ultramarathons. I read what he said to you about working your butt off. He's right but don't see it like this almost impossible task. Yeah sure you have a huge mountain to climb but you'll get to the top. If you want to. Step by step you'll get there. I'm sure you feel like this already but I hope that motivates you some more. I believe in you mate
At 1:55am on October 11, 2010, Anastasia/Champagne Mango said…
Hilarious-- but it looks like you aint got me pinned, boxed like a helpless turnip after all. Though I like that position.
Nice sentiments in the vid, but I already have a heart; i dont need two. Im more the gypsy you'd meet on the road travelling. I suspect we're more similar, would more have fun going out to party than anything. And I aint in the mood to be your sugar momma lol I don't cook either. Actually I'm on banana island right now.

Well, zen cabbage cucumber package, looks like you'll have to recalibrate your position or redefine my definition as your mission.
How about you pay your own fare and we meet halfway someday? If I had you on a hot island to myself somewhere I might have to reexamine if we'd be a good match *cough* or examine you just to begin with in person. :o
Btw I like my sweet cherry kumquat better than just kumquat. Try it on the ladies and see if Im wrong ;p


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