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At 9:59am on November 17, 2009, B said…
Hey, actually Appleman just told me that there was someone else named 'B' on Dr. Graham's forum who had cured a thyroid issue on 811, no fasting. You could ask him about it, I'm not sure if it was hyper or hypo. In many cases hyper precedes hypo, so it may still work for you even if its the other way. But the way to cure it would be to get as much rest as possible, it's your body that does all the repair work anyway. Some physical relaxation activity like yoga or qi gong would likely be quite helpful too, both work with the 5th chakra, aka thyroid center. The other thing that is really good is the Sedona Method, you can get the book on amazon, Josh Fossgreen raves about it. You could talk to him about it.

If you want to add other fruits to your banana smoothies that's ok, my point was that drinking green smoothies all day can tax the digestive system.. I like to juice oranges, so does Free. I use a straw for smoothies and juice, easier on the smile :D
At 2:56pm on November 14, 2009, Janie Gardener said…
Thanks for the B-day wishes and friending! :) Congrats on embarking on your 100% journey! :) Enjoy & Aloha! :)
At 9:03pm on November 13, 2009, Ange Vlasblom said…
Bokar Tov!
Thank you for the birthdaywishes!
B´´ahavah and a hug,Ange.
At 5:42am on November 10, 2009, Jourdan said…
I hope this is helpful in regards to what to do on a Friday night.
At 8:17pm on November 9, 2009, TheBananaGirl said…
I saw your comment on GITMR...tried to reply but closed.
At 6:42pm on November 9, 2009, Cecilie said…
Hi! I still have some problems, but theyre improvings slowly. Sipping and eating all day could be part of the problem -its sooo hard on the teeth.
At 4:18pm on November 8, 2009, TheBananaGirl said…
Oh really? Weird! So do you have 2 profiles?
At 12:43pm on October 16, 2009, cbs said…
Thanks for the help!! Sounds like a plan, soon both of us will be soaring and 100%! Wont that be awesome?
At 12:17pm on October 6, 2009, spekgirl said…
thanks heaps its hard when the world seems to be telling you "eat less" ect to KNOW its okay to eat more but knowing what i hear from people like you REALLY helps to reassure me!!! thank you girl!
At 8:15am on October 6, 2009, spekgirl said…
wow thanks for the its something i still find hard to know but its good to hear im working on eating more fruits :) i appriciate that comment i know i need to eat more its a challange cause i have had a eating disorder but i find eating 811 is really helping me let go :)
At 3:50pm on October 2, 2009, Yogaranka said…
According to some of the studies, consistency and short duration is the important factor in a yoga practice for you. Even with dizziness, keep attempting it is the way to success.
Sudden movements avoided, coming out of postures slowly, and paying attention to the breath before the posture, during the posture and after it.
I would recommend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 min. in the evening. Hm, I never instructed anyone by writing, it's tricky. Would you know the posture if I told you its name?
A.M.practice. Deep breathing standing up . 2x 10, Gentle Warrior I with focus on chest upright, stable legs, and breathing during the hold for 10 breaths each leg., Kneeling warrior each leg, with front compression and backward motion very gently. This one I probably have to describe:
Step into warrior lunge, then drop your back knee down, and squeeze the belly, and touch forehead to the front knee, hold pose for 5 breaths.
Then, lift arms, torso up and gently arch back, very gently for 2 breaths, back to standing warrior, turn 180 degrees, and repeat.
P.M.practice: reclining fixed firm...knees together (not necessarily), feet hip width apart, sit between feet, put one elbow down at a time, and recline on your back. arch your back a bit, and allow the stretch of your legs, 5 breaths, then, same leg/feet position, bend forward, stretching arm over head, put forehead on the floor in front, stretching forward, hold 5 breaths, then a gentle camel pose, standing on knees, hip width apart, drop head back, if not, just reach back with hands to the calves or to the heels, and arch the back forward, hold for 3 breaths, then rabbit pose, same feet/leg position sit up, grab heels, and chin to chest, touch forehead on knees (oh, yes, knees together), squeeze belly, hold for 5 breaths. Come out, lie down on your back, rest.

I understand if you have trouble understanding, so just ask me specifically, and I'm happy to help again.
Wishing you success and vibrant health
At 5:35pm on September 30, 2009, TheBananaGirl said…
Hi there Sabrina, I rarely get to my Comments on my wall, apologies for the delay..

Yes I have experience with all the conditions u mentioned. I didn't experience hunger because I made sure I was aiming for 30 bananas a day. Restlessness, maybe - because I had so much energy! Doubt? Not a lot because I am committed to the LFRV lifestyle & I know I was doing the right thing for my health...how are u going now? Best way is to email me :)
At 11:53am on September 26, 2009, Coco said…
You're right, I should think positive! When it gets bad, I just remind myself that I'm better off at least knowing about 80/10/10. It's something to work toward.
Nah, I don't know anyone who's raw. I'm thinking about going to a meet-up, though. How's banana island going?
At 5:57am on September 26, 2009, Coco said…
Hey! Are you dreading the cold as much as I am?
At 2:08pm on August 18, 2009, xo said…
Hi YES they did. No more of that. It was crazy, you would feel that it will never go away (it took around 3 weeks), but right now, I don't feel dizzy nor spots when I stand up. Even if so, its on very rare occasions, its amazing how things you think that will NEVER go away (like aches, flu symptoms) eventually do seem to dissipate.

I am still undergoing detox systems, look out for VERY dry skin next. My acne is clearing up too C: Just eat WHATEVER you feel like eating, sometimes I eat up to 5 avocados a day.
At 9:35am on August 14, 2009, tushie said…
hi sabrina, yes ive experienced what youre talking about, ive been told by a doctor who is also an alternative doctor that its an imbalance of my pituitary gland, my thyroid and my adrenals underfuctioning im on a long healing journey and i understand your frustration completely... stay strong x
At 9:26am on August 13, 2009, tushie said…
ps i have terrible systemic candida too, but theres so many amazing stories of curing it through 811 and low low fat (not the sugar ) so its really exiting..... this forums amazing, let me know how your getting on if u want to, :)
At 9:23am on August 13, 2009, tushie said…
hi sabrina. welcome to 30 bad... hows it going so far? much love x


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