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At 12:13am on October 26, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

I've been picking up more running now too

I still commute on my bike and love it but not doing as many miles on the tires during the week.

boxhill ballblaster you say, haha, good luck with that one!

How have you been?

At 7:28pm on September 17, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

defo! They gave me the energy I needed to get to the finish line!

Have you been doing much cycling since the event?

It is getting more difficult cycling into work with these strong winds

At 7:46pm on September 3, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Yes I've entered the ballet for next year :)

I can't wait to find out!

I did pretty well, I was pleased with how I did on the day

I did have a chest infection, which went against me and stupidly skipped most of the hubs to save on time (which I later regretted) but overall an amazing day.

It is such a shame that the bananas they had were unripe, but by the time I stopped at a hub I did not care and it tasted amazing.

I formed a team with a few lads on the day and their jaws were hitting the floor at the amount of bananas I was eating, hahaha

At 11:29pm on August 14, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…


Sorry for such a delay

Been everywhere and not on here much

What did you think? :)

At 11:17pm on July 19, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Hey Adrian, how are you?

Out of curiosity what is your start time for the 4th?

I have:

Your arrival time at QEOP: 06:06

Your personal load time is: 06:30
Your Personal start time: 07:06


At 12:12am on June 25, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Yes please!

I'd love to hear how it is, wish I could come check it out before the race but London is a little far. My ex did it during a J.O.G to lands end cycle and he said it was pretty tough.

At 11:03pm on June 24, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Oh that sounds better then!

I've booked my hotel and transport now, so phew on that.

I've looked at the route and been told there are 3 major hills, ever done box hill before? I've heard some not so nice rumors which scare me a little!

Do you live in a hilly area?

At 7:37am on June 21, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

The electric shocks on the video I watched looked horrid

I was considering doing the October one until I saw that part.

I've not done anywhere near enough training but I'm not concerned.

I know I can finish it so that is enough for me.

I still have not booked a hotel yet, so I need to do that pretty soon.

I live in Wirral so we do have a few hills but nothing too major, I think I'll need to head into Wales for some decent ones. Luckily I'm not far from Wales :)

At 7:06pm on June 18, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Hey again Adrian.

I've just realised how close it is till London100, ohmy

I should really start putting the extra work in now.

How did tough mudder go? Or are you doing the one in October?

I watched a video about it with my dad (he is considering doing it)

Looks tough! I guess that is where the name comes from though ;)

Hope you're well

At 2:05am on April 20, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Awesome, I'm the same, I just want to complete it and enjoy it :)

The furthest I've been is 50 miles which was in a bike event a did a couple of weeks back. Nothing crazy though, it was a modest pace with a few stops along the way.

The past couple of weeks I've not done too much training if I'm honest.

Have you looked at the training planner in the magazine they sent?

It is crazy, hahaha :)

At 9:10pm on April 19, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Hey Adrian, how are you?

How is your training for London100 going?

It is creeping closer and closer :D

At 5:22am on January 25, 2012, Stephane said…


I wanted to let you know we will have a raw fruit festival in Spain next September


Maybe you'd like it.


At 10:16am on November 2, 2011, Claudia Ezraeelian said…
how's it going Adrian? You still around?
At 3:13am on December 7, 2009, Sophie's Joy said…
Hi Adrian. Things are good here, lots of change! Lovely to connect with you, lets all meet up sometime soon.
At 3:21am on December 4, 2009, Marte said…
I'm just glad I finally found something to study that I feel I really have an interest in. And it sure is nice with a big break from working full time.

Not to say that it's not important to learn about 2 world war, but maybe we should focus on other, more important things. Ridiculous is the word!

Ah. My friend Eli is in Thailand right now. You should read that book fruit hunters before you go! I think it's what I'm reading next (after the exam, that is). I've always wanted to go to south america.

Yeah, it's getting pretty cold here. Minus degrees. It's all white and pretty frost in the garden. I'm just waiting for the snow now.

I do still have to go out of the house, yes :D I do go for walks, but no high intensity outdoors. There are a lot of athletes (cross country skiers, for instance) that develop asthma due to breathin in too much cold air through the mouth (less effective than the nose for warming up the air). My take on it is pretty much that we are not supposed to live this far north, so I just keep that in mind.

Good luck! And let me know how it goes on saturday :)
At 3:48am on December 2, 2009, Marte said…
Yeah, smoothies are good for when I have to focus my time on other things :) I'm sooo in to oranges right now, but clementines aren't that bad either!

The anatomy an physiology is a part of my education to be a nutritionist. An it's pretty interesting as well. In fact, it's pretty fascinating that I've used years to learn about 2 world war in school, but was never really anywhere near learning about how the body functions.

I miss travelling. Where do you plan to go next time?

Running in the cold an wet sounds...hardcore! :D I'm mostly training indoors now, as the cold air here damages my lungs. Good to hear that you are doing progress.
At 1:30am on November 25, 2009, Marte said…

I totally stopped coming to gi2mr for a long while. I got so fed up with peoples confusion "is it healthy to eat an apple a day", "look at the smoothie I created, with tons of coconut oil" ect ect. Felt like a waste of time and energy to be there.

I'm on a smoothie kick lately. Reading for my exam in anatomy and physiology.

How are you doing?

At 6:42am on August 22, 2009, Jessb said…
Hi Adrian, Thanks for your friendship and add.

At 9:30pm on June 17, 2009, sunnied said…
I'm on the durian trail! Next stop: Borneo
At 4:58am on June 8, 2009, Moon said…
Have fun, I will be going next year, have some things around the area i need to give my attention to first. :) but, it's sure going to be wonderul.. when and where will you be going


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