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At 1:22pm on February 19, 2012, Riela Molinuevo said…

"So you see what had happened was..."

It's kind of like this. I'm sorry for taking months to reply. Between traveling, school and family drama I'm lucky if I get a 4 hours of sleep. Not much of an excuse, but I hope you would be kind enough to accept it. 

I don't believe that government is necessarily trying to teach us the wrong things, it's that simply they themselves find little interest in many matters and result in giving what I consider "half-assed" education.Therefore, it's up to the people who actually care to finish the job/do it well. That's where people like you come in. 

It's frustrating, really. I can't understand why people continue to do things they hate, or when they hate a factor about themselves but do nothing to change it. Then they whine and become dependent on drugs. 

I love lebanese food haha. I have some lebanese friends who own a restaurant and would always let me come over and eat for free. Her mom makes the best Tabouleh ever. 

I'm only about 80% raw. I'm still living at home and my parents disapprove of the raw movement so I have to wait until I move out to make the change. It's not too bad. I have been 100% before and I can honestly tell a huge difference. Miss it.
Are you 100% yet? 

At 2:30pm on December 23, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

That sounds like something this world needs to hear. :)

The funny thing is that a gigantic chunk of what we learn (at least from school) is somehow beneficial (in the monetary sense) to a gigantic corporation. We gotta learn how to educate ourselves with the truth. 

Meat eaters live believing that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is not bliss. It's ignorance.

Meat eaters use their delusion of grandeur as a shield to protect their pathetic egos from admitting that what they're doing is wrong.I always laugh it off because I know that when they're 40 they'll have diabetes, high cholesterol, and a bad self-esteem. Superior? Of course! so superior that they have to take a dozen pills a day to live. Forget thriving.

Do you think you'll go 100% raw?

At 2:28am on December 23, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Vegan documentaries sounds amazing. Would you be sneaking into factories, documenting your own journey or...?

I'm hoping to do some nutritional studies on veganism and fruitarianism to debunk all the crap people say about this lifestyle. Not many people do it because there is no giant corporation that will fund such studies. 

Exactly. And then they go with the excuse that they haven't been doing it for long.

I have friends who say they don't eat much meat. Then I ask them what they eat on a regular week and the answer: well, tempeh, tofu, chicken and fish. I'm like: Chicken and Fish are meat. And then the "But not reallllly" Conversation.

Congrats! Do you feel physically better than before? 

At 2:37pm on December 22, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

I know what I did was wrong, but I literally lived off of Amazing Grass's energy drink for the past week. If not I would have passed out while walking to class. 

Filmography! That sounds like such a fun and interesting career. Do you plan to be a director or something of the sort?

Thanks! I think I will! I showed a body-building friend of mine some pictures of vegan bodybuilders and at first he didn't believe it, but then eventually it was an argument that they weren't that big. -.-

I think another factor is that Harley and everyone I have showed them is like a vegan nazi health nut (and so am I, ironically). The fact that you're not like that might get to them to admit that vegan guys can be considered MEN. It's been the debate of the past 2 weeks LOL. 

Oh I love how chicken and seafood are official vegetables in so many people's books. 

I've been vegan for almost 2 years, my anniversary is coming up this January.

Didn't you just turn vegan a few months ago? How is it going for you?

At 11:35am on December 22, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

All I know is that I got an A on my Chemistry class so far, but that makes me super happy. I pulled a complete all nighter for that one.

Good luck on your exams! What are you taking?

I want to show your vids to some of my friends. They think that vegan men are wusses and unmanly. By having them watch one of your vids I can prove once and for all that vegan men can be badass and macho. If I show them pictures they always tell me that I can't prove that the person is truly vegan. And Harley is too skinny (say my girlfriends). 

Oh the what do you eat question is complementary with the "I'm vegan" comment. I like it though, it's more open minded than a simple "You're stupid. God put animals into this world to be eaten. How can you not appreciate what he has done for us." And variations of the like. Or when I tell someone I'm vegan, and they go "Ohhhhhhhh! But you still eat meat right?"

Makes me just want to shove a banana down their murder-holes. 

At 8:58am on December 22, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Hey I'm so so so sorry this reply is so late, I've been studying like an asian for my midterms which I had this week. Living on 30 minutes of sleep for the past week, I'm going to take this christmas to catch up on some Zs.

I saw you posted a vid talking about my experience with a faux vegan. ;)

Have you ever gotten asked "what is vegan" or some sort on a vegan shirt? I am like some unicorn from the land of fairies or something where I live. When I tell someone I'm vegan they look at me like "they actually EXIST?"

At 11:54am on December 17, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Do you get any comments on the street when you go out wearing vegan clothing? Recently one of our members got beat up because he wore a vegan shirt when he went walking in Seattle. It just seems silly that someone can wear profanity on their shirts when they go out and people call it "swag" but then they wear a vegan shirt and they get beat up for it.

At 9:45am on December 11, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Awesome! I looked for some other vegan shirts on the web too and found some pretty cool designs. Thumbs up for shameless self advertisement. ;)

At 3:54pm on December 10, 2011, Cindy S said…

Thank you Andrew :) I will continue to do so 

At 7:52am on December 10, 2011, Cindy S said…

No problems & yea i know :)) Good luck to you too!!! I need to make friends on here so I can stay Motivated!! 

At 11:17am on December 9, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Ahaha I hate it when that happens on mobile. I love you Vegan just do it shirt. Did you make it?

At 1:51am on December 6, 2011, Josh H said…

Likewise! You're recently vegan, right? How's it treating you so far? I've been [cooked] vegan for just over 2 years and have been toying with 811 the last 2 months. Maybe 40-50% right now but I'm trying to increase it.

At 10:51pm on December 5, 2011, Zorica Stoimenova said…

In mine, too. :D 

At 10:41pm on December 5, 2011, Zorica Stoimenova said…

Thanks! :) 

(a week full of sweet delicious fruit) ;)

At 10:02pm on December 5, 2011, Zorica Stoimenova said…

Thanks for the connection! 

Happy juicy week XX 

At 6:01am on November 30, 2011, PK said…

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