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At 5:18pm on November 25, 2012, Lukas Ircha said…

As far as what can I tell you about the Winter Escape trip is that they are basically, Fun, educational, adventurous, sunny, warm, fruity, beachy, more fun, self reflection, activity, sleep, full of nature, exploration, freedom, and health.   I love the freedom of exploring this continent, learning about the cultures and different ways of life.  Central America is a nice place in its own way and the people are so warm open and friendly, when they see a foreigner who does not put them down in thoughts or words just because they have 1/5th what we have, shen they see I respect their language and use it, and be interested in them and the way they live, they respond very nicely.  I stay away from big cities as much as reasonable as the whole idea is to stay close to nature and to live healthfully. 

Imagine one time I camped on a beach in Mexico south of Puerto Vallarta a day or two drive and all of a sudden at 1am I was woken up by giant turtles bumping into my tent almost ripping it in places,  I get up and I see with wonder dozens of turtles making their nests in the early morning.  That was something.  In general I like not having to work and just enjoying life for few months.  I also like to paraglide and check out water locations like water falls, creeks, oceans, lakes, senotes.  I also like to maintain my health level and not have it compressed by winter climate.


At 2:01pm on November 24, 2012, Lukas Ircha said…

Georgina,  Lovely, truly lovely comment, thank you.  I too have good hopes for our planet.  Nothing stays the same especially our unsustainable way of life.  There is always a point at which change must happen.  People have been pushed a long way away from health and cornered with negative consequences.  Often the best way to learn a lesson is the hard way to pay a price and be forced to change.   As far as your question about how did I get so strong.  In a sort way I would have to say that I have been BUILDING my health for almost a decade by focusing on overall health, putting the pieces of the health lifestyle puzzle together and applying myself to the best way I can.  Building my wisdom by continually learning from Nature and others.  I have been researching human health 8.5 years right, most raw vegans plateau for many reasons, instead I have a continued to look for way of refining my ways and ways of adding a couple superchargers to my engine :-)  I tried to look towards nature because obviously it is where we came from, we are nature itself actually.  Primates are amazing what they can do, and so did Bruce Lee, Doug is amazing also.  Let me tell you a secret few know, If you don't tear down your body on a daily basis then your body has more time and resources to build up its health and fitness is part of health.  Animals are strong and only humans have adopted an poor health lifestyle.  Fasting, sleeping, breathing fresh air, nature water, and much more played a part.  Come out one year for my winter escape trips and you will get a better idea how I do things.  Lukas

At 9:29pm on September 9, 2012, The Raw Monkey said…

Glad the info was helpful :) Have a really wonderful time in Napoli! I'm sure you'll love it there :) Take care, Esperanza xxx

At 6:57am on September 1, 2012, The Raw Monkey said…

I'm doing good thanks - been out wild swimming today so sorry for the delay in replying :) Haha, well I'll do my best to live up to the rumours! ;)

Here’s a link to an organic box scheme in Milan – they do fruit, veg, and salad boxes http://www.bioincasa.it/index.php and the produce is all really fresh. If you need help with the Italian at all then just ask and I’d be happy to help :)

There are also organic supermarkets all around Italy such as naturasi, http://www.naturasi.it/en/ which have a small selection of fresh produce – I’d go with the box scheme though if possible as the fruit is usually much better quality.

Orkos http://store.orkos.com/eng delivers to Italy and has a wide range of produce. Their fruit is very expensive, but in an emergency could be a back-up option.

Markets have a lot of fruit, but it’s not usually organic, so best to stick with companies that state that their produce is organic and certified.

Also, I’d aim to take some food with you (like lots of dates for example) as it’s good to have something to eat while you’re sorting out new suppliers!

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions :)

Have a really wonderful time in Italy!

Esperanza xxx


At 7:01pm on August 31, 2012, The Raw Monkey said…

Thanks for the friending Georgina! Have a wonderful fruity day :) Esperanza xxx 

At 5:02am on August 14, 2012, SamiR said…

What it's like? Great? Small, but divided in two parts? Too many cars on the road? A lot of things to do, like festivals? A lot of old thing to visit/a lot of history? A little bit of forests, a beach and the sea? Weather is ok, but would like some more sun? Some good points, some less? Come and see for yourself, but you won't see it by going to a festival (: What's it like over there? :)

You eat 5kg of dates a week? I buy 5kg a month. Yeah, much better than spending it on meat and dairy (:

Most fruits I buy aren't organic; only lemons, grapes, apples, bananas and dates.

I never had a bleachy taste :) But a few times, my tongue and lips started to burn when I tried to eat some non-organic fruit...always a great surprise(: They never had that "complaint", maybe I shoudn't eat so much of it in one sitting (:

They won't because they only sell to retail, so you need a special VAT number to buy fruit from them.

At 12:47pm on August 13, 2012, Windlord said…

In that case...

At 12:40am on August 13, 2012, SamiR said…

Belgium, it's on my profile page;)

Ridiculous ? I don't even know one organic shop that supplies fruit in bulk (: The only organic fruits in bulk I can get are bananas and dates, and not at retail price but normal price, so still expensive...

I can get other fruits in bulk much cheaper, but not organic. But I'm happy with what I have too :)

Too bad this wholesaler doesn't want to sell me any fruit, not organic but they're not far from where I live...and just look at what they have...

At 3:41pm on August 10, 2012, Windlord said…

A fan of wee doggies and LOTR??

I think we'll get along just fine :)

At 7:43am on August 10, 2012, SamiR said…

On my end things are great (: Only finding ripe organic fruits isn't easy over here...

At 5:15am on August 9, 2012, SamiR said…

Hi Georgina. How 's summer in Dublin?(: Doing great on HCRV over there? Thanks for your friendship. Peace♥

At 9:26am on July 20, 2012, Alex Curtis-Slep said…

Hey Georgina! Thanks for the friend request. Glad to be connected :)

At 8:13am on June 19, 2012, Trevor Gates said…

Welcome to my family of internet vegan friends! How's your part of Earth now days? I have been traveling in the 48 states of america and am now in southern Utah, home of more national parks and rare earth beauty than most places. I love adventure... Should I come check out Ireland?  It sounds like Irie land..;)

At 5:55pm on May 30, 2012, Stephane said…

Hi, I wanted to let you know we will have a raw fruit festival in Spain next September


Maybe you'd like it.


At 2:49am on May 8, 2012, PK said…

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