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At 7:27am on June 1, 2010, Carl Andrews said…
Thanks. I'm sure you feel the same about your daughter. Nice new pics. So mild and summery. Seeing the beach makes me hate being landlocked. I hope you know what you have! Of course you do or you wouldn't be smiling...
At 9:54pm on May 31, 2010, Mr Angus R. Holliday said…
i remember you
At 10:58am on May 24, 2010, Carl Andrews said…
"very well into this lifestyle"

Yeah, I'd say so. Don't even remember the cooked way, lol. Six years now, 100%. The main struggle I've had is a typical one. Keeping weight on my bones, haha. I'll get the weight up but then sometimes be lazy and see it fall off quickly, along with my pants, LOL. Belts are important accessories for me sometimes. Other than that, it's the best life I've known. And always getting better...

You would seem to have a charmed life, always near a beach growing up and now! Did you appreciate that as much before raw? Struggles are part of the landscape in transition. It's like house plants. If you move them, they have to acclimate to the new environment. People are the same. Eventually, your mind and body adjust and you never look back. You'll be fine in the long run. You know too much now to ever turn back... I was in Florida at Panama City not too long ago. Beautiful white beach. Wonderful time in a beach house there... Have you heard from Denise? She's traveling around there at the moment...
At 8:16am on May 24, 2010, Carl Andrews said…
Thanks for the friend. Hadn't seen your page. Smart assemblage. Did you grow up in Hawaii?...
At 9:18am on May 11, 2010, donnie cockrum said…
if you want to come over that would be great we could go to wypeo valley and see rich, zack and chris there all menber of 30 bananas
At 1:53pm on April 15, 2010, zack said…
danggg radiohead is the best i have to say. they blow my mind with their music. pinback too. love em. haha well that was the first thing i noticed when i saw your profile, heard the very first second and knew it ha. but i also noticed you live in hawaii. that is awesome. millilani is in oahu right? im here farming on the big island. how is it there in oahu? living in the city or open spaces? im zack by the way, pleased to have stumbled upon your page haha
At 9:42am on March 29, 2010, Nick said…
I have dates *wink
At 12:28pm on January 30, 2010, Laura said…
Hi Sara, it’s nice to meet you too and thanks so much for the thoughtful wall post you left earlier this month! The fruity life has been going well for me lately. I’m now approaching my 3rd year living 100% low-fat raw vegan. (Before that, I was more ‘mainstream’ raw with 30-40% fat but fruit is so much tastier than nuts and seeds!! lol) Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the warm weather out there! :-D
At 10:27am on January 21, 2010, Danny Seltzer said…
Hi Sara,
I have been considernig the idea of flying out to Hawaii, from San Diego. Are there any leads you can give me regarding farm work or anything else? Thanks,peace,
At 1:39pm on January 8, 2010, dangermouse said…
Hey Sara. I'm about an 8 hour drive from the coast. I'm so happy I was raised in such a beautiful, wild place; although, Hawaii sounds pretty good this time of year.
At 5:06pm on January 7, 2010, dangermouse said…
Sara, you're gorgeous! I love your movie picks.
At 8:08pm on January 6, 2010, law of the jungle said…
Hey Sara.
Thankyou for being my friend.
I hope we all get to meet at a big fat fruity gathering one day.
I love this site. There are so many amazing people here, it really blows my mind.
Love, lucie.
At 2:18pm on January 3, 2010, David Amour said…
Yes i have been costa rica 3 times
At 4:02am on January 3, 2010, David Amour said…
Hi how it is in hawaii for raw things. Accept your fear of b12 , it's not real but it seem for you, you know just be the observer. I'm a massage therapist too. If i go to hawaii we could have good exchange of massage and teach us good stuff L:D
At 12:41pm on December 16, 2009, Nick said…
avos are 75 percent fat and coco water has very little fat i dont know how much off hand but its like 1 percent or something and i wouldnt recommend coconut meat unless its from young green "jelly coconuts" the old mature cocos have too much fat and are hard to digest trust me ive eaten them fresh off the tree and my system did not like it thats for sure!
At 12:30pm on December 16, 2009, Nick said…
I'm back to 811 .....couldnt maintain just fruit....too much detox or something keep going back to cooked when I do just fruit...lasted 5 months on fruit only one time and lasted about 3-4 months another time but always went back to cooked...and even some vegetarian food....so....im doing 811 with the veggies again. No skin issues on just fruit skin is very good when eating just fruit but everyone detoxes in different ways u know?
At 4:23pm on October 20, 2009, zack said…
mmm i love pinback, i saw them live in humboldt last year. they're coming back in a couple weeks i thinkk...
At 12:26pm on September 10, 2009, veganmama18 said…
thanks for the compliment!! he definitely knows 811rv is the way to go! (^_^)
At 8:36am on June 20, 2009, Adam said…
I wouldnt concern yourself. As long as youre not supplementing copper, and you dont have copper toxicity, or excess copper intake due to your water supply, its unlikely to be an issue. For the majority of people, copper isnt an issue. With whole foods, the body regulates how much of one nutrient it absorbs and inhibits, depending on what it needs. So iron, copper and zinc ratio's will take care of themselves as long as there is sufficient supply.

Take care

Adam x
At 6:24pm on June 19, 2009, Adam said…
Hey Sara,

Nuts are an interesting source of zinc. They contain phytic acid. Infact most foods higher in zinc (that are plant based) contain phytic acid, which inhibits zinc absorption. We actually need alot less zinc than the generalised RDA lets us believe. Most people dont realise that RDA's are set on a sliding scale depending on different dietary habits. So for zinc, the RDA reduces as the phytic acid content reduces in the diet. Fruits and vegetables contain very little to no phytic acid. Grains, pulses, nuts and seeds are the biggest sources of phytic acid.

The WHO says that the lowest phytic acid diets, might lead an adult female who is not lactating or pregnant female to require as little zinc as 3-5mg per day. This is easily obtainable if youre eating enough calories and variety.

Take care

Adam x


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