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At 11:36pm on August 19, 2012, pink lady Apple said…

hi jessica, thanks for the request. nice page by the way, really like the colur sceam!!!

unfortunately it is not me as im new to the lifestyle relitavely anyway and this is the first and only so far forum i have joined on this or any topic for a long long time any ways.

hope you having a good day xkx

At 7:53pm on October 2, 2011, Janne Schaffer said…
At 2:32pm on September 10, 2010, TheBananaGirl said…
Where are you!!!
At 5:58am on June 19, 2010, Chick-o said…
hey i love your hair! is it braided underneath? i cant really tell from your pics but its gorgeous!
At 1:35am on July 9, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
I actually just went ahead and filled out the application.
At 12:26am on July 9, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
Yea, I just emailed Kathy. From what you are telling me, Pangaia sounds a lot better right now. I like the idea of the peaceful vibe and family. Especially if you are there then it will be loads of fun and we can share meals together. I don't mind working 20hrs a week or whatever needs to be done if I am assured all the fruit I need. Plus, I want to learn about taking care of trees and such anyway, as that is what I spend a lot of time doing when in Florida. So are you at Pangaia at no expense? Is all your fruit free? What are you normally eating? What is an average day like?
At 12:22pm on July 8, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
Hmmmm, I'm not much of a party person. I guess I'll have to try it out and see if I like it. Originally I wanted to go to Pangaia because it looked so fantastic, but then I heard so many negative things about people eating raw me and that it was a bad place. What has your experience been with people eating raw meat there? Are there other 811rv type people there? Do you not have to spend any money on food and get everything off the trees there yourself? I'm a very peaceful person, and not really much of a late night partier. I like to eat good fruit, relax, enjoy fitness outside, socialize, and meet unique people. I like to explore nature and have fun. Maybe Pangaia is a better place for me? I'd love to hear more about your experience. If I end up starting at Cinderland and don't like it, maybe you can put in a good word for me at Pangaia?
At 2:14pm on July 6, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
My summer has been terrific. I TOTALLY overate on jackfruit today, I ate almost an entire 37 pound jack today. I have maybe 5 to 7 pounds left, so I probably ate between 4000 to 6000 calories worth. It's sooooooo good though. I thought it was ready, and looked and smelled ready, though it still had some latex, it probably needed 1 more day, and I tried to eat it anyway and boy was it a mess. I made a video, I'll let you know when I post it. Well, that's awesome new that you're staying longer because that means we can chill there! I'll be there July 21st, and I'm starting at Cinderland and then I'll see where my path takes me. Are you still at Pangaia?

I've hung out with a few 30BAD people; Taylor Snipes, who is really awesome; as well as Annabelle and Suvine; 2 terrifc girls they are, and Taylor, is just a really terrific guy. I think Nam Doc Mai's are over rated as far as taste. I've got some keitts ripening up that are just massive that I'm excited to try. As far as lychees, I'm not so much a fan, though I foraged some over ripe ones from this guys tree somewhree in Naples and I liked the over ripe ones on the ground that were kind of brownish and really squishy.

I went in the ocean today, it's like bath water, sometimes the water gets up to 90 degrees farenheit, not sure what that is Celcius, but it was so nice and relaxing. I hung out in the water with a young family from Pennsylvania and they were really cool. I gave them tips of things to do in town and places to travel to for day trips in florida. Have you had to spend money on fruit or have you been able to get it all free? Unfortunately I do spend quite a bit when I get my fruit in Homestead, and the mangoes on the trees all over naples won't really be falling off the trees until after I leave, though I've managed to forage some ok ones here and there. I've got a 71 pound jack ripening up outside by my pool, I hope it's ready before I leave; under no circumstances will I let myself cut that one open prematurely. Then I'll probably chop the rest up and bring it home on the plane as a carry on; though I don't usually eat fruit through the x-ray machine, I think I'll make an exception if necessary for mr. jack. While my fruit's ripening I may see if I can get some local watermelon maybe. I haven't had good watermelon for a while. Are there sapodillas on the big island? I would assume so. I tried some sapodilla when I was with Taylor and it's just unbelievable. Unfortunately I haven't been able to buy any. Are any annonas in season yet in Hawaii? I'd really love to try some of the annona fruits. Guanabana is just starting in Florida so I haven't bought any because it's really expensive right now.

What ever happened to your camp councelor job? Did you skip that?
At 11:37am on June 24, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
That's awesome! What's it like? I ate my first jackfruit on Sunday and posted a story about it. I overate on mamey sapote yesterday and wasn't hungry all day today and decided that I wanted to eat dinner even though I really wasn't that hungry and ate 10 nam doc mai mangoes, a lot of which weren't even ripe yet because I didn't buy enough ripe food from Robert Is Here and my eating has just been screwed up for the past 2 days. What fruit have you tried in Hawaii? What's the experience like? How long are you there until? I've been meeting 30BAD people in Florida and it's fun. I'm going to meet Taylor Snipes tomorrow and am really excited.
At 3:06pm on June 22, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
How's Hawaii? I'm in Florida again.
At 6:06am on May 18, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
Darn, I don't think I'll be going until mid july. But, I'm not exactly sure of my plans yet, I'm still working things out, and also trying to contact a few different farms all on that same strip as Pangaia. But, since I'm flying for free with airline miles, the days I can fly are pretty limited.
At 6:33am on May 17, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
My dad said I can go to hawaii for a month! Now I just need more info about the different farms. I think it's a toss up between Kumu Aina, Pangaia, and Cinderland. It would be July/August, so I hope it will overlap with you. I really hope to hear from you soon!

At 2:24pm on May 14, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
Boy do I owe you a major apology. While at school I kept saying I was going to write you back. I had so many things to talk about, but I was so overwhelmed at school the last few weeks. Now I'm home so I have tons of time to talk. Furthermore, my parents have so many rewards miles on american airlines, so I may be able to take a trip to Hawaii. If I do, I'll have them leave me at Pangia and they'll tour all of the islands. While I may sacrifice touring the islands, I think I'd be in heaven with all of that fruit. So, we'll see what happens. When are you going, so if I do go we could coordinate? Do you know if you are able to stay for free or do you have to pay? I was looking at all of their accommodations options and they all seemed to involved money, even the internship and the work exchange program. Though, I have a feeling that if my parents do a multi island tour, whatever it would cost for me to stay at Pangia would be minimal.

Also, I'm having nose surgery in a week to repair a deviated septum and some bone work from bumps I got when I originally broke my nose. Most people on vegsource seem to be against the surgery but my family personally knows the doctors, they repaired my nose brake when it happened and they are personal family friends and are terrific. People were suggesting alternative things to septum correction, but the thing is that the messed up cartilage rubs against the inside of my nose and causes random nose bleeds, so that was one reason I wanted the septum straightened. Then the bone repair would just be some minor shaving, because as it is my nose is not symmetrical so I can't even wear sunglasses, though I thought I would just have it returned to normal while I'm at it. What is your opinion?

So, when do you go to summer camp? I miss talking to you so much. My friend and me got accepted into this week long economics seminar at the end of may that I'm really excited about. I'm trying to do a lot of strength training now to put on muscle mass because I'm really way to thin, I weigh around 107 now and I'm around 5'9", I can't fit anymore food in me then I eat, and I just rediscovered watermelon, which I used to hate. The problem is if I'm only eating watermelon one day, it's near impossible for me to eat enough to reach 2000 calories because it's got such a high water content. I miss the super dense fruits in homestead florida, it was so easy to meet my caloric needs on mamey sapote. It's nice to be home though, although it will be better after this surgery is over. Then I'm angry that I have to be sedentary for 2 weeks, so there goes my muscle building, which I was making huge gains every week, really exciting. If I do go down to spend a few months in florida, which I'm not sure yet because I won't go if my grandma is living there all summer with her live in help, I'll have to call robert is here fruit stand to see what they charge to ship me fruit. I expect it would be a hefty bill but I miss that fruit dearly. Please fill me in on your life. It's been way too long.


At 11:24am on April 4, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
That's really cool that you're moving out! Congrads! I don't even think of bananas as a detox since I often go for months at a time just eating bananas and greens (like I am right now), but everything is relative. So, if you have been eating pretty complex lately it's always a good idea to give your body a rest now and then. That doesn't necessarily mean bananas, it depends what you have available. So for instance, persimmons are in season now in Australia, correct? So, maybe do a week or two of persimmons. Personally, I could eat just persimmons in persimmon season and be just jolly.

Hmmmm, what else have I been doing. I hung out with Danny Seltzer when I was in Florida and we ate mamey sapote together, he is an extremely cool guy, and it's so great to connect with other 811rv's. I think I may have already shared that with you though, I can't remember. I've been working on juggling 4 balls lately (2 in each hand at the same time). It's much more challenging then any other form of juggling I've tried so far. I usually, progress and make things harder by taking them from the ground to standing on top of the stability ball, but sometimes I start on the stability ball because then it makes the specific juggle on the ground loads easier. I also did my first true hand stands today. The first time I really got it my legs weren't straight so I flipped over and it was a little scary, but now I hold my legs straight up so I fall back down the way I came up after a few seconds. It's really exciting. Not much else to say about my Florida trip except that the fruit trees I bought were planted in the ground on Monday so those are officially a part of my Florida backyard. The only unfortunate thing is that planes fly over that area of Florida twice a summer to spray pesticides. I guess because the land is so unnatural now, because it's a drained swamp filled with all of these exotic plants that don't belong there and such. I would still eat the fruit anyway though, and if I can find out when the sprays occur, since I'll be down there in the summer, maybe I can cover the trees with plastic or something.

So, the trees are blooming now in Indiana, and I'm so glad winter is officially over, it's been pretty bad. In month I'll be back home, and then in another month in Florida. I would have gone straight to Florida but I'm going to have my deviated septum fix in order to experience optimal breathing in my nose. Later this month I'll be interviewed for my individualized major program, to be accepted, but I'm not in the least bit worried or concerned that I won't be accepted, in fact I'm fairly confident. Everyone loves the program so far, so it shouldn't be a challenge to please the committee.

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of you going to Pangaia. As much as I would like to ask my parents if I could join you, I just don't think this is the right time in my life to be going there. I really need to focus this summer on making money to invest in silver, as well as helping out with some US Congressional campaigns to get some freedom minded candidates elected. Unfortunately, life is one big value scale, and I can only choose to do so many things. For now, if I can even just try a few new fruits in Florida this summer I think I'd be pretty happy, even if it's not the tropical paradise I dream of. I am really excited that Danny is coming back to Indiana University next year so I'll be able to hang with him ALL YEAR! We are going to make an 811rv educational club to teach others about healthy living. This is really exciting because up until now I've only been a part of my political clubs promoting freedom and individual liberty, and now I'll be able to promote health as well. I was actually interviewed today by an anthropology student writing a paper about culture, nutrition, and something else. So I just talked to him for an hour about EVERYTHING. Anything you can think of relating to health, nutrition, evolution, diet, disease, anything, I spoke about it. And he took about 10 pages of notes, so it was pretty cool.

I'm also trying to work on my paper about sugar content in domesticated fruits vs. wild fruit, and it's due in a month and it has to be I think 20 pages long and I've been waiting for this amazing book to come called Fruit: An Illustrated History, and it hasn't come yet and I'm really antsy about it getting here so I can make real headway. I've pretty much drawn a conclusion that the domestication of fruit doesn't really matter too much anyway because it just speeds up the natural process of hybridization by natural plant variation explained with Mendelian Genetics.mTo be honest, if a fruit has a higher carb content then it just provides us with more energy. But, as I will explain in the paper, fruits are domesticated for many different reasons. It seems that a lot of the tropical fruits, especially the anonas, haven't really been domesticated to the point where there are distinct cultivars, and most still have a lot of random genetic variation, especially with fruits like the custard apple (annona reticulata).

I went to a Bat Mitzvah at home on Saturday (first time home since beginning of January though I don't seem to miss it, probably due to spending a decade worth of summers starting when I was 7yrs old at sleep away camp). Anyway, they made sure in advance (for me) that there was fruit, and there were MASSIVE fruit platters, so it was really awesome. I ate so many berries and grapes and pineapple, it was a lot of fun. Everyone else felt guilty for eating all this addictive garbage food (extremely fancy but obviously unhealthy). There was literally food being thrown in your face left and right, and many people at the party ate a weeks worth of food in about 5 or 6 hours. I was the smart one though. Actually, it turns out that I didn't eat enough because I was so accustomed to eating bananas that I didn't realize how many grapes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and pineapple I would have to eat, so when I got home I actually ate 5 autalfo mangos lol, while the rest of my family wouldn't dare think about food.

Ok, that's all for now.

Keep enjoying life!!!
At 12:29pm on March 30, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
Where have you been hiding!?!?!??! Send me a message about your life!
At 9:52am on March 20, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
I wish I could join you on your journeys but I really don't think that I will be able to. I'll probably be in Naples, Fl at a job, which is yet to be found. Where do you get your funding for your wonderful trips? I'm jealous that you are going to Pangia, it looks amazing! I haven't used the blender in a while, I usually just eat my bananas in my hand shoveling greens in as I eat the bananas. Yea, the mamey is terrific, though it's very calorically dense; I ate too much this morning. I loved canistel when I first had it, it tasted almost similar to durian. It was so delicous. The only problem is that the window between underripe and over ripe is very small. I ate 2 over ripe ones for dinner on tuesday night and got extremely sick; more sick than I've been in 3 years. So, I'm not going to be eating canistel for a while unfortunately. I bought 3 fruit trees for my property in naples; a soft jackfruit, a black sapote, and a green sapote, which is like mamey but the fruits are a bit smaller, though some say they are tastier (is that possible?). Yea, enjoy the persimmons, they are soo delcious, it's been a while since I've devoured them.

My sleep has been much better lately since I've been doing all of this wonderufl meditation exercises in this beeok called the blooming of the lotus, by Thich Nacht Hahn, or however you spell his name. Danny Seltzer recommended his work to me, and it helps so much! I'll be in Florida until Sunday. The weather is such a relief to the north, and when I'm done with school in 2yrs, I think Florida is the most north I'll ever go, I just can't take the cold weather, it make every part of my body miserable.

So what's keeping you busy these days? I'm insulted that it's not you spending hours on end writing me divine messages! No, not really, that would just be egocentric. What have you been up to lately? I'm going to have to try some of the pink lady papaya I got soon, but tonight I'm just not that hungry from my mamey overload this morning, so I may just eat some veggies.

See ya!
At 11:06pm on March 17, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
I left you about 50 thousand messages on facebook. I hope you got them! I'll try to catch you again when you are online another time. Off to play tennis. See ya!
At 9:44am on March 13, 2009, plh said…
hi there my fiiiine groupie ;)

all is well ?
At 12:11pm on March 12, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…
I haven't used a blender in so long. I used one for a salad once or twice at home, but I think from now on I'm just going to eat mono meals since they digest so much better. But a blender is still a really good thing to have just in case I did want to use it to make a smoothie or if I wanted a soup or something, but I've been very content with my bananas and lettuce.

Just yesterday I picked up the book called The Blooming of the Lotus, I forgot who it's by, the guy has 3 complicated names, Danny Seltzer told me about him. Most of the exercises are things you say to yourself while you breathe in, and then things that you say while you breathe out. For example:

When I breathe in I calm my body

When I breathe out I smile.

They work really well and put me to sleep after 2 nights of insomnia on sunday and monday.

Yea, I would say dying means going away. A lot of expressions don't make sense. That's why they are expressions, I don't think they are supposed to make sense. Do you remember being little, and an adult would say something, and then you'd tug on your mother's arm and say, "Mommy, what does that mean?" And she'd say, "It's an expression." And that didn't make things any clearer. Well it will never make sense, so don't try to make sense of it. Yea, it's really weird when you study expressions in other languages; for instance, in french there's an expression about being sick, something to do with a horse, I can't remember. Even traditional English expressions can be really odd compared to American ones. It's cultural. It's still possible to overeat mono meals. I overeat banana meals all the time, though I'm not sure exactly what to count as overeating. Sometimes I'll be eating and know that I'm getting full at a certain point but I might eat 2 more because they are just so darn good. Though that's nothing compared to eating 5 extra, which I don't do as often now. But yea, banana eating is a lot cheaper. Though I'm excited to go to Homestead on Saturday and get some Mammae Sapote and Canistel! Maybe a few other fruits but I'm not sure yet. I think the place has Sapodilla. It depends what my dad wants to get for me. But I don't think it will be too hard to convince him because I basically just have to say, "Remember all of those fancy places you've dined at over the past year that I didn't go to because I said it would be a waste of your money and I wouldn't enjoy it anyway? Well, here's where all of that saved money is going to." I think that should work, considering I've pretty much only eaten bananas and greens for the past 2 months anyway.

Oh wow, you are just getting to persimmon season. Lucky you! What's in season in my neck of the woods? NOTHING. In the north, winter is dead. New York has nothing and Indiana has nothing. Zero. That's why I want to get out of school. I'll only have 2 more years left after this and then I'm going south for good. Though, things will be interesting then because it will be at the heart of America's Greater Depression, so things will be really terrible.

Yea, Doug's Costa Rica joint looks terrific. However, I won't be doing that internship as part of my school program, I'll be writing a paper instead, so I don't know if I'll actually ever go there.

Haha, yea, the USA is rather large. Wow, you're going to Hawaii!?!?!?!?!?

I haven't eaten Durian since the very beginning of January. But the last one I had was the best one I've ever eaten, and whenever I'm back in NY I'll surely go back to the giant oriental market near my home and pick some up. So, that was the last time I ate overt fat. I keep my costs at school low so I don't buy them here, also they are better at home. Eating 1 or 2 frozen durian a month is not the end of the world. I would do anything for a fresh one (well, not really anything, but within comparable reason and fairness of exchange worthy of the durian).

Really, you didn't like Serendipity? Well, I guess I'm super picky about movies myself and most movies people love I absolutely hate, so I can relate.

Over here, well, I just got done with a hell of a week at school with loads of projects and tests and such. There were a few warm days so it was nice to be able to go outside with out a coat for a bit, but now it's cold again, but only 2 more days until I'm in Florida, and 3 until the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead. Some of the trees in Indiana are even starting to bloom, though I think they'll slow down since the weather dropped a cold again. I went to the green house yesterday before I got the meditation book. I haven't been there in so long, and there is a nice sized greenhouse on campus. They have a soursop tree, a sapodilla, 2 papayas, a bunch of banana plants, but mostly just a bunch of random stuff. They also have a kind of philodendron that is in my backyard in florida and when I was in florida my mom and myself couldn't figure out what it was and it was kind of creepy because the plant holds itself up by have the roots shoot out the sides of the plant and anchor into the ground, so the bigger the plant gets the creepier it gets. Kind of cool though, now I know what it is. I'm also going to be doing a research paper for my primates class, and I'm going to choose between 2 topics:

The first is if there is a difference between the rate at which digestive physiology evolves vs. general morphology. However, there may not be any documented research on this so I have a back up topic, which is number two.

Sugar concentration in domesticated fruit vs. wild fruit. People talk about this all the time, but no one ever shows true documented research, so I'd like to find some and write a scientific paper on it.

Those were two debates I got into with my professor, so normally he wouldn't allow papers like this since they are not specifically on primates, but I'm really excited about both topics and I may do a quick browse now to see what's out there. If you have any knowledge of credible papers out there, it would be a big help to let me know.

And I'm super jealous that you are going to Hawaii. Which island are you going to. Take me with you. Hawaii is so much more awesome than Florida. Florida is really just a redone alligator swamp. Hawaii is a true paradise.

I'll keep you posted about Florida when I'm there. I can't wait.

Let me know how those persimmons are, I miss them dearly!

Oh yea, and those weird bananas are Dole bananas from Honduras. They never got yellow because they are exposed to extremely cold temperatures during shipping and it messes up the ripening process.
At 12:55pm on March 7, 2009, Sam Spaiser said…


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