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At 1:50pm on January 12, 2014, Durianwriter said…

<3 <3 <3 awesome to finally meet you durian lover :)

At 11:38pm on January 8, 2014, ddddave said…

Hey Jesse, I'm back in Indo, thinking about checking out Sumatra in a couple weeks. Will you be around, atau apa saya bisa datang di tempat mu kalo kamu tidak ada? aku sangat tertarik lihat tani permaculture mu. terimakasih. 0822 3660 8851

At 8:59pm on July 1, 2013, dandelion said…

Thanks for the add, Jesse.  You live in a stunning part of OZ.  Hope to go there someday.

At 11:55pm on June 15, 2013, Fruitman said…

Hi, I think I will move the other way at some point. I think Asia is much better for living on fruits, I believe.
The coastal coconut belt has dry, depleted, sandy soil. Nothing that you would like for planting fruit trees. The closer to the equator you move the drier the land is. The soil and ecosystem has been damaged so badly that the rain season water is not retained in plants and soil and in summer everything is dry. Even water wells dry out. Of course it is possible to find some spots of land close to rivers but moving north it becomes harder and harder.
In the state of RJ on the other hand there is more water anyone needs. Enough to drink, irrigate plants, create hydroelectric power. The problem is that it is too cold in winter. Temperatures on the coast drop below 10 degrees Celsius at night. Paired with sea spray not too many things grow on the coast. For example forget about mangoes. But if you move inland you should have better results although it may get even colder in winter. But perhaps someone who knows how to grow fruits can handle the conditions. I do not know much about it.
Send me a PM if you want to know about fruits and their quality and availability.

At 5:47am on June 14, 2013, Fruitman said…

Hi Jesse,
You mean you and a group of friends want to move to Brazil from Australia? Hmmm... Quite interesting choice :) Paraty is in RJ state and from RJ down south there are no coconut plantations on the coast. Too cold in winter. States like Espirito Santo, Bahia (that is where I am right now) and north do have coconut plantations. Why do you need to be in the coconut belt?

At 1:06pm on May 24, 2013, Dane McColl said…

Wow, sounds like you're living the dream... :) I pretty much want to be doing what you're doing! Like so many other raw vegans, i've been wanting to find some land somewhere and be growing all my own fruit and everything, it seems like it keeps getting put back somehow though, so I guess i just need to jump in there and start doing it. I've kinda given up on the idea of buying land in Oz, cause as you say its just a trap really, and I've had enough of slaving away just to get by. I'd heard of people doing similar things to you in Hawaii, living on others people land and growing trees and stuff there, and I had wondered if it might be possible to do it over here as well, so now I know it is! I'd love to hear a bit more about how you manage your lifestyle... I guess you have at least a bit of an income? Do you find small jobs here and there to get enough to get by, or what?

At 7:27am on May 19, 2013, Katie D said…

Hey there! :) Thanks for the add!

At 10:46pm on May 18, 2013, FruityGirl :) said…

Yeah I'm super happy Right now! Mango Season in S. Fla. Where I'm currently living.. I'm grateful for the Mangoes! :))

At 8:54pm on May 13, 2013, Dane McColl said…

Heya, yeah i made it to the eclipse festival, it was amazing. The only problem was there was too much good stuff! I wanted to stay awake the whole time and be everywhere at once haha... It looks like you have an interesting life.. Do you have a kindof homebase somewhere, or do you mostly travel around. I'm currently in Perth, but dreaming of being back in the tropics...

At 10:23pm on April 3, 2013, matea said…

Hey I sent you a msg :)

At 1:57pm on April 3, 2013, matea said…

Footprints cafe at 5p today sounds perfect :)

At 12:39am on April 3, 2013, Alex Moorhouse said…

Ahh niiice! pleased to me you :)

join this fb group if you like... https://www.facebook.com/groups/479352942119879/

At 3:27pm on April 1, 2013, matea said…

Hey Jesse! How long are you here? I am in Thongsala on Wed and would love to meet up. :)

At 12:37am on December 15, 2012, HearMeRaw said…

thx for the request :) 

At 5:19pm on December 13, 2012, Jen}* said…

thanks for the info:) What about chempadak? I just had some for the for the first time, nice:), same like the durian seeds?

At 11:45pm on December 2, 2012, Jen}* said…

Nice... long durian season...  How to transport durian seeds to distant countries, have you done it? I heard that they need to be fresh and be kept a bit moist, and they do not keep that long, and that's it's not possible to dry them... maybe you know something about this...? 

At 5:29pm on November 19, 2012, Jen}* said…

Hi Jesse, I see you have found paradise...!

do you think is would be possible to create a raw fruit community in somewhere in Asia? owning land is very difficult i think in every asian country... leasing maybe one solution? I really love asia, but somehow a lot of people seem to go to south america to create frutarian communities there.  So the solution in Asia maybe is to remain a nomad, because of the restrictions of residency and buying land 

And for indonesian visa, you still only get one month, or how is it now? 

I really would like to go to Sumatera and other places in the area... 

At 12:30am on May 19, 2012, Patrick H. said…

G'day mate.  Yep, I'm back in Aus,  I sent you an email. 

You've got a photo called Chempadak Central.  Where was that shot taken?  It looks awesome :)


At 6:38pm on May 5, 2012, Desi_fruitpassion said…

Hii Jesse!!! :) Woow, thank you so much for telling me there are more pics on facebook hihi ;-) OMG, they are so inspiring and beautiful.. I havn't seen all of them yet, but I definitely know what I will do this evening :D! It's like a little journey for me too to watch the pictures. thank you very much! And today you arrived well at home? So glad you had such a great trip with so many experiences! have a nice day, all the best!

At 3:29pm on May 3, 2012, Lucia said…

Yep I know of it, I hear a lot of great things about it from my friends in Adelaide and on 30BaD but am still yet to go there (I don't live anywhere near the area). I hear his name from lots of people too :) Wow that's a huge farm! Is there photos of his farm anywhere? 


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