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At 5:22am on August 2, 2012, Rawlicious Nurse said…

I totally agree with the protein. I dont eat raw dairy or any poultry/animal products. I haven't since May 2012 when I was still 75% raw.

I do have this raw vegan protein powder from garden of life..its made of buckwheat, hemp amaranth and quinoa powder...all organic. but I havent' had the chance to use some of it because I've been eating steamed veggies/starches for dinner. (thats the only meal I eat that is "cooked") and I haven't had problems with it for the past week (-:

I find that when I steam swiss chard or kale with my steamed veggies.. they add the "salt" and flavor to the dish.. I dont really crave salt or other fats with my veggies luckily. the only fats I've been eating are maybe 1 handful of almonds everyday OR 1 cup of hemp or almond milk..

I go to skagit valley college here in oak harbor, and I dont know anyone who is even a VEGAN. i have friends who want to try to the raw vegan thing, or even cooked vegan.. but they want to do it for the wrong reasons.. to lose weight, not about being healthier. People in class and work think I'm crazy and extreme for only eating fruits veggies and nuts... but I tell them, that at least I'm not sick, I look good, I am physically fit and active..and I have no health problems whatsoever...so, I'm pretty happy with this lifestyle! My boss thinks I'm crazy and too skinny.. People don't see and understand that I'm UNDER 5ft tall, i am a petite filipino woman. They shouldn't be comparing me to the average caucasian woman. I'm NOT supposed to weigh 125 pounds, or whatever because I'm not even 5ft tall. BUT for a woman my height, and my age.. I am normal weight AND I have muscle. I am strong!!

before I did 100% raw... I did the alkaline acid diet, and I did eat more overt fats from nuts and avocados.. I wouldnt call myself a gourmet vegan.. but I definitely ate about 40-50% of my calories from healthy fats. It actually made my skin look better, I had this glow andbright look on my face, but I didn't maintain my weight. I was eating almost 1000calores in overt fats almost everyday. i was still active.. but i wasn't as energetic as I was compared to the HCRV diet.

At 4:00am on August 1, 2012, Rawlicious Nurse said…

Ahh, yes I've been to the star store in langley! by bayview hall. Pretty nifty little store. I like it. Safeway, is all I've got here in oak harbor if I need some extra goodies and can't go to Mount Vernon at the Co-Op. I also pick up a CSA box from greenbank farms every tuesday until October this year.. so its not too bad. I'm the only raw vegan in my household. So... getting produce for myself isn't too bad. I go through about 5 heads of lettuce in a week and 3 bags of spinach.


I'm the same with the carbs! I'f I dont get enough carbs from fruit during the day, I'm gonna start craving something dense like grains or more fat from nuts. I make sure I eat enough fruit and also enough greens becuase they keep my skin clear.

I find that if I eat too many dried fruit like dates, I break out the next day, I dont know if its becuase its so high in sugar, and its concentrated? but if I overeat on any other fruit, I dont break out. I try to make sure I eat a variety of fruit every day. at last three different kinds, and I'm cutting down on the dried fruit. I still have dates once in a while, to sweeten things.. or raisins...


I've been including steamed veggies and sweet potatoes (raw and baked) and I do fine with starches. I think my body stores more of them as glycogen, so its great for the next day, i feel at better and more recovered. Fruit is great for energy to use up throughout the day.. the quick energy, and my mind is sharp and focused.


Anywhoo. I hope to meet you sometime, there is only You, and one other person I've met on here at 30 BAD that are from whidbey island. Sad isn't it??!!!! we need more raw fooders on whidbey island!!!!!

At 2:29pm on July 29, 2012, Rawlicious Nurse said…
Hey Erik. Since jan 2012 i was 75% raw. I was doing 100% HCRV from June until last week. This week I started experimenting with baked and steamed veggies. I was also thinking about supplementing a little with raw vegan protein powder because I don't think I'm building muscle on the 811 ratio.

I want to try including baked sweet potato/squash a couple times a week and steamed Brussels sprouts and cabbage with my dinner salads. I feel that I need more variety with vegetables. I love eating raw but I dont think I need to be 100% raw. I think I'd still be called a raw vegan if I ate 80% -90% of my food raw...right? Lol

I'm just trying to find what works best for my body. I know for a fact that if I don't keep my carb intake to at least 80% I'm going to start craving grains from oatmeal or fat from nuts. The 10% or lower fat intake works for me too, but I think I may need to increase the protein to 15% and lower the fat to 5% to see if I build or maintain my muscle at least..

Where do you get your veggies and fruit in bulk? I live in oak harbor and I usually do my grocery haul at the COop in mount Vernon. If I run out of food I usually get what I need at Safeway in the organically section.
At 5:17am on July 29, 2012, Rawlicious Nurse said…

HI Erik, How long have you been a raw vegan? and are you 100% raw and following the exact 80 10 10 ratio?


At 12:09pm on April 18, 2012, FruityGirl :) said…

The radioactive thing i guess is in my comments.. but i deleted a lot of it i think.. sorry.

At 11:24am on April 8, 2012, Fanno said…

Dear Erik,

I like Whidbey Island. I remember sailing around it and docking there for a night with total delight. Hiking amongst the flowing grass and headlands was truly beautiful. Island life is very magical. I'm sure it's a bit chilly round those parts this time of year. Meanwhilte, here in Hilo, we're trapsing about in swimwear.

I am so excited you're considering joining us. As you are probably aware finding families who are practicing some form of this lifestyle is an experience that is blossoming into existence and those of us who have made the leap early on will feel more comfortable if we band together for warmth and support.

That's what I have in mind for this house in Hilo. A family-freindly place where folks can come and share with each other in an ideal atmosphere. It's a bike ride or a long walk from the airport and within walking distance of several wonderful swimming spots, an abundant, everyday farmer's market and locally owned healthfood store. The town is filled with dance, yoga, martial arts and theater companies. It's homeless and low-income outreach services are exceptional. The YWCA, right in the middle of down town has a heated, salt-water pool. There's a 4 plex $1.50 movie theater, used bike shop, all kinds of thrift stores and art galleries, right next to everything else. 

As I mentioned you can either walk up the hill to the waterfall swimming hole, right over to the river with the mangroves, or down to the island (accessed with footbridge) with the white sand and stone diving platforms. There is a free public pool accross the huge central park that has an Olympic diving platform, with 5, 7.5 and 10 meter levels. There is a lot to do with your body here.

We arrived on this island in mid Oct. and have been scouting around for the perfect place. We tried them all and for various reasons feel that Hilo, is the finest place in Hawaii and that Hawaii is the finest place in the U.S.. The primary reason that comes up for me is walkability. I am a bicycle mechanic and have ran my own shop. I like bikes and I prefer to walk or run. That being said, this is an exceptional biking town. Having tasted city life in Thailand, I want to live someplace where I can walk everywhere I need to go and find fruit here and there while I'm en route. 

We spent most of our time in lower Puna. The Pahoa area seems ideal, and in many ways was for us. We lived near a clothing optional beach and walked there regularly. There are geothermally heated warm ponds, and some super far-out people living very close to the ground. Our regular hitchhiking trips were looked upon as somewhat normal. We found that hitchhiking and taking buses with two small children and our laundry and/or groceries, was beginning to take a toll and we discovered the amazing liveabilty of Hilo.

I grew up in McMinnville, Oregon, voted the state's nicest downtown, and I have seen some very beautiful and abundant little scenes in my domestic and world travel. Hilo, is, as I mentioned, I think the nicest the U.S. has to offer.                          

We're here for a while. There's another city in the Philipines that calls out to me, and Hilo, will definitely be a home base for those of us who choose to live in the U.S.

Anyway looking forward to sharing ideas with you! All the Best, Fanno                                                                                                                                  

At 5:05pm on March 15, 2012, Olivia said…

That is GREAT!!! Im making the recipe I posted on your discussion last week...I think it will be a hit, maybe not with the kids... but praying they will like it hahaha.  Hommus is a great idea....you have to make yummy things like that when it comes to kids I think.  Better them eating healthy than not I say.  Good to hear from you Erik :) if you give me your email addy i'll email you some recipes that have been good in my house during our trasition over the last 3 years.  Peace and Blessings!!  xx

At 9:37pm on March 12, 2012, Olivia said…

Crazy funny.... You know when you talk too much...and then you think...Liv... shut uuuuup...I just thought maybe I'd said enough, and to let someone else give you some advice, I tend not to say much on 30bad, I mostly read ...and keep my comments to myself hahaha.. The addiction thing is so real it freaked me out!!! The things we would do for a chip when the craving hits...i mean is it a chip or is it crack we are talking about... funny hey...but so serious...society is so hooked on food it's not funny!!! Thanks for your comment...I didn't think you would notice mine was gone actually!! So how was your day and how is your family?? Have you found any YUMMY recipes yet ?? Talk soon... ~Liv~ 

At 10:35am on March 11, 2012, Olivia said…

Hi Eric :) thanks for your friendship!! Good to see you x

At 5:24am on March 3, 2012, ♥ Love ♥ said…

You are so welcome! Remember the most important thing is to stay carbed up so we don't resort to salty processed and fatty foods. :) Better that be cooked carbs than no carbs! 

aww you didn't like the Durian? It's an acquired taste.... lol I love it.

When I get more info on Hawaii I will let you know for sure! The more the merrier!!! :) ♥

Sending fruity loving vibrations your way ♥ ♥ ♥

At 8:07am on February 23, 2012, ♥ Love ♥ said…

Hey Erik! :)

Glad you like the hair :) It was temporary.. lol

My journey has been 2 years on and off.. just as yourself, it's a long process of understanding and ridding yourself of emotional addictions to foods. I think, once you understand that you are a Divine creation, an expression of the Source of all that is... you will understand that the salty fatty foods you crave do NOT have control over you. It is in fact the other way around.

I understand getting bored with just Bananas. I have recently discovered a type of banana called Apple Bananas or Manzano Bananas.. they are amazingly delicious and so different from "regular" bananas. This has helped me immensely. Do you have these available to you? They're usually found in specialty shops or Asian stores.

How about dates? Can you get dates where you live? Or even frozen fruit? I do find that freezing my bananas and blending them with other frozen fruit like strawberries, really helps to break up the monotony.

I have plans to move to Hawaii one day! :) There are many here who wish to create a fruitarian community in Hawaii... you should come with us! :)

Whenever I'm out of fruit... my next best option is cooked starches like Corn, yams and potatoes.. perhaps try these (without salt, of course) when you run low on enough fruit. It really helps! :)

At 1:53am on February 10, 2012, ♥ Love ♥ said…

Thanks for the befriending :) How are you doing on your journey so far? ♥

At 5:42pm on November 16, 2011, Anna said…

Wow! You had a really long way! Honestly, I've never been to Vladivostok... Nizhniy is very close to Moscow compare to Vladivostok. Ahahah! Students (especially guys) or single men usually eat pelmeni soup because it's cheap and easy to cook ))) Yes, it's a little bit crazy in here. I've found some Russian network communities though. I lived one month last year as frutarian and i did like my first resaults but I gave up. I'm here on this site because it gives me inspiration to continue))) By the way, what does HCRV mean? RV= raw vegan, how about HC?))

At 4:25am on November 15, 2011, PK said…

Welcome to 30 Bananas A Day!

For a bird's eye view of 30 Bananas a Day, inspiration, and a jump start to your diet, you might like the 30BaD Banana Wagon Tour:


Peace, PK


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