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Yes you can gain fat. Not easily! Takes guts but it is possible.

Can you gain fat on a high fruit carb, almost zero overt fat diet?

Of course you can. It CAN be done with fruit. I did it. I have experimented from lean to fat and back and forth just to prove it to myself. It is far more difficult with fruit, since even bananas and dates (and I did not even use Durian fruit in my experiments), while more calories per volume than most fruits (hence there great benefit) exit your cells fast, compared to other foods, including cooked carbohydrates and especially refined carbs. 

The fat storage gain also happens quicker and easier when one has restricted one's calories for years before stuffing oneself with any kind of carbs. Your "carburetor" system must re-adjust yourself in order to process energy the most efficient way for your body again. There are other factors, but it is a calorie in/ calorie out equation, but with a "time and habit -established metabolic twist". For survival purposes, our bodies are cautious in switching gears so to speak when we change our calorie inputs. Whatever changes occur due to different types of calories, whether they be carbs, protein or fat, is not AS important as the total calories. Calories are where its at, and when you add or subtract 50%- 200% or more; changing your diet pattern, and you keep that addition or subtraction going for many months, then you will see changes in your body composition. 

I did not only add over 250% more fruit calories in my last nine month experiment. (A disciplined task in itself! That is a whole 'nother story!), but I ALSO deliberately added more rest (An even harder task!) to my daily lifestyle. Put it this way: I even went so far as to sit down when I prepared all my meals, of which half were blended and half were eaten, basically. About ten percent of my cals came from Tangerine of Orange juice. I sat instead of standing, reclined instead of sitting, went to bed earlier, took half hour naps almost every day, etc. I even cut my workouts in half (which is always a good thing for me since after 35 years of super intense fitness, the only way I can get results is to put even more work into less time- that is just the nature of force generation vs. recuperation. In order to build muscle, one has to be extremely stingy with their energy and time. But that is another chapter in and of itself).

Suffice it to say that I do not only believe that it is possible to gain fat on a high carb (and almost ZERO overt fats I must add) fruit and greens diet, but I actually did it myself. In fact, for the first time in my life (other than  when I had my spine almost broken in two by an auto accident in 1998 and was in bed for months and then for a year literally on my hands and knees), only with huge amounts of fruit (for me) coupled with deliberate reduction in activity (not easier activity) was I EVER able to gain fat in my entire body.

PS: There is no way that I could eat the volume of fruit that I did without years of building up to it of course. I never thought that this could be possible,  but since I am a determined Aries person, I had to prove this, at least to myself. I do not think many people would ever go through this ordeal in order to see what happens. But that is how I am. In fact, the more that others tell me that I can not do something, and I feel that it is a valuable thing to learn, then I will do whatever I can to master it once and for all. I just love "a priori" knowledge and my biggest pet peeve in this whole wide world is people who base things on research solely. It is a house of cards that I just can not live in.

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Comment by PK on July 17, 2012 at 9:10am


Give us more numerical data.  This may be an interesting case study if proven true.  

The amount of calories you must have had to eat, if it is true, is probably beyond the capabilities for most of our members as most people naturally get belly aches beyond 5k.  

What were you weights before and after?

What were your calorie counts?  

There is a difference between flabby and fatty as well.  You mentioned resting more and cutting back on your training.  Sagging skin and poor muscle tone do not necessarily equate to fat.  

Peace, PK

Comment by TheBananaGirl on July 16, 2012 at 5:31pm

I don't know anything about this picture Arpit but serioulsy how does a picture prove fat gain? Oh brother XD

Comment by ❦ Awa ❦ on July 16, 2012 at 4:10pm

@freelea , chris posted his "fat gain" picture once but your guy deleted it :-)

Comment by DURIANRIDER on July 16, 2012 at 1:49pm

You added in 250% more fruit calories per day over 9 months!! WOW! Thats HARDCORE!!!

Share your secret Chris. I struggle to eat even more than 10% of my normal cals with out gagging at the sight of another banana or mango or date. 250!!!??? Thats truly mind over matter!!

I couldnt imagine eating 70 bananas a day and doing less than I am now. Id be vomiting bananas all over the house and garden! 

"Hey mate whats wrong?" 

"Oh I ate 70 bananas for the last 5 months per day.."

Comment by DURIANRIDER on July 16, 2012 at 1:39pm

Chris is half right (subjectively, its possible to gain fat but still cant say for sure till I see a dexa scan to prove it though) BUT impossible to get fat on fruit.. So we don't really know for sure until we do medical tests.

yeah you could put on 50g of fat and say 'I gained fat on fruit!!! OMG!!' or you could gain some water retention for various reasons and with out dexa scan testing its impossible to say its fat or water. Example I could dehydrate myself all week and be RAZOR CUT by the end of the week like nobody has ever seen in real life but I would set myself back a month on training and look like I had 2 black eyes via adrenal stress.

BIG difference lol!

Its like I can eat salt and put on water weight that looks like fat but it wouldnt be the same amount of water weight as if I was on testosterone/anti depressants etc. 

Someone called me fat once cos they saw me breathing out on the bike. Once I went out training with a mate and then again the next day. He said 'bro! you got fat overnight cos I can't see your calve vein no more!' I said 'you don't see veins till you warm up proper man..relax lol!'.

Still at the end of the day if anyone wants to make claims then Id like to see dexa scan tests. Its possible to put on 50g of fat. 


Comment by TheBananaGirl on July 16, 2012 at 1:34pm

Yes we *do* need clinical scans to verify this cloudyknight, if anyone says "I gained fat" then of course we need to make sure it's fat right? Not muscle, fluid, bone, or else it is really is just speculation. Water weight and fat for a start can look identical on the body (& this is what many people don't realise). Maybe it IS fat but let's be sure.

How do you really know you gained more fat than you wanted Cloudyknight? That's all I'm asking is for proof of it actually being fat. No one seems to be able to show me it. Will keep waiting. 

Comment by L on July 16, 2012 at 12:40pm

I also believe it is possible, especially for women with hormonal issues such as PCOS. It is much harder to lose for us, and much easier to gain (water included)!

Comment by TheBananaGirl on July 16, 2012 at 9:43am

Interesting Chris... Wondering where is the evidence it was fat you gained Chris? Of course we need an objective measurement like hydrostatic weighing or a dexascan to prove whether it was fat, muscle or fluid or even bone.  Fat gain is not proven by looking in the mirror or how tight our clothes fit or a number on the scales. Maybe I missed it somewhere?


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