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I wondered why I used to be so tired all the time. Why I got depressed over every flyshit that came in my way. I thought a lot of times that my life is a fuck up and I don't wanna go to work.

Let me list some questions and comments here I used to ask or say to myself.

- Oh fuck man, I don't want to get up, why? Why? Why me?
- Why do I always feel like I'm dying after lunch? Everything is so heavy I'm bout to fall asleep

- OMG why can't I just poop? I'ts been 2 days now!

- I'm dying, I need a red bull.

- OMG I need a chocolate milk right now.

- Die you fucking Ant! Why are you on my Sandwich

- Mc Donalds it's not that unhealty, it's a balanced Sandwich right?

- I don't want to cook, I'll just eat cereal and bread with cheese until I'm full.

- Aw I know it's 3 AM but I'll fry an egg now!

- Shit periodcramps why does this happen?

- I wish I could eat this cupcake. But it's so fatty!

Let me list some answers or comments since vegan

- Wow, the morning is so beautiful. I don't want to get up, only 5 mo'. It will be okay.

- Yum that was some great nanas - I'd love to take a walk what a pity that I have to go back to work

- I only pooped twice today. But it's only 5pm so I still have time :-D

- I'm... oh wait, I'm not tired anymore I don't need a red bull.

- OMG I need to buy those dry figs again!

- Oh, hey buddy, why are you haning here on my food? Let me put you aside.

- Let's go to Hiltl... Yummy.

- I'm too lazy to cook tonight - Let's just have a smoothie or a salad ok?

- I know it's 3 AM now but i'm always hungry after going out. I'll cook some pasta or eat some dates

- Oh, I got my period. Didn't even see that comming. Yeah, the pain is gone!

- I don't remember the last time I craved a cupcake.

What I wanted to say with all this is: You really are what you eat. If you eat dead animals you'll exactly feel like one. You're tired, constipated, unhappy and unable to sleep sometimes because you have so many unnecessary problems and conflicts with yourself where you wonder why this is happening. You wonder why you have to press like a maniac to poop and why it's not even once a day sometimes and why it smells like a dead buffalo - newsflash: because it is one. I'm not sayng that vegans don't poop smelly but damn, it's far from dead buffalo.

Eating plants only have changed my entire self. Especially since organic wherever possible. I am happy from inside out. Such a clear mind, a pure spirit and I'm able to eliminate all negative from inside me and just be calm. I feel closer to life than ever. Because I'm eatin life. Whole foods. Living plants that still change after you picked them from the tree.  I never felt this awesome before it's really the time of my life. It's impressive to me how you can change and become your pure and true self due to eating the right things. In fact what's left and untouched of the world is so beautiful and I really want to discover that. I am so clear about my feelings that I couldn't be any more satisfied. I want to make friends and I embrace life. I always knew how to see someting positive in anything no matter how bad it was - you really have to make out the best with what you got that's the way to succeed in everything. Motivation is a strong word.

I just wished I could show my friends and family so they can experience what I do.

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Comment by Michael Bruin on June 18, 2015 at 4:06pm

Ha very funny post I like that you didn't shy away from talking about poops.  To get gross before going vegan I use to always clog the toilet with paper because my poops where so bad.  But now it easily comes up and one wipe is enough.  (Why do I feel it's ok to share this?)


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