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Why So Many Calories On The 80/10/10 Diet?

Hello fellow fruitairans,

today I would like to clear up the misconception about how many calories should you be eating to achieve the best results.

Eating Disorder Background

People are coming to this lifestyle with various eating disorders ranging from anorexia to extreme overeating on jung food, then starvation and extreme overeating again. Now your metabolism and digestive track are kind of destroy, you expect immediate results when eating fruitarian diet.


Initial weight gain?

Many people complain about weight gain when starting this lifestyle. That´s because their bodies are finally getting enough calories and now the body is trying to hold on on everything you give it. However after some time your metabolism will get back to what is supposed to be and the weight will come off.

Calories Equal Calories?

Some people say that calories from fruit equal the calories from high fat or high protein foods. This is simply not true as high carbohydrate low fat foods, especially fruits digest much much quicker.


What Will Happen If You Eat More Than You Need?

So what happens when you eat more calories than your body uses? It´s a process called dietary thermogenesis where excess carbs are simply burned and come out as the waste from your body. However your body can´t do the same with protein and fat. That´s why you can simply eat as much as you want of low fat low protein low sodium carbohydrate foods and not gain any extra weight.


Excess Protein And Fat

Excess protein and fat is STORED as fat under your skin and around your organs. Fat is simply toxins from excess dietary fat and protein that your body doesn´t have ability to deal with. Same with salt. Our body doesn´t know how to deal with high quantities of sodium therefore it´s just circulating in the blood and retaining water.

The main reason why you wanna be getting enough calories on daily basis is for the other 4 commitments that will just fall down if you are not eating enough.


Calories And Sleep And Water

Sleep is a big one. If you don´t eat enough you don´t produce enough serotonin which helps you to fall asleep. Same applies to water. When you are under-eating consistently you will kind of loose the sense of proper hydration.

Calories and Sun and Sport

Not eating enough calories will lead to not having the energy to go outside on the sun and do some activity that you like. If you don´t have the energy it is extremely hard to motivate yourself to exercise and tone up your body.

Calories and Nutrients

Another reason to get enough calories is for getting sufficient nutrients. By getting enough calories you are taking care of all the vitamins and minerals you need. You can search on the internet on the dangers of particular vitamin and mineral deficiency.


Calories and Mental Issues

Another reason is psychological. Those who eat the least freak out the most. If you don´t get enough carbohydrates for your brain you will feel emotional, not motivated for anything and the worst – you will feel like everyone around you is against everything you doing.

You will then blame everybody for the situation you are in, that nobody supports you and take EVERYTHING personally. Nobody wants to be around such person. On the other hand when you get enough calories you will be able to take criticism not personally and you will become master of your emotions and master of your life.

How Many Calories As a MINIMUM?

So how many calories you need as a minimum. The best is to look at cronometer.com whre you track down your calorie requirements according to your height, weight, activity level and age. For me it´s 4500 calories per day, so I never go under this number. For you it could be different.

Calories word made of fruits

It´s Better To Eat More Than Not Enough

I don´t track my cals with cronometer anymore because after 3 years of this lifestyle I kind of know how many calories is in each fruit or starch so I know that I am getting enough. As I talked earlier it´s better to get more than not enough. If you eat more it´s simply excreted out through digestive system.

The Best Way To Get Your Calories In

The best way to get your calories is to eat the foods you like. I recommend eating high quality fruits and vegetables of all kinds but primarily bananas and dates, because they are the easiest to get your calories in. If they are not tasty add sugar to your smoothies.

On top of bananas and dates you should be eating your other favorite fruits and vegetables. If you don´t like it don´t eat it. Therefore getting the highest quality produce is important and often it costs lots of money. To find out how to make lots of money online click here.

Eat Until You Vomit?


You can pretty much eat until you vomit on this diet without any consequences. Always look for the people who eat the most on this lifestyle and who eat the least. Those who eat the most are achieving the best results, those who eat the least often go back to their previous diet or are just nutcases to be around.

Hoped this cleared up the misconception, and therefore you should go fruit yourself with bananas, dates and all other fruits and veggies that you like.

Thanks for reading,

Healthy Vegan Adventurer.

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Comment by Rory Clark on March 10, 2018 at 8:56pm

Wow respect! I am just learning to reach 2000/day cal!! Fruit is so filling and bulky. I have just started on a proper 80/10/10 lifestyle(was just flirting for years) since I got diabetes. I am following Dr D Grahams recommendations oft taking excercise as seriously as diet and I eat after I have dropped my blood sugar through excercise. Finding it really helps me. 


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