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Why Is Not Everybody On This Lifestyle If It' s So Amazing?

Hello fruit munchers,

many of you are convinced 100% that this lifestyle is the right thing to do. You built up your conviction either from watching my videos and reading my blogs or from watching other people' s videos such as Durianrider, Freelee, UnReal Living, Real Raw Results and many more.

You are also probably regularly visiting 30bananasaday.com webiste that supports this kind of living and you can ask important questions about this lifestyle if you have any. You feel great, your acne or other issues are healing and there is nothing that can stop you from being on this lifestyle for the rest of your life.

However once upon a time a question might arise in your head or maybe you can hear it from some other person: 'If this lifestyle is so perfect and natural for human beings, why the heck is not everybody on it.'

It Comes Up To 2 Reasons

So pretty much the reason why everybody is not on this lifestyle comes down to 2 things:

- not enough motivation to change their current lifestyle and being too comfortable with where they are now

- social pressure from the outside world which is programmed by meat and dairy industry propaganda

Sure everyone wants to feel their best, with plenty of energy and no health issues. Everyone wants to be compassionate, help other people, help to save the planet and animals and have a real reason to live.

People Are Too Lazy

But we see in today' s society that not many people are willing to change their old habits especially when it comes to healthy lifestyle. Most people would rather die than change what they are eating. Only people who are willing to step up of their comfort zone and change something in their life will achieve the results.

Big Changes Are Scary

And if you look around you, most people only make maybe 3-4 big changes in their whole life. First one is school, second one emplyment, third one place of living and fourth one is a husband or wife. Any other changes are not really popular because society doesn' t support these changes as they are unproductive for economy.

People Are Too Comfy With Where They Are

PEOPLE ARE NOT SUFFERING ENOUGH TO CHANGE THEIR LIFETYLES. Most people are too comfortable doing what they do, even if they are fat, sick and not living the life they would like. But still it feels too uncomfortable to do any big change to their lifestyle. People are not suffering enough Small changes are OK and even popular in society like different diets, but they are not seen as lifestyle, only as temporarily fixes.

People Are Looking For Quick Fixes

Most people therefore are looking for quick fixes because they don' t have the commitment, the patience, the will to be consistent and persistence. In developed countries exercise is becoming more and more popular. Also trying different diets is popular too, but usually it' s taken as short-term fixes. However problem with today' s diets is that promoters are often trying to be as popular as possible and make more money.

Diet Scams

How do you do that? Well, you simply tell people good things about their bad habits. People will have feeling like they are changing something when in fact they are eating pretty much everything as before, maybe in different quantities or just excluding something they haven' t even been eating before.

Paleo diet is very popular these days as people can still eat their bacon, egg and cheese for breakfast, chicken for lunch and beef for dinner. Only thing they changed is eating little bit less carbs which they didn' t eat much in the first place.

And people love hearing good things about their bad habits. They can still stay in their comfort zone and maybe do few little changes that are not really gonna make a big difference. That' s why these fad diets are so popular, because not many people are willing to make  big changes in their life.

Why Is Not Vegan Diet So Popular?

Yeah maybe people come across the vegetarian or vegan diet somehow as they are becoming more popular. This is mostly because of passionate vegans who care about other people' s health, planet and animals. Otherwise vegan diet would pretty much extinct. Why? Because there is no big money in promoting veganism.

People don' t wanna give up their comfort meat and dairy products. When they somehow stumble upon veganism and hear really compassionate speaker, they might give it a try. Most people however take it more as a temporary diet or cleanse, because they simply have a bad experience with previous diets and think that this one will be the same.

Social Pressure

Then when they realise that this really does make sense they hear everywhere you need meat and dairy for this, this and this and they are back where they started. So why it is that so many people around the world think that meat and dairy is necessary for a good health?

Meat And Dairy Propaganda

It is simply meat and dairy propaganda. There is a huge business and lots and lots of money in meat and dairy industry. If this industry bnackrupt all economy would be pretty much down. That' s why government is supporting this industry. It' s almost impossible to run away from the brainwashing the meat and dairy industry is putting out there.

Fast Foods

The best brainwashing technique TV commercials for fast food chains - Mc Donalds, KFC, Burgerking, Subway, Wendy' s and many many more have a great contracts with meat and dairy companies. Just watch some TV channel and notice how many commercials are about promoting eating meat and dairy.

School Influence

Also some studies are funded by meat and dairy industry and published publicly. The bacis nutrition in schools therefore is based upon these studies and taught that meat and dairy is neesasry for sufficient protein and calcium intake. That' s where people get a first big conviction that meat and dairy is necessary, because everything that is taught in school must be correct, right?

Family And Friend' s Influence

The second biggest conviction people get that they need to eat meat and dairy is observing people around them. The family probably has the biggest influence. When mum cooks meat it must be good for me, because mum knows the best right? Also the school lunches are not vegan, and the chance you will be born in a vegan community is what, one in a million?

Society Doesn' t Support Veganism

Therefore society doesn' t support veganism at all, maybe in developed countries you have vegan options occasionally, however eating meat and dairy is still considered as a part of normal healthy eating.

Motivation Is The Key

To overcome this social disapproval obstacle you need to have really high motivation to go against the status quo 'flow'. To get out of your comfort zone and make a commitment to live this lifestyle for the rest of your life. For that you often need to be really really sick and uncomfortable with where you are, or just overally very motivated to improve yourself and your potential.

And not many people are at that point. I was there certainly. I couldn' t socialize and live normally with my acne condition. Every experience I had was worse because I was thinking about my acne all the time. Now I am living the life of my dreams.

You Are Lucky To Be Sick Or Very Empowered

Therefore now you know why other people are not on this lifestyle, but there is no reason why you can' t be because you have that MOTIVATION to do this and once you on it and doing it right you will be feeling so good it will become impossible to go back to eating animal products.

So stay carbed up, hydrate up, slept up, outside and moving.

Thanks for reading this, would appreciate any comments.

Raw Vegan Adventurer.

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Comment by Jani M on October 22, 2013 at 10:42am

excellent post. 


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