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What I really would like to say to a Non-Vegan

To me it doesn't matter if you are black or white. It doesn't matter what gender you are or if you're gay or not. Because once the black was worth less than the white, women were not allowed to speak and if you were gay were not normal anyways. Do you think that is fair? No, it's not. But there were ppl who stood up for it to fight for what they think is right because blood is red and a cut with a knife hurts you just as it hurts me. I'm not better because I'm more intelligent, or prettier than you or wealthier than you or vegan. I am alive, just like you. That makes me equal to you. But there is some "gift" that we received from nature. It's conciousness, to be aware of what you are doing and how that reflects to what or who's in front of you.

If you would take my child it would break my heart and all I had in my mind was revenge. Some ppl may not think that way but if you took my flesh and blood I would do anything it takes to get it back.

If you would kill my brothers and sisters It would tear me apart and there is nothing you could do to make me stop screaming. Screaming at you and ask you why? Why do you do this to us?

Why the heck did they start war to kill our own species? Where is our respect and where is our conciousness?

You may agree with me that nothing of what happened there was fair - to none of them. Just because one person wants to have more power over something or someone milions of lives have been destroyed and are still being destroyed. Wonder what I talk about? The truth behind power. Covered in plastic with a nice little picture on it - a happy animal maybe or a skinny girl on a magazine.

All I said is no different from what happens to most of the animals who live today. We steal their babies, we kill their brothers and sisters and they know they're next. We end life before it begins because we invented grinding and slaughtermachines and we don't give a fukc about if they are feeling depressed or are heartbroken when we peel their skin off to sell it as furcoat or their meat for your double cheeseburger. You look at your plate and you see a burger, or chickenwings. I used to see the same as you. Today I see dead bodyparts and a life that has been destroyed so that you could enjoy your food. I could say: You don't know any better, I can educate you - but in the end, we all know that animals are killed for food right, you know that - and WHAT? You don't want to see the truth because you like animals? You don't want to watch Earthlings because you can't handle so much sadness? Stop being a god damn hypocrite and open your eyes. Don't tell me you like animals while shoving a chicken nugget into your mouth and apologizing to me for that you ordered a dish with meat while we were eating out because I'm vegan, for god sake you should apologize to the animal you killed with your money, your money payed the fukcing dirty job so that you can have your cursed burger. U do have a dog at home you say and you do donate to organisations to help animals but still u buy the god damn produts! Just say you love dogs because you don't love animals, you just love the ones you don't eat! It's like drilling a hole into your boat and try to empty it with a fukcing teacup. You help the animals while you're making the damage yourself? Not that that's the worst part no, if I try to tell you something about it it's ME forcing MY lifestyle on YOU yet you force your lifestyle on the life of thousands of animals you son of a mother because YOU told me you could never be vegan, because you love milk and you can't sleep if you don't have your milk at night and I am no one to tell you because I once ate meat myself and I used to be the same as you and now I think I am something better because I don't kill animals now but plants have feelings and we ate animals like forever just like blacks were slaves forever and women did not have any rights forever until SOMEBODY changed it. You're right, I used to be the same and I'm not better than you, I'm just different from you.

I opened my eyes and I see that I blood is blood, fear is fear and suffering is suffering and there is no way I will ever stop thinking that, there is no way I will ever eat meat again because I love the innocent. I love every animal and every person fighting for life and freedom they deserve! I find myself crying for animals I don't know and this - my friend - is conciousness about what I've been doing to these animals. This - my friend - is love for the innocent and here I am with my arms open wide to receive that suffering living being to help it and care for it, this is who I am and this is why I was born with conciouness. And that's why I want this to stop.

I like every vegan because he made the decision for life, he understood what's the purpose of living and let live. Yet you have to ask yourself why the hell you find yourself defending animal abuse and looking for reasons why you're allowed to eat meat while other ppl suffer from starvation and animals are being abused.

I want to fight to make a change. Will you be my brother?

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Comment by brina on April 18, 2015 at 10:02am


Comment by YanasBananas on April 17, 2015 at 6:53am
Thx guys for the encouragement. No problem if u wanna use it for speading the vegan message :-)
Comment by Edd on April 17, 2015 at 3:53am

Very moving. thanks for sharing. I will copy this onto a word document if that's ok, so I can read again and even consider handing out to those who are interested, if I can find anyone who gives a toss about anything or anyone! But I live in hope :)

Comment by William McClellan on April 17, 2015 at 3:18am

SAY IT! That was really awesome to read!


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