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This is an observation, not a strongly held belief of mine...I do not want to have a religious debate in my blog area, though I will welcome comments...and critism of my interpretations only if the poster has actually read the sources I am commenting on.
Iif Jesus was raised by the Essene, and they were raw food devotès that also were forbidden to eat from below ground level (onion, ginger, garlic, carrot) that does not specify fruitarian. If they ate dairy, it follows that it was likely that Jesus was a raw foodist that ate limited dairy until he left the sect at about age 13.
Just because he was raised raw foodist does not extrapolate out that he remained so. My guess is that he remained lacto-vegetarian (pure surmise, nothing to support my premise).
People tend to eat to their level of spirituality (my personal observation over more than 4 decades of being an observative adult). Increase in spirituality tends to raise diet towards vegetarian. Increase towards vegetarian tends to increase spirituality, though overdoing either does not FORCE the other--but is likely to collapse tthe continuity of that leapfrog progress of growth. This reference applies to MANY religions, not just Christianity.
Food, objects, thought, intent as well as light and dark are vibrations (science, not religion).
If Jesus were vegetarian, he likely multiplied the loaves and fishes with vibrational equivalents, not actually magically killing more fish to feed the masses.
If you were to win a radio contest that was to deliver a dozen meals to your place of business to feed the twelve employees there, and when the meals arrived, there were 9 meat meals and 3 vegetarian meals, would you toss the 9 down the disposal and insist that all share the meager three meals? That smacks of an ugliness, a "holier than thou" attitude, is vulgar and arrogant.
This particular line of thought outlined in this blog is my interpretation of "Essene Gospel of Peace" of which I read all the books in that series about 35 years ago, (and they still inspire me from only that one reading). I am DEFINITELY not Christian or of any religion (nor comfortably atheist).


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Comment by Rock on April 25, 2013 at 2:06am
As far as him "being a real person", no doubt, as he is a very major prophet in the Muslim religion, and mentioned in ancient texts of other religions. Not likely if he were not "flesh and blood". Though he is not "The Messiah" in most of the other religions, though some Middle East religions do accept him as a son of God. (Those religions also acknowledge all the major Messiahs, and believe that there is one about every 700 years.
I am not religious, though have no great contempt for Religion, (just the followers). I regard myself as very spiritual, and a "Secular Humanist".
Comment by Rock on October 13, 2012 at 11:40am
Not too much doubt that Jesus was a real person, that he was born to the Essenes, and that they believed that he was born to one of the dozen virgins they maintained at all times for God to choose one to give birth to "his son". Pretty certain he stayed and was raised by them for 13 years or so.

Whether he was actually conceived in a virgin conception, or was son of God, etc...is up to belief and faith. That he was an actual person is given weight that Jesus is a major Prophet in the Muslim religion (but definitely NOT recognized as the son of God.

The Books I referenced we're found in the Vatican Library and translated by one of the most respected religious scholars. His work has been totally denounced, and cannot be proven otherwise that the book exists, because he was only on of about two persons qualified to be allowed into that wing of the Vatican Library, and the Church will not allow anyone to return there to verify.

I love following a dozen or so of the major religions, and have accidentally immersed into a couple of them as an embraced visitor (tolerated, welcomed "infidel"). I do not know why I get these opportunities, though I am thrilled that I have.

I will agree that he was a great teacher, though perhaps he had a "Messiah Complex"....
Comment by ApeGirl April on October 13, 2012 at 1:24am

I have to say I haven't read the sources so please don't be mad at me for my lack of knowledge of religious scriptures, but I am an atheist who is interested  to hear from someone who has more knowledge but isn't too biased either way. I don't know whether to think of Jesus as a real person - either just a decent guy whose story has been subject to hyperbole and later misinterpretation of the actual events (people taking the bible literally when it was meant to be a symbolic account of his life); or perhaps a snake oil conman akin to ministers who claim to carry out his miracles still today; or just a jewish fairytale with no real Jesus having ever lived. These are the three 'theories' I have as an everyday atheist who hasn't invested myself in this at all. I'm interested in your opinion if you want to share it, thanks.


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