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It can be a challenge eating out as a Vegan in Europe.  Apart from some of the most beautiful produce you will ever see, European food is mostly based around meat, seafood and dairy.

Still, with a little creativity and planning you can thoroughly enjoy European food and not feel like you're missing out.

Here are my best tips for traveling Europe as a Vegan.

1.  Go to the markets (which are incredibly abundant by the way) and buy a variety of your own produce, nuts etc.. Take fruit and other produce as snacks as you explore. Never be stuck without a snack to hold you over until you find a meal. If you're not prepared,  the temptation could be too great to eat something you won't be happy about later or you could find yourself with low blood sugar and feeling terrible



2. Choose International restaurants such as Thai, Indian or Japanese when you can.  Almost every culture except for Western culture is vegan/vegetarian friendly.


3. Go online to Google Translate and look up phrases and words that will help you make the right choice for food.  For example, in France I ask, "Sans lait?", which means, "without milk?". It is also very useful to  learn how to ask if the waiter speaks English in whatever language appropriate.  As a side note, if you express gratitude that they will communicate with you in English you will have better service over all.   Before going grocery shopping, look up words such as eggs and milk so you know what ingredients to look for on the packaging.

grand_TBPV - Patisseries sans lait sans oeufs - 300L4 - Editions La Plage

4.  Look for health shops online before you go out.  In France they are called Bio Shops and there are many of them popping up everywhere lately (hurray!).  Also, big Super Markets such as Carrefour in France, have a Bio section where you can find healthier alternatives.


5.  Use the Happy Cow website to locate Vegan restaurants all over the world.  And if you personally find a new place in your travels, please add it to the site. There are new Vegan friendly places everywhere so let's spread the word!


6. I'll say it again because it's so important.  Have a back up plan and snacks.  I can't tell you how many times I found myself without food  and miserable because I wasn't prepared.  It takes more work to be healthy, it's just part of the deal.  However, it's always worth it :-)


How do you eat as a Vegan when traveling in Europe? Let me know your tips!

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Comment by Nakd Nutrition on September 10, 2014 at 4:43am

Yeah, mincing around amongst those types of people is really rather fascinating, and there are so many of them in one place, it's really quite bizarre, gotta be seen to be believed - makes you so glad to not be that preoccupied/insecure about your face, you know?  It's sad, huh?  I love it though - you're from afar, but still witnessing it..... it's that out of control!  It's that visible!  Hahaha!

You love beaches and fruit?  You will lurve SE Asia.  Plus endless veggie/vegan restaurants if you're more RT4.  I moved back to London from Hong Kong a few months ago and am missing nipping over to Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia/Bali for long weekends of gorging on tree ripened tropical fruit.  Oh well.  I can eat a bag of Gala apples in the grey rain in London - same thing, kinda, innit?  Snigger.

Comment by Angela Orecchio on September 10, 2014 at 4:25am

Haha Melinda, that made me laugh out loud! Too funny and true!  I'm lucky that I only witness that from  afar as I'm on a great boat with down to earth owners.  I totally get what you're saying about food being too important. I work in Europe but my holiday destinations are always centered around tropical beaches and fruit!  Hoping to get to SE Asia this Jan for the first time.  Can't wait!

Comment by Nakd Nutrition on September 10, 2014 at 4:11am

I completely agree - you can be vegan anywhere in the world, just with vastly varying degrees of quality of food and enjoyment.  I want quality food, and I want to enjoy eating, and ideally I want to have the option to eat out at least once while I'm away (though I'm usually mostly raw) so I can experience as much of the local culture/people as possible.  So having seen the sights of most of Eastern Europe (for example), beautiful as much of it was, I won't be going back - food's too important to me!

I was lucky enough to yacht around The South of France last year (not working).......... heaven!  But the plastic surgery freaks..... yikes!  The size of the fake lips in particular I found rather fascinating.  They were something special!  They had their own shadows!  Shadows bigger than their owners!

You have a fab job.  It must be so liberating.  And all that fresh air and sunshine.  Lucky thing!

Comment by Angela Orecchio on September 10, 2014 at 3:59am

I hear you Melinda.  I had an incredibly hard time in a small town in the UK. I guess the point is that you might not get the best fruit all of the time but staying Vegan is quite easy.  Even if it's bread and some kind of nut butter which is not ideal at all, you can find something. And when you stick to your principles, yet adapt to where you are, you can travel to almost anywhere in the world. And YES South of France is sort of like a dream world!  I work on a yacht and we come here every year in the summer. It's definitely it's own world. 

Comment by Nakd Nutrition on September 10, 2014 at 3:54am

The South of France is fabulous in so many ways - produce being one of them.  I'd suggest however, that the South of France isn't representative of the rest of France in any way shape or form.  It's like its own little glamorous world, in its own wildly over-priced bubble.  Paris was crap for me though re fruit - I searched, and searched, and searched.... stayed vegan of course, but it was so hard.

Comment by Angela Orecchio on September 10, 2014 at 3:43am

London is fantastic for options Melinda. I completely agree.  South of France, Nicolas is abundant in some of the best produce I've seen.  I'm sure Paris would be too.  My favorite thing is that after going for a hike, I'll come back down into the city (Nice, for example) and pass by a small shop selling fruit and there will be RIPE bananas for sale, ready to go.  They aren't afraid of spots here :-)  By the way the fruit and flower market in Nice is incredible as it is in Cannes and Antibes. 

Comment by Nicolas HAGUET on September 10, 2014 at 3:17am

It is not that easy in France but much more in Spain to find ripe fruits.

But both cultures are based on meat (especially pork), cheese and wheat (with bread). So, social evens are almost never vegan-friendly and/or gluten-free friendly.

But I'm surviving so far^^

Comment by Nakd Nutrition on September 10, 2014 at 2:44am

Oh yeah, totally - as far as my experience across Europe goes, being vegan is easiest in England, especially London. I've no complaints!  Loads of fresh fruit and veggies, loads of markets, loads of veggie/vegan restaurants, loads of ethnic restaurants - it's great!

Agreed re cheese.  One word.  Yuck.

Comment by Angela Orecchio on September 10, 2014 at 2:33am

Yes true! Fruits and vegetables are incredible places in the Med.  However, you can always find a grocery store with some fruit and fruit juice.  A lot of bars and restaurants have fresh pressed juice as well.  You can also stay in hostels with kitchens and make your own food.  Where there is a will there is a way. 

When I was staying in England in December I was very impressed at the groups of fruit munchers there online.  There weren't many but some were thriving.  It's all possible.  Cheese shouldn't be an option really if you want to feel good and have optimal health.  

Comment by Nakd Nutrition on September 10, 2014 at 2:11am

Ah nope - never been to Switzerland!  It's on my list though, so good to know I'll have options in the main cities, as I'd no doubt most likely head to Zurich.



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