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Well, it's been two months since I started to focus on regular exercise and strength training. The fact that it feels like much longer is a testament to my history of 'giving up'- that is, putting in a burst of energy to a new plan, and then letting it slide after an initial effort. I am an aries, after all, so I'm really good with that cardinal fire, the spark that starts something up, and then fizzles out quickly. The spring is really my time. All that new and bursting forth gives me such a high! It was April this year that I switched to 80-10-10, and I have found it so easy to carry forward. I really want to feel that satisfaction on my next birthday- having seen this lifestyle through for a year and onwards, and I'm confidant that I will.

So, good diet being a daily habit now, exercise is the next one I want to establish. I think I'm doing pretty well, so far, although I have not been too strict with myself. I started out with the intention to follow the 'Fat-burning Furnace' program, a low and slow weight training method- full body workout every second day, low reps to muscle fatigue with the goal of building muscle and burning fat. I have done my best to keep up with the every other day schedule, but have missed more than a few extra days when I just felt more like resting. Right now I'm enjoying doing a trail walk/run with bodyweight exercises the most. Gotta get out there before it ices up.

I have noticed gains! I really felt it last night when I spent a night out dancing (a rare event these days!). My legs and core are feeling strong and solid! I am actually pleasantly surprised. I had thought I was kind of slacking, not pushing myself hard enough. Now I think that gentle persistence is paying off, and I just need to keep it up until years have passed and it's become a practice for life.

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