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Hello everyone,

in today´s blog post I would like to talk about meat and dairy and the dangers they present to your health, but also to the planet.

People Don´t Realize Meat Is So Bad

Many people know that they need to change their diet in order to feel better, eliminate their specific illness, or achieve some specific athletic or other results. However they don´t really understand the dangers of the specific foods that they are eating.

Most people are just trying different diets and believe anything that the promoters of these diets are saying. Most people turn off the logic, turn of they heart and common sense when it comes to trying different diets.

I was there too, if somebody said that eating nothing but meat and vegetables is good for acne I wanted to try it. Nobody didn´t tell me of the dangers of eating meat, not alone eating the dangers of eating lots of meat.


Why Is There So Much Confusion About Meat And Dairy?

I think that in today´s society almost everybody can agree that too much meat is not healthy. However some paleo authors are so smart that they are able to find a way how to make anything sound healthy. All that the paleo authors are, in my opinion, are damn good sellers and marketers of s*** products.

The Industry Is Big And Is Not Gonna Stop Soon

And paleo authors are just the messengers of the meat and dairy industry to support their business. Meat and dairy is a HUGE industry and all economy would pretty much collapse if people stopped eating meat and dairy. There is simply SO MUCH money in this industry that they can buy substitutes from government to make their products available to everyone and plus they can release fake studies of benefits of meat by buying nutritional research.


Same As Tobacco Industry Used To Be

That´s why there is so much confusion about whether or not a meat and dairy is healthy. It used to be the same with tobacco industry. Tobacco industry was so huge that they could buy promotion of doctors, government, the research on effects of smoking cigarettes etc.

So nobody really knew whether smoking cigarettes was good or not, some people said yes, some people said not, until more and more people did their own research and listen to the common sense and stop buying cigarettes. Less people were buying cigarettes, the less money tobacco industry had to buy government, researches and doctors.

In my opinion, same will happen to meat and dairy industry eventually. However it will be much slower and longer process because this industry is still very big and many, many, many people still believe that meat and dairy is a health food.


There IS a Hope

There are of course many people who didn´t listen to governments, status quo and meat and dairy industry, but listened to their common sense, listened to their body saying: ´stop eating animal products it´s very hard to digest, and get sick from all the toxins, too much fat, too much protein, too much substances that I don´t recognize.´

Build Up Your Conviction

These people, like me, are pretty much the only hope that people will get this message of meat being the worst food you can eat. If you wanna know how bad meat and dairy really is look at different REAL studies on effects of eating meat such as Dr Cambell book China Study, Caldwell Esselstyn book Reversing Heart Disease, Dr. Neil Bernard book Reversing Diabetes, Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond, Dr John Mcdougall Starch Solution, Skinny Bitch by Rory Freeman, Diet for New American by John Robbins, 80/10/10 Diet by Dr Douglas Graham, Mad Cowboy by Howard F.Lyman, World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, Food Revultion John Robbins.

TheStarchSolution_FeaturedImage  SkinnyBitch_cover

Also watch videos on youtube on why meat and dairy is bad, read the studies from google etc. Build up your conviction so you never eat animal products again. Watch Earthlings on youtube to build up your ethical site of the conviction.

You know inside that eating animal products is very bad, despite everybody around you doing the opposite. Now all you need is to build up your conviction by listening to people who actually listened to their inner voice telling them that eating animal products is really bad idea.

If you are still eating meat, we are here to help you. I can make a personal consultation  with you if you want for free on skype or facebook. Contact me on Milos Vegano Stepita.

I hope this helped you. Btw if you are also interested in building up your business online and earning passive income, check out this link.

Have a great day,

Healthy Adventurer.

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