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The Beauty of Fruity Poetry- what really made my day

Just had to share this synchronicity, it really made me happy today! This is a follow-up to a reply I wrote to Fruit of Life's query on ideas for a a vegan signature the other day.  My idea was a line that came to me in the moment: For health, in truth, the only flesh one ought to eat is that of fruit!.  I felt pleased with my little line of poetry, it made me think of an old-style English poem. I haven't ever read or studied classic poetry and I was thinking that I would like to read some. That evening, I was out for a walk and saw a box of free books on someone's lawn. In the box I found  a book waiting for me- The Best Short Poems of the Nineteenth Century, with a selection of authors like Wordsworth, Browning, and Tennyson. The poem I loved the most was one by John Keats, Ode On a Grecian Urn, in which I discovered the genesis of the famous line, spoken by the silent urn, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty". The whole poem really touched me, and I read it over a few times- it actually moved me to tears.

Part two of the story is today, Saturday, I go to work. One of my co-workers, a young guy, arrives in and comes into the kitchen with a brand- new tattoo on his forearm, a plaque about five inches high that reads Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty, applied on the same day I was crying over that poem!

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