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Sorry family, and urges to leave town!!

I was planning on eating plain potatoes, green beans and rice during the Thanksgiving meal. But when I was in the kitchen, seeing the food just really turned me off. I didn't want plain, dry potatoes and I definitely didn't want to watch them eat turkey :( So, I just grabbed one of the smoothies I made before hand (made 3,000 calories worth upon waking) and went upstairs. They seemed bothered by this, especially since they assumed I was going to eat with them. But, they also understood. I don't want the food, but I sort of get caught up in the whole, being deprived of something feeling.

What a waste of time to feel that way.

This weather is gray, cold (30's) and stale. I'm so restless not working (though looking for work) and I need to just force myself to get outside. No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing right?

I frequently get urges to run away from here. I wonder if that is just how I am, or if I lived in a warmer climate and was able to wander around daily and have more adventure and variety in my life, if I would still feel like "geting away." In these moments, when I feel disatisfied, I agree that it must be distorted to believe "everything would be find if I was just in CENTRAL AMERICA!" haha.

Where ever you go, there you are.

But thats not to say I'm going to stay up North. No, I want to move, when things are right for it. I have to have money, right? I have to have stability to do such a thing. Some people do not thrive in modern society, they actually become sick, their spirit dies, they feel like a caged monkey who craves freedom!

Jeeze, if someone would just take me into their home! Ahhh, things don't work like that.

I day dream a little about having a "lfrv family" meaning, finding a few people on here to get a house with and live just like a family. Take care of one another, take care of the house together and be a true team! Who says a family has to be one of lovers or blood relatives?

Ah well, just going to chill out with some more Cat Stevens...and not doing anything impulsive :P

Then I will bundle up and head out to the trail with my CD player and dog.

If you might want to start a raw family sometime (in a warm place), keep me in mind ;)

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Comment by Coco on November 28, 2009 at 4:36am
I am right there with you. I have always known that although I love my biological family very much, they are not my soul family :) I would LOVE to be a member of a fruit-eating family in a warm, tropical place! It will happen soon enough!
Comment by shelley belly on November 27, 2009 at 12:51pm
ps and I m also looking for work!!! :)
Comment by shelley belly on November 27, 2009 at 12:48pm
I know how you are feeling too!!! First about wanting to get out someplace warm. It is getting colder everyday where i am too.. It is like a down ward spiral into freezing!! I was wanting to move somewhere anywhere other then here. i have 2 children and I am trying to stick it out here untill the are done with school? Who knows if the opportunity presents itself then It is to be:) 2nd the Thanksgiving madness? I was invited to my house mates parents house and I did not want to go for more reasons then one but I did not want to have to explain myself about why i m not eating anything that they have presented with their fancy ways and wares. (That are not so great eating after all. )I 'm not close enouh to these people to put my self in an uncomfotable enviroment. So I had a wanderful time with my 2 children. Just my little family and I am so glad. It was the best and I know it wil be a memorable day for us. My children are not raw vegans but I am trying to attract them and educate them as much as I can. They are enjoying smoothies and notice the energy!! This city is not so bad!! I know there are other places with alot of ignorant people when it come to health; phyically and spiritually!!! Have fun and get out and get used to the cooler weather now before it is really a freezing shock!! Once you start moving around you get warm then hot!!!!!PEacE
Comment by cbs on November 27, 2009 at 12:27pm
I didnt go to my moms but went to my friends house and she made a big plain salad and some bowls of fruit. I took some orange segments, squirted it on top the salad and put fruit on top, YUM! My food was so pretty and colorful too. I didnt feel deprived at all. They didnt bring out the turkey, just some slices and it was across the table so I ignored it and it was fine. For desert, I had an apple. Raw just tastes better then the cooked version I've found so it wasnt bad. The hard part is after I ate 2 plates of salad, they were already stuffed so I felt awkward eating any more. I dont know about Christmas. I might be uninvited now since I skipped Thanksgiving, oh well. My mom doesnt tolerate this type of eating.
Comment by Sabrina on November 27, 2009 at 7:06am
Comment by Shannon on November 27, 2009 at 7:05am
Sabrina, I feel the same way. I actually gave in to the pressure my family (they hound me to humiliation) and ate vegan potatoes, squash, and apple pie. I haven't had cooked food in 8 days so I experienced the most excruciating stomach pains and have vowed to never, EVER eat cooked again. I'm glad you didn't have to deal with that today and that you planned in advance and made those smoothies. I'm also proud of you for being strong enough to leave the room and eat your smoothie away from your family! It's hard to separate from tradition and I think it's great that you realized that you'd feel deprived- I felt the same way.


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