30 Bananas a Day!

I tell my story with anyone with ears! :)

The countless emails, phonecalls or random comments i get from strangers on the street just confirms im on the right track.

everyone, everything happens in perfect time. no mistakes. if someone says something to me or in the same room as me, like 'ive got cancer, fruit has too much sugar, i want to get fit etc' then i speak up and speak my truth without selling out or getting thrown out! lets speak our truth with fun, wit and empowering information.

we are conditioned in society to only debate on a panel in highschool. if you debate on the street, forums, phone etc people think its arguing and they get their back up understandably. so many people are so dehydrated, undercarbed, underslept that they take things personally really easy.

yesterday i was in a fruit shop and a person was buying a bucket load of harsh greens like kale, brocolli etc so i knew they were into raw somehow. i said 'thats a lotta greens mate! do you juice them or something..?' they said 'yep, im only eating raw food'.

after 20min conversation in the shop we found out that they is getting at least 80% of their cals from fat. mixing oil with fruit to 'slow the sugar release' and having blended avocado and lettuce for breakfast. 'cant eat bananas or dates cos david wolfe said they are hybridised..' i pointed out their deep dark circles under their eyes and said 'you either change your diet champ or your gonna get real sick, real soon!' i told em about the banana bible (811) and about this banana cult website and how i eat up to 70 bananas a day. person was appreciative of the conversation.

every opportunity i get, i say something, stand for something or do something. i get a massive sense of contribution and feelings of fullfillment that im living my life purpose : to help other people help themselves get health, and at the same time we save the animals and the planet!
speak up, speak your truth, say what you mean, do it with fun, and those that mind do not matter and those that matter do not mind..:)

if we continue to take things personally, we will burn out very quickly and be getting a mouth ful of crust in due time. rather stay open to love, tuff love and the plight of the peace dove..

how do we find our life purpose? one way is to remove all your comforts and distractions so you can feel the intensity of not knowing what your purpose is.and from that comes a sense of what your deepest purpose is and you go with that and go from there..for me i water fasted for a few days next to a waterfall and another time slept naked on a boulder in jungle river.

if you want to make a difference, expect to be attacked, screamed at, hit, shoved, ridiculed, thrown out, banned, refuted, loved, blessed, hugged, kissed, appreciated, high fived, complimented etc. remember its all good! sometimes the sun is up, sometimes the sun is down, doesnt really matter, what does matter is we remember happieness is only felt in the present moment and the purpose of life is a life of purpose. :)

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Comment by Yuliya on June 6, 2010 at 9:38am
Loving your blog post! Shared it with my husband.
Comment by Angelo Marsico on January 22, 2010 at 11:55am
Coooooooooooool. Well everyone on here I just want to say that I love you. So when you are ridiculed, remember that :)!
Comment by Dutchie on January 21, 2010 at 10:13pm
I'm a bit of a 'work and live in the background' person, so I hardly mention to people that I'm a LFRV person. But even with my low key approach, already quite a bit of people with health issues started to eat more healthy and sometimes even becoming completely LFRV. I bike from shop or market to home with my cargobike VERY full of fruits and veggies, which many people find quite shocking. Haha.
Comment by TheBananaGirl on January 21, 2010 at 8:45pm
Nice speak up!
Comment by Trudie on January 21, 2010 at 4:51pm
Thank you for this, DR. So very true and something I certainly needed to hear. I love it!
Comment by solarliving on January 21, 2010 at 1:08pm
Completely agree with you. I used to think at times I should not say anything, but after some time has passed, I discovered many of the people I talked to are now eating more fresh foods. Who would have guessed all my hard work would pay off? It took my mom and dad almost 4 years but now they do fruit smoothies every morning. Progress. My next topic to introduce to others is food foresting permaculture so we can get as many people as possible to start planting some fruit trees. Get rid of the lawns and create an edible garden. I see us as passing on information really. Too many people just aren't getting the info. Those of us in the know are the messengers.
Comment by Steve on January 21, 2010 at 12:57pm
Well stated! You are exactly correct DR, people take things very personally. Their mind is in control of their over encompassing ego. Truth is always great though. To paraphrase Thoreau: rather than money, than fame, than love, give me truth. I am glad you are out there making a difference.


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