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I'm disgusted. I met a guy yesterday at my externship, and shook his hand out of formalities. Later I found out that he is an avid hunter.  Since then I have washed my hands at least 20 times but I still feel filthy. I now have blood on my hands.

Also, there are some asses at my school who played a "prank" on me. I was particularly stressed last week because it was the week leading up to my ACT exams, and so I was planning to skip school on Friday. I told my lab group this. Later that night, a member of my lab group posted on my FB wall that I had to come to school the next day, with no explanations. I came because I had important paper work due that day.

Since we had finished our course outline, the teacher let us have a free friday where everyone was allowed to get into groups and cook food. I got into a group that was making fruit smoothies. There was one group however that cooked veal in butter. I judge harshly what others eat, but not expressly as I have no intention to be characterized as "the vegan nazi". The smell was acrid and I wanted to vomit. But hey, if it's simply what they wanted to eat then well so be it. It wasn't until later that I had found out that they cooked veal expressly to piss me off. They picked veal because they thought that would bother me the most.

That is the worst excuse I have ever heard. To support the murder of another sentient being not because you want to eat it (this in itself is a particularly shallow and vain excuse) but simply to instill anger into a vegetarian.

I earnestly want to castrate them all. The last thing we need is more dipshits like this in the world.

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Comment by Jera on September 11, 2012 at 7:03am

Prad is right, if they care enough to piss you off, you are getting somewhere! When I use to go to school (I now unschool, you might consider this as well), I was called racist because I discussed veganism with a black student. People say the most ridiculous things. I would recommend the book "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" by Grace Lewlynn if you want to get out of hell-hole known as school and all the jerks who inhabit it ;)

Comment by pradtf on September 10, 2012 at 3:54pm

hi riela!

seems to me that if they are going to all that trouble, you are having an effect on them.

handshaking with the hunter isn't such a bad thing. you don't really have blood on your hands, but some of your compassion is bound to rub off on him even sublimally.

so keep up the good work - you influence more people than you think even if they will not admit it.

in friendship,



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