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Religion and veganism/ fish vs fruit

Hey Everyone,

so of all the excuses, reasonings, defense catch phrases of people; i find religion to be one of the most impacting when it comes to food.  Hinduism claims the cows as sacred, islam claims the pigs not meant to be eaten, christianity has grown fish friday followers everywhere. and no matter the tips and turns of a vegan discussion, it somehow more often than not comes down to...Jesus ate meat. Now ill say it right now, im not a religious person, meaning i dont follow any religion specifically, but being often around those that do..(im now only discussing christians).i looked back down in to my christian up bringing to find something more impacting to say other than "thou shou not kill"  i came across this article here...


please give it a read through and tell me what you think. Are you a religious person,...if so what religion?? and how or does that affect your vegan diet? have you ever been put in a contradiction between wanting to be vegan and whatever religion you follow?....do you care?

personally, i see all food as having an energy. plants fill my body with peace, with life, filled with love from the suns rays and energy from the earths ground. They clean my soul and keep my thoughts and actions with the intention of kindness and purity. Animal products do the opposite , which hold an energy of death and sacrifice, nothing murdered should become part of my soul. Animals do not owe me something, and i shall not take what was not meant for me. nothing stolen from another soul should enter my blood stream. such a things could never nourish me. 

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Comment by Marisol Karen on March 10, 2016 at 4:56am
Well I'm a vegan and a Christian. In fact the reason that I became a vegan is because in Genesis, there is a verse describing what God made for us to eat. And it only lists plants.
Comment by Sqwilliam97 on June 1, 2015 at 2:56pm
I shared this with my theology teacher and this is how he replied.

Interesting, and I'm glad you shared it with me.

It appears to me that the author has a desire to find something that fits what he/she already thinks. I don't think the information is good scholarship, but it is still thought provoking.

I have heard the suggestion of Jesus being an Essene from other scholars before, it seems plausible. What he said about the Essenes being the same as Nazarites isn't exactly true. He was a Nazarene because he was from Nazareth. Nazarite is a term to describe someone dedicated to God, who never drinks alcohol or cuts their hair. Sampson was a Nazarite. It's an Old Testament term.

Their is clear support for the idea of vegetarianism in Genesis. Read the end of the Noah story, (around chapter 10), and it describes God reluctantly allowing men to eat flesh. The animals were never intended to be food.

Thanks for the article, I'm going to look a little more closely at it."

This is really thought provoking, but it is kind of written in modernish English and is biased towards vegetarianism. There is a lot of stuff cherry-picked from this. If any of this is true, then the grapes part is definitely the most believable because fish is just so hard to share. Remember though, the some of the only stuff actually "from God" in the bible are the Ten Commandments. The other stuff could just be fiction and human interpretation. Yes, Jesus could be a fiction story too.
Comment by Micheal on May 31, 2015 at 11:46pm
I enjoy a lot of Buddhist perspectives taken as my own, though I'm not strictly Buddhist, maybe a BruceLee-ist lol. I believe Jesus was a raw vegan, or perhaps even a Breatharian at that point of purity, but in order to gain the favor and not gain the discrimination or prejudice of his followers, it was wiser to relate to them by partaking in their meals, or assisting them to attain the meals of their desire. Of all meat, I'd say fish is cleaner, but not all fish: even Jesus advocated against bottom feeders, fish or pig, or animals that consumed rotting flesh.

Back to the Buddhist perspective:

Jesus had many abilities that are common among well conditioned Buddhists. Jesus could literally manifest fish out of thin air by manipulating reality directly and consciously; I'm sure his fish were 10,000 times more healthy, pure, and full of love and light than your average fare. The food may have a "appeared" to be fish from the onlookers of that day based on their own belief systems and what their minds were willing to accept, but the "fish" may have actually been something totally different and unique, never being a living creature to begin with. Remember, Jesus tended to prefer splitting the fish and bread into two more whole fish and bread with each split. This was common food of the day and was accepted by his surrounding social structure. So, since the food was actually "manifested" and not caught and killed, it is hard to say if he actually ate what you or I would deem a once "living" being. I believe he ate it out of compassion for his followers opinions and to form a bond with his followers, but not out of nourishment.

There is also a popular belief/practice among Buddhists in which it is okay to consume the flesh of an animal as long as it was not killed in your name. By consuming the flesh of the fish, the fish is elevated to become part of the human being. From what I recall, that original fish Jesus used was not killed in his name, but was handed to him. I'm sure he used it as a focal point and reference for manipulating reality for manifesting more likeness to that fish, but never actually needed to eat the fish. If a man can manifest any food he desires, how can someone base their argument on, "well jesus ate fish?!" So he must be a fish eater!

I believe he did it purely out of compassion and to form a resonance with his followers. What would they think if he made all this fish for them to eat, because they needed it, yet did not partake? "What, does he think he is better than us? Our food isn't good enough for it to be his food as well?" People would totally think that!! Why did they need it? Followers or not, 1,000s of people are not all of a sudden going to switch to raw vegan in an instance, half of them still have some doubt in their heart about following to begin with! haha Jesus met them where they were. He realized that guiding their morals was more important that restructuring their diet, especially in the little bit of time he had to work.

Love & Light! :D !
Comment by Oliver Viner-Mood on May 31, 2015 at 9:26pm

Religion and spirituality and any delusion is a result of chemical imbalance brought on from a number of things. Id imagine as we started migrating away from the tropics we would have started coming across various biologically inappropriate substances such as mushrooms/garlic/onions/chilli/herbs/etc and various other neurotoxins that acted as primitive pharmaceuticals on our brains and caused us too start behaving in many strange ways that we still see prevalent today, see Middle East. Calorie restriction can also have a severely retarding effect on the way behave too and can also facilitate irrational beliefs in there many guises.

We see the results of our existence in inappropriate environments i.e non tropical in so many ways, religion, mental problems, drug addictions, birth defects, obesity, physical ailments and on and on.

We are still hardwired for vast quantity's of fructose on a daily basis(i'm talking ideally several thousand cals a day), 12hrs sleep, constant consistent activity, consistent sun, abundant rain water, without all of which i believe that we basically go bat s**t crazy and start doing things like painting ourselves and dancing around a fire in aid of some fancy pants deity as fun as that sounds. Genesis is just a take on the emergence of all of this and ultimately civilization.


Comment by Edd on May 31, 2015 at 9:22pm

Hi, this is interesting. From my point of view, the story of Jesus is fabulous. You couldn't invent a better story. Remove the organisations who have stolen and abused his message, and the message of Jesus is undeniably positive and loving. However, the organisation which exist have ruined the message of Jesus, have take power and seem to exhibit too many contradictions to name. Church of England for example was one of the largest owners of 'slaves'. The other thing causing me issues with the religions of organisations is this support for animal consumption. The icon of fish is used by one organisation, I assume to represent supposedly the fisherman side of Jesus?

I would love to hear more whether Jesus was vegetarian (which I believe in the old days, basically meant vegan). If this was the case, then Jesus is the man.

The article you posted (Tori) seems unequivocal. It also seems these were the 'true' testaments? I was reading it late last night, and I am not from a religious background, so please correct me.

Further, the points made by Michael seem unequivocal.

So how, with such clear wordings, do we still suffer to confirm that Jesus and his followers were vegetarian and that the will of god is vegetarian. This needs more work, as this would have such dramatic changes, and could turn billions vegan.

Even if we can conclude ourselves that Jesus was vegan, that would be great. I guess this is where faith comes in right? it does make the whole story so much more beautiful if not only was he a peaceful loving man, but compassionate towards animals too. IF this is the case, what a legend.

Comment by Tori La Rock on May 30, 2015 at 5:27am

yeah, the link i posted i think discusses it also quite well. i have a friend who agrees with all the things i say about veganism except that he thinks its gods will to eat animals.....he also liked to compare humans to tigers for some reason and asks so why didnt god create all animals herbivores? so im determined to get it all figured out somehow on a christian stand point. ..and im also interested in other religious standpoints. (though christianity seems to be the majority of people i deal with). please feel free to write more,....it really helps!!   and also what the best way would be to discuss it with a christian, my friend for example, seems to have studied and analyzed the bible so so much, though he admits himself...everything other than what regards food. and that if there is such evidence in gods word then he will stop eating meat. haha, so pelase help. thanks for responding!

Comment by MichaelRev1412 on May 29, 2015 at 5:30pm
I could spend hours responding to this! I've been researching this from a Christian perspective and the original diet God put man on was a Fruitarian diet. See Genesis 1:29. Fruits nuts & seeds and I believe grains.. Herbs and veggies were added after sin (Gen 3:18-19) because they contain healing properties that God knew we would need in our fallen state. Herbs for for the "service of man" (Psa 104:14), meaning, for healing.

Meat was only added after the flood when the trees and plants were wiped out. And it was only clean meats, and it was only temporary. God says "But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat. And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it.." (Gen. 9:4-5) God will require the blood of our LIFE if we eat meat. In other word, eating meat will shorten our lives. This is a no-brainer today as most people now know this to be true.

More importantly, at the end of time God is working to bring His people back to the original diet (Fruits, nuts & seeds). Genesis is all about the fall and Revelation is all about restoration.. including our diet. This is where things really start to get interesting. I'll have to write more if you're interested but I have to stop now. I've got to be up early and need to sleep.


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