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Day 15 – Slept great but last night’s pineapple amount was too much but it tasted amazing so I ate all of it anyway. Bad idea as I think it more put me in a recovery sleep rather than a restful sleep! I have no energy today and basically sleep between all meals. Appetite has faded again as a result. I guess I just wore myself out with joy yesterday! Still in a good mood though so all is good.

Day 16 – Slept well again but seem to be doing a lot of sleeping at the book ends of the night and being awake in the early am hours. I do a lot of thinking during these times and have heaps of things I want to write about so this time I got on my laptop and got through heaps of stuff and then went back to sleep. Seemed to work well so I might do this for a while and see how I go with it. Had two of the most amazing papaya meals today followed by an equally amazing watermelon meal! I really have to say that the fruit my small re-feeding group has been getting has been simply outstanding! I’ve had some of the best watermelon, papaya, and pineapple of my life and 95% of the meals have been this way. Whenever we have not been happy with a meal we sent it back and it got replaced with a smile and no hassle or questions asked. I really didn’t feel like my fourth meal but ate it anyway and regretted it as my body obviously was giving me signals not to eat and I ignored them. It was really good watermelon again but just didn’t do anything for me this time. I bit my tongue the other day really hard down on the back teeth whilst I was eating pineapple and it killed. It hasn’t healed yet and is giving me a lot of pain. It seemed to me that my body might be wanting to heal it so took away my appetite for the last meal.

Day 17 – Same sleep pattern again last night so once again I wrote on my laptop and then slept again. I awoke refreshed so it seems fine to be doing this so far. I’ve got no appetite this morning and my sore on my tongue hurts so I’m considering skipping breakfast. I got to listen to and trust this body of mine a bit more instead of just my head. Hunger kicked in just before breakfast though and I had some fantastic watermelon. Lunch was my first meal of bananas and I had the apple banana variety here which were awesome. Skipped afternoon meal due to still being full and had a shit load of super sweet pineapple and my first head of romaine lettuce for dinner! Was another great food focused day! Got a lot of stuff done on the net which I really needed to catch up on but it left me super stimulated so not sure how I’ll go sleeping tonight. Bowel movements are starting to get back to normal. Blood pressure and temperature are still low. Energy is okay but not enough to do much. Been going down to the lookout heaps and just lying around in the sun and chatting. It’s been idealic actually and very relaxing. I’m in a good head space and all symptoms and signs of fasting seem to have receded I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and am kind of getting the impression I may be going through a bit of a spiritual awakening which is really fascinating to me. All is good!.

Day 18 – Still waking up in the early hours of the morning but slept okay. Was told it’s time to start exercising today so did 10 pushups which was all I could manage. Tried some pull-ups and couldn’t even do one. It’s a strange feeling when you just can’t do stuff that was so easy previously! Went for a walk up to the top of the property and back and even that was exhausting! A good day though and felt good to be moving again.

Day 19 – Slept pretty good as I was pretty tired after my active day. Did some more exercises and could manage a few pull ups today. Push-ups were also easier. Assembled my bike and went for a shaky ride up the drive. Doing lots of walking around the paths. Feel a bit stronger than yesterday. Did some stretches with Paola and got some meditation tips from her. I’ve been avoiding meditation and always viewed it as a chore. Food has been pretty average for the day and then at diner there wasn’t much ripe so got a very unsatisfying diner. Watched “Death at a funeral” which I loved so went to bed in a good mood!
Day 20 – Tried using the lepidolite crystal Paola gave me whilst I meditated and found it a lot easier and actually relaxing and enjoyable. Ended up meditating whenever I could not sleep which felt so relaxing. Slept pretty well but muscles are hurting so decide to just rest today. A great food day with an amazing mamey sapote!

Day 21 – Slept well last night with a Petalite crystal in my hand that Paola lent me. It’s meant to relax you and attract angels or something if I understand correctly. I felt very relaxed and joyful but almost a bit too much so I held my Lepidolite in the other hand and the combo was great. I awoke early but well rested. Did a workout today of push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, leg lifts, arm curls, tricep dips, and uphill short sprints. Paola’s last day so hung out with her as much as I could. She will be missed! Another good food day. Ran out of energy by late afternoon but ended up chatting to Paola in the evening and going to bed a lot latter than my body would have liked. Was a good day though!

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Comment by Stephen on February 15, 2011 at 4:38am

Yeah feels great to be active again!  The main frustrating thing for me during the fast was not having the energy or strength to do anything.  Walking was like running up a steep hill.  My strength and energy level are increasing substantially every day and I feel it won't take too long to pass where I began.  Muscles are sore though!  Feels like my body has been asleep for a long time!  I'm also very stable mentally at the moment and in a tranquil positive mind set.  I feel fantastic!


No haven't actually read any books on the subject as I was highly skeptical before I held the lepidolite.

Comment by Stephen on February 14, 2011 at 4:43am

This is an unusually dark purple piece from what I've been told.  It did help me through a very hard mental time and I do feel very balanced mentally though.  Haven't experienced any negative side effects and can't seem to find anything saying it could be harmful sio will see how I go for a while.

Thanks for the info!



Comment by Stephen on February 14, 2011 at 4:18am

Hey Victor, yeah it's purple and very beautiful!.  Wasn't aware you could absorb anything from it!  Might have to do some research and find out if it's a wise thing for me to be handling! 




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