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Day 1 – Slept badly again and was thinking about fruit all night so food is what I got in the morning.  Was great to have my first meal and it tasted fantastic!  Was also surprisingly satisfying. Went to bed straight after it and slept till the next meal 2 hours later.  Had 5 meals for the first day of watermelon and thoroughly enjoyed everyone one of them.  Such good watermelon!  I also can have papaya but just want watermelon.  It’s very tiring to be eating again and I just basically sleep between meals.  Energy is low.

Day 2 – Slept well for the first time in a while but am still really tired.  5 excellent meals of watermelon again today which were a bit bigger.  Feeling good to have sugar in my body again!  Energy still low.

Day 3 – Getting more sleep now which I really need.  Excellent watermelon for breakfast and 2nd meal.  Was starting to feel a bit more alive but then bowel movements finished the day off unexpectedly(see bowel movement from hell blog)  Last meal of watermelon was not sweet so I sent it back and got a better piece.

Day 4 – Well I didn’t get much sleep after my B/M ordeal so I’m a bit of a wreck today.  My body seems to have withdrawn its insistence to get this bowel movement out for now which is giving me time to rest and sleep.  I feel like I’ve done the most intense workout of my life and all my muscles ache, especially my neck, shoulders, abs, calves, and backs of thighs.  I’m on 4 larger meals a day now and still just want watermelon.  An intern here convinces me to try some great papaya for one meal so I did (even though I really wanted watermelon) and it just didn’t appeal to me at all so I’m sticking with watermelon till I don’t want it anymore.

Day 5 – Slept well as I was totally exhausted but got awoken earlier by strange behavior from the next room.  Was looking forward to breakfast and then the day dropped into a whirlwind which really freaked me out.  I witnessed a level of insanity from another faster that scared me so much.  I don’t want to say what happened but I was the only other person present and even though it wasn’t about me and didn’t physically hurt me I will never forget the look of insanity in this persons eye.  (This person is no longer here and that’s all I’m willing to say about that.)  Just before my 2nd meal the bowel movement came back to say it wanted out so then began the second half of the ordeal but it was luckily over in 10 minutes of intense pain and then came sweet relief!  This helped a lot to lift my mood from the drama of the morning and got me through the day.  Was still very hard to deal with the mornings events but by the evening I was okay.  Also had another bowel movement that stung but came out easily.  Noticed my ears are ringing and I feel like I’m still detoxing.  Energy is rising though.

Day 6 – Was exhausted again so I slept well.  Still got lots of muscle pain from that first bowel movement.  Wasn’t happy with the watermelon for the 1st meal but just wanted to eat and go back to sleep so I just ate it.  2nd meal was the same so sent it back and got the most amazing one in return and for the following two meals which helped cheer me up a lot.  Today was emotionally hard as I just feel so drained from the week.  Stayed in bed most of the day.  Re-feeding is seeming to have more of an effect on me than the actual fast which I did not expect.

Day 7 – Slept badly as I had tension in my shoulder/neck that I could not manage to release.  Organised a massage but had to wait my turn (was a last minute thing) so it didn’t happen till mid afternoon.  The tension seems to be emotionally based but my still aching muscles are making it hard to bare.  Trying to work through the thoughts and release them as it’s all internal dramas that I let build up and upset me.  By the time I get to have mine I was not feeling good at all in any way.  As soon as the massage began all the tension started dissipating and it was absolutely amazing!  I realised that she really knew how to read what’s going on in the body and I came out feeling like a new man.  The rest of the day was good, lying in the sun and feeling fine.  Last 2 meals of watermelon where good quality but I just didn’t seem to enjoy them and feel kind of waterlogged.  Think a week on just watermelon maybe all I need.  Think I’ll try the papaya in the morning.  By evening the negative emotions returned along with the tension.  No fun! 


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Comment by Stephen on January 31, 2011 at 4:37am

Hey Adam, sorry I wasn't too clear in my answer to your question about the disruptive faster so I should clarify that it wasn't known till afterward the incident that there were previous stability issues and a dream triggered the one that I was involved in.



Comment by Stephen on January 31, 2011 at 2:16am

Hey Victor,

Yep, re-feeding is the important process of re-introducing food to your system.  I never thought it would be harder for me than the actual fast!



Comment by Stephen on January 31, 2011 at 2:14am

Hey Adam,

Apparently they did but it was a dream that triggered the event.  It made me question a lot of things in my own reality over the last few days which I finally pulled out of last night and feel like I have it out of my system now.  I can see how I could have easily slid in the same direction if I was a less stable minded person.  It certainly triggered a lot of emotional stuff for me but I seem to be through it now and all is good.  Today is a good day!



Comment by Adam on January 30, 2011 at 6:39am

PS. Although I agree that it may be partially related, what the doctor at the hospital said about that guys case, I think that actually it may be a little more complex than this. Fasting gives not just a physical but a psychological and emotional detox. It requires one to be able to ground oneself and create some sense of peace and equilibrium in order to manage. I think that some individuals are slightly too highly anxious or are not comfortable being in their own skin and can become a little overwhelmed during fasting. They can experience positive and negative emotions that they may be unable to handle constructively. Fasting is definately not suitable for some people in this regards.


Take care


Adam x

Comment by Adam on January 30, 2011 at 6:36am

Hey Stephen


Thanks for keeping us updated about your re-feeding following your 35 day water only fast. Really good to hear how you are getting on. Sorry to hear about the disruptive faster. Were they like this previously, or did something happen on the fast? It seems like that is quite common actually. There was a similar event on the fast I attended where someone had to leave temporarily to go to hospital due to manic behaviour. The doctor at the hospital thought it was drugs being released into his system through detoxification following the fast as he used to take pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs. I know one of my fellow fasting buddies that attended the following year said that a similar thing had occurred with two people on that event.


I can sympathise with you; it definately shook me up when it happened on the event I attended, even though there was no physical impact on me. The anxiety stayed with me for several days afterwards, although to a lesser extent. I think that this sort of thing is always a little scary when you are not expecting it, but when fasting you are in such a heightened state of awareness that you are just a little extra sensitive.


Keep relaxing and hope everything is ok soon.


Take care


Adam x


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