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 As much as I tried to stay on raw high carb for 100%, I couldn't; had some business up north of state, so had to leave home for the weekend and eat some high carb starchy cooked foods as an alternative. But I am back home now and back in the HCRV wagon.

Feel pretty good, definitely noticing the difference while exercising. Unfortunately, I haven't had a single salad yet. mistake on my part, still a little bit lazy, gotta get my ass out to the kitchen for more than just 5 min to make a smoothie and/or grab some fruit, but to start making salads and eating greens as well.

 recap of my nutrition and activity log for the 1st week, starting with Wednesday (when i went raw):


ACTIVITY: sedentary

food consumed : 11 bananas, 5 cups of watermelon, 16 prunes, 3 liters of water.



  1. incline dumbbell chest-press 3 sets/12 reps (45 lb each hand)
  2. wide pull-downs 3s/12reps (70 lb)
  3. dumbbell shoulder press 2s/12reps (35 lb each hand)
  4.  standing dumbbell shrugs 2s/15reps (45 lb each hand)
  5. seated dumbbell curls 2s/12reps (30 lb each hand)
  6. seated dumbbell over head extensions 2s/12reps (55 lb) 
  7. dumbbell walking lunges 2s/20 yards (20 lb each hand)
  8. dumbbell stiff-leg deadlift 2s/12reps (45lb each hand 1st set, 50 lb e/h 2nd set)
  9. 3 position calf raises 20reps/3positions (total 60 reps)
  10. bike machine 17min (for an active rest)
  11. bicycle crunch (4s/20reps) super-set mountain climbers (4s/30sec)

(90 sec rest between each set)

food consumed : 14 bananas, 4 dates, 2 cups of apple juice, 2 tblsp "garden of life raw meal" protein powder, 4 mangoes, 3 liters of water.



  • body weight squats
  • dynamic push-ups
  • 4sec prone cobras
  • jumping jacks
  • mountain climbers

(20sec each exercise, back to back, 2min rest between each set, 10 sets total)

food consumed : 11 bananas, 1 cup resberries, 1 cup apple juice, 1scoop "garden of life raw meal" protein powder, 2 cups of oatmeal. 


ACTIVITY: no routine done, just an active day outside.

food consumed : bowl of oatmeal, 2tblsp crasins, 7 bananas, 1cup apple juice, 1 cup mango smoothie, 2 slices of flex seed whole grain bread, 7 prunes, 2 cups cooked buckwheat, 20 small red baked potatoes. 3 liters of water.


ACTIVITY: sedentary

food consumed : bowl of oatmeal with crasins, 9 bananas, 2 slices of flex seed whole grain bread, 3 cups of mango smoothie, 3 mangoes. 

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Comment by Maxim Evsikov on June 12, 2013 at 5:50am

yea, I can eat more for sure. still a little bit lazy though after just getting off cooked diet, but I'll improve. definitely using cron-o-meter, and will be for a while, last time I got too confident and stopped using it, I stirred into high fat danger zone lol.

it's funny though, I really don't eat that much fruit yet, but my mother is already all freaking out :"Why are you eating all those bananas and dates, you gonna get fat", which is pretty ironic, since last time when I was doing raw foods (before i got off, to support her on her vegan journey) I was way fitter than I am right now.

Comment by Kelly on June 12, 2013 at 1:25am

Yeah more greens for sure!  Ditch those craisins...just go with some organic raisins or dates maybe.

seems like you could eat more fruit especially being a male and active. Are you tracking your intake on cronometer or somewhere else? Good stuff though! My workouts are real similar to yours


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