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Parsley/Herbs:Lesson 42 at rawfoodexplained.com

This I just read on rawfoodexplained.com:

"What about some herbs that are relished in a raw state, such as garlic, onions, parsley, and so on? In general, these types of herbs are not needed and may prove harmful to the organism. Garlic and onions, two of the most popular flavoring herbs, are full of noxious toxins, like mustard oil and allicin. Parsley is also a strong herb whose use can overstimulate the kidneys. It is a very concentrated green herb which should probably not be a part of the regular diet."

I had understood parsley to be one of the top greens to juice and a powerhouse for the immune system. I don't eat it by the bushel full. There no mention of moderation in the article; he's hardcore against all and any herbs.

I take adaptogenic herbs, like Schisandra berry, suma & jiaogoulan and a host of others like dandelion (a weed) and nettles in powder form which I consider herbs. I studied with a master herbalist I trust...I do know with all herbs it's important to not to take for longer than 3 months at a time. But harmful to take at all? hmmppff?

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