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Oral Hygiene... how I saved my teeth and gums from the abyss :D

For the past 10 years prior to 811, I have been brushing & flossing twice a day. Now that I am 811, I have increased this to 3 - 4x per day. Proper flossing is as *critical* for good oral hygiene as is proper brushing. How do i know this? My dentist has not had to clean my teeth in the past 9 years and I now only go this him for "cleaning" every 18 months. [ BTW...He never wants to know why I have a perfectly clean mouth with both hard and soft tissues that appear to be that of a healthy young child!]

After my "near miss" with the orthodontist, and one very painful tooth cleaning by a criminally brutal hygienist, here's What I have learned about oral hygiene for anyone looking for a better solution to their current protocol:

BRUSHING: only away from the gums ! Never *against* the gum line. This is *critical* for gum strength and flexibility. ( I almost destroyed my gums 10 years ago with improper brushing :D )
So... on your upper teeth... only brush *down*.... ( yes this is a pain in the ass to get used to but much better than spending $thousands$ at the orthodontist...) and on your lower teeth...only brush *up*. It gets more difficult in the backs of the teeth which are more difficult to access.

FLOSSING: you must get your gums used to what I call "extreme flossing"... over time, I built my ability to floss very aggressively,with no fear of provoking any bleeding, however this does not mean that I am touching the gums aggressively or with any pressure at all! The key is to *only* rub the dental tape against the teeth and to do so as far into the gum-line around the base of the tooth as possible. The movement is *side to side* and you do not need to worry about how aggressive you are flossing, unless you are damaging your soft tissues. You will know this by the pain factor. At times you will even hear the teeth enamel "squeak" while flossing, which means the exposed root portion of the tooth is very very clean;> (success!)

MOUTH WASH: NEVER ! NEVER ! NEVER ! Commercial mouth-washes will destroy your teeth and your gums due to the petrochemicals and other harmful solvent activity. ( Not only that, it is poison & tastes like crap! ) After I floss, I ALWAYS swish with a bit of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide then water. ( always rinse your toothbrush head with peroxide too!!! It is a brutal bacteria magnet! )

TOOTHBRUSH: I had to give up my tough bristle for a soft brush. This instantly helped my gums to heal themselves.

"DR TUNGS": When my gums were in bad shape 10 years ago, I bought an Ayurvedic product called "DR TUNGS" which is a healing oil combination that will heal your gums in short order. It is the only such product that I have ever tried. You rub it into your gums with your finger. Awsome stuff.

TOOTHPASTE: I only use Ayurvedic toothpaste because the indians use many by products from healing plants such as neeme, tulsi and peelu etc etc. A little bit goes a long way! ( NEVER NEVER NEVER use commercial toothpastes with petrochemicals in them ! They all have fluoride, which is known to damage the teeth, gums and your brain anyways. ( There are petrochemicals in these commercial products that we use in the airline business to de-ice airplanes! As an airline pilot, I know how toxic these compounds are... they are certainly NEVER meant to touch the human body ! )

I hope all this gobbeldygook helps someone;> mark

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Comment by matea on August 2, 2011 at 12:16pm
thank you for this advice! :)
Comment by Carl Andrews on February 20, 2010 at 7:20am
Hi Susan,
I've read it's important to delay brushing for an hour at least to allow re-mineralization and, some say, to avoid "driving acids into the teeth" after eating acid fruits. I put that in quotes because just heard that on the board here and haven't verified. The re-mineralization argument I know to be well supported in dentistry...
Comment by Susan on February 19, 2010 at 10:55pm
One more question...some poeple recommend brushing teeth before eating, somebody after eating and somebody half hour after meal...so I¨m really confused..
Comment by Carl Andrews on February 18, 2010 at 5:39am
Yogaranka, sorry I didn't mention it. My post was from another thread that Jodie started. YOu should be able to find it by going to her home page. And yes, I know I typoed lose into loose. Forgot to corrects. Cheers
Comment by Yogaranka on February 17, 2010 at 11:26pm
I sure loved reading about Carl, but where is Jodie's comment?
Comment by Carl Andrews on February 17, 2010 at 10:28pm
Yeah, Susan, peroxide is pretty corrosive. It's also recently been linked to oral cancer. I once left a teaspoon in a glass of peroxide and it started to disolve it! And with respect to amalgam fillings, they don't need any extra encouragement to leach. Baking soda has the cleaning qualities (antibiotic, mildly abrasive) without being caustic.
Comment by Susan on February 17, 2010 at 5:14pm
Thank you very much for sharing! I just have one question..I read that rinsing with peroxide is good, but if someone has amalgam plumbs, it can cause something like erosion of them and the mercury can be dangerous for health..Do you know anything about it?
Comment by Erin Volentine on February 16, 2010 at 4:46am
Thanks for the info!
Comment by Carl Andrews on February 15, 2010 at 2:31am
Hi Jodie,

Take heart. How's that for a fine how-do-you-do? I can say it with confidence because I've just had an amazing personal experience with a dental problem similar to yours. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a long term worn away spot on a front tooth of mine had filled in completely with enamel! Think that's worth an exclamation point? No kidding. I've been 100% raw for six years. Prior to that, I used to have the worn spot, which was becoming increasingly sensitive to temperature and touch, covered with a cosmetic material. The dentist would tell me the tooth would have to be removed otherwise. He also said that even with the covering, which had to be re-done yearly or so, the tooth would probably be lost anyway at a later time. After I went raw, I stopped having it re-done. Call me fanatical, but not really - I was just lazy, lol. Gradually the covering eroded and the spot was left completely exposed making it all the more sensitive. I guess I was a little fanatical after all because I just ignored it as much as possible. At some point the problem began to reverse, though, without me really knowing it. The improvement was apparently so gradual that I stopped thinking about it and checking it. Matter of priorities. With the sensitivity finally arriving at nothing I had no reason to think about it... until just a couple of weeks ago. I had just brushed my teeth and happened to look at the said tooth, seeing that the former spot was not. Where there used to be a pinkish-brownish indentation there was only white. Breathless, I tested the area for sensitivity and had none. NONE!

No before you get too excited, here are some points to consider:

I've been raw for six years without a slip.

I've always brushed with baking soda once a day and water once to twice a day.

I've not been a big citrus eater. Very little in fact, meaning only a little orange in the late summer, none the rest of the year. I didn't do this intentionally, really, just love the tropical fruit best. However, I did notice the stinging effect of kiwi and pineapple and avoided those deliberately. Never had that problem with oranges, though, just preferred other fruit.

I've sun bathed consistently and taken vitamin D in the winter months all along.

I've been low fat since the second year.

I've eaten daily at least a head of lettuce, usually with tomatoes, red bells, raw okra, cucumber, but never any bitter greens. Even don't eat baby bok choi leaves, only the stalk. So daily mild greens.

I exercise daily, never fail.

Don't let them tell you it's impossible. I am living proof it isn't.

Unless you are committed to the above measures I wouldn't neglect the treatment or you'll most probably loose the tooth faster.

So, as said, take heart. If you're up to 811 (and perhaps minimizing citrus - not sure how that played into it), tell the dentist to put away his paint and his pliers. You won't be needing them - or him at all...

Eat sweet,


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