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Ooh cooked food - I really kind of hate you...

So, I've been vegan for a little over a month now, without any exeptions, wich i great! My conscience is cleaner now, and I haven't once had an urge to eat any animals in this first month AT ALL. Honestly I can't imagine ever eating it again. :) Great!

But, however, I'm really having problems at letting go og things like pasta with tomato sauce, brown rice and potatoes. And salt! I have the WORST addiction to salt. It really sucks.

So just about half an hour ago I ate i plate full of ovenheated potatoes (processed, frossen and from a bag .. ) with salt. Right know, my stomach is soooo heavy. I'm feeling tired and a little sad, I don't have any energy at all. 

This made me think that enough is enough! Today I WILL through out all of the things in my kitchen that needs preparation with heat. This is it, today I am going to take the raw step. :) 

I'll put up at picture tomorrow for you, with my "new" kitchen that's clean from bad foods. :)

I've also forgot to tell you about this wonderfull little orange tree that I've bought for fun! 

vAin't she beautiful? :D It's gonna be so much fun to have this little tree. 

Well, I'll go to my pretty horse soon, so I better get readdy. :)

Love and hugs. 

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Comment by Chris Califano on March 5, 2012 at 2:06am

Yes. I hate the potential power it has over me too, Amalie. I equate it with "original sin".

It takes a certain kind of person to actually stick with this truly long term. But it takes a special person to stick with anything good, not just what we have been "ordained" into through brainwashing habits plus cultural, media, family & peer pressure.

The simple awful truth of it all is simply this: Most people in the civilized world have nothing to live for, nothing to love, nothing to inspire them more than popular, common (no matter how "gourmet wine tasting" they try to trump it up) food addictions. We all are used to anesthetizing our emotions and desires with grain-based cooked food worship. This ritual has been and always will be an indelible part of our inner beings no matter how disciplined and goal- oriented we become. As a low fat raw vegan fruit eater mentor once told me over 25 years ago, "Watch out if you start on this path... it's dangerous"...    ...dangerous, I discovered in that it crystalizes our individual purposes on this planet and wipes out all excuses and doubts and b******* to such a degree that what is left is just the plain bare naked wonderful powerful but scary truth on so many levels, not the least of which is the emotional "weak link" attachment to favorite foods from the past. On this level, even though it is "upfront and center" in our taste buds and waiting to rear its ugly head at any moment of calorie deficiency, we are helpless. If we lose our minds *(God forbid)* if we make it to 98 or more years old, then we all know that unless we have a flesh-based guardian angel to provide the correct food for us, we will revert back to old habits. That is scary.

A few times in the last decade I have actually had a comfort food dish on New Years Eve with a special friend or friends who are lfrv. It was fun only when I made the dish since I made the mistake once of trusting someone else's taste and joined them to a restaurant that had no idea how to make my favorite (albeit a common dish) properly let alone with the sensually palate stimulating delicious freshness satisfaction that I can whip up ( I thank you). It was like a 24 year-old sailor at sea without sexual activity for two years finally having the "opportunity" to TRY to mate with a disgusting smelly droopy ugly troll creature. Then having to wait another few years to try again. This is just a sad sad situation! To make a story short, I only did that once (not the troll thing but the restaurant mistake thing). So the next time I made it myself. Hey! 99% of the fun is in the construction of the fantasy anyway, at least when it comes to food. Guess what? The third time New Years came around again and I had a salad. Only this time I actually put some overt fat on it in the form of a Brazil nut/ red bell pepper creamy dressing using only four Brazils. That is how my "binge day" has been for the last ten years or so. I have discovered that there are other things in life that give more "crazy fantasy- based sensual loving seduction wow factor pleasure" than food ever can! But then again we can all use our imagination, figure that one out, and just do it when the need arises. So food takes second fiddle. Once you get your food into it's proper place in your life then you have the cravings and whole emotional thing licked!

Like Gandhi said, "I eat first for fuel. If it tastes good then so be it. Of course I want it to taste good too!" (I paraphrase)

Comment by Victoria on March 4, 2012 at 10:34am

Nice plant and nice plan too..I had a love hate with salt too. I am over it now. The way I had gotten over things is not only from the pain they caused physically and mentally, is how I figured how much mucus they were forming in my guy and all over my body. It was just grossing me out. I went to levels and it took me time to get here, but once I did, I really did. It was and still is so liberating to get rid of things once and for all. It is no different from breaking up with someone you love, so mourn the loss and write it a good bye song. You will feel so empowered. Good luck! And Congrats on your next move!

Comment by Jes on March 4, 2012 at 10:05am

love ur orange tree!

Comment by Ayllx Kalen on March 4, 2012 at 5:03am

I'm so happy for you, your first month in and you're already doing great!

  I hear ya' with the addictions!  When I started last year, I had a tough time giving up breads.  You just gotta push it away from you and keep pushing away even through cravings.  I found date fruits help my cravings alot.  

Nice, an orange tree!  Home grown oranges are always the best.  :)


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