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Not 80-10-10 related, but the Boston events make me so sad... From my blog today:

I am still shaken. I am still sad. I am still upset. I know I am not the only one.

No, I was not at Boston this year. No, I never ran the Boston Marathon. No, I have never even visited the city of Boston.

But, I have qualified for Boston.

And even more importantly, I am a runner.

As a runner, I am part of this big running family. Now I feel like my family was attacked, the running family was attacked.

As far as I am concerned, this is not an attack on America. The Boston Marathon is a major international (!) marathon, one of the most important and most famous ones. Runners fight from all over the world to make it there. In my opinion, this was an attack on the world. And within that an attack on the world of runners and the world of running.

To me, and probably to all runners out there, running is a special, safe and kind place. Running helps me when I am sad, running helps me when I am lonely, running makes me even happier when I am already happy. Running is happiness. Running is beauty. Running is freedom. Running is life.

Running is hard work. Training for a marathon takes long hours, physical beating and emotional strength. Running – any – marathon is special, emotional, and amazing.

The Boston Marathon celebrates the strength, dedication, hard work and love of runners around the world. 

This year this celebration was broken. It was replaced by terror, sadness, anger and grief.

First I was excited to watch the events online. Then I was upset that the broadcast didn’t work in the country I am living in. I settled for  live written updates without video, pictures and sounds. I was still excited to follow the events. Then I was excited for the Kenyan win. I was sad for Shalane yet excited for her 4th place. I was incredibly happy for Kara for running so well and placing 6th after her set-backs and injury…

Then all of a sudden none of it mattered. It was all about the terror. The nonesense terror. Senseless violence. Blood. Injuries. Death. Fear. Anger. And sadness.

The world is sadder since then. Lives and body parts are taken. Lives are shaken. Hearts are broken. Sadness moved into our heart.

I am so glad that my friends who BQ-d this year opted not to do the race this year. I am glad that my friends are okay.

But from the great big running family, a lot of people are not okay. My heart goes out those affected by the events. You are in my thoughts. I can’t even imagine how it must feel. My thoughts are with you. Lives and limbs can’t be given back… The sadness may remain in our hearts forever.

But the running community will recover. 

Don’t let the events take the joy of running taken from you. Do not let the bombs and the terrorist from doing and loving what you loved. Do not let them take running away from you. From us. Do not give them this satisfaction.

Running will always be special to me. 

Running will always be happiness to me.

Running will always mean freedom.

This cannot be taken today.

We may be shaken today. We may be a little sad forever. We will always remember the Boston Marathon events from 2013.

But running will always be ours, do not forget that.

To show your support to the victims of the bombings and to show that running cannot be taken from us, please register for this Virtual 5K held next Monday, April 22nd!!!

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