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Nutrition Tips - Is It Better To Drink Water Before, During Or After A Meal plus Melon Belly Talk


So what´s better in terms of drinking water?

Drinking Before Meals

The best is to ALWAYS drink water before every meal or every food you have. That way the digestion will be prepared for that meal because all the waste from previous meals will be removed, and the digestive system works much better when is hydrated.

You should be aiming for at least a liter or quarter of water before each time you prepare to eat. Leave few minutes until the water passes through digestive track, leaving it ready for perfect absorption of nutrients from your next meal.

Drinking During Meals

During meals I don´t recommend drinking much maybe few sips, especially if you are eating something with low water content such as dates, dried fruit and starches. Otherwise there is no need to drink much water during a meal because you got plenty before. 

Problems With Drinking During And Straight After

The problems with drinking too much with or straight after your meal is that your stomach capacity won´t take such a big volume at once and you are risking the chances of seeing your food for the second time (throwing up). Another big reason is that the water is alkaline in the stomach and the food gets acidic. And when you mix those together, the stomach acid is not string enough to continue with digestion which creates, indigestion and you feel like throwing up the food.

Melon Belly

Also if you are eating lots of simple sugars with lots of water make sure you drink it slowly otherwise you will experience melon belly.Melon belly is a symptom where your belly and your muscles hurt because the glucose got into the cells too quickly, in the amounts that you can´t  get naturally in nature. This however happens usually with juices which are pretty much concentrated sugars without fiber. The lack of fiber is causing the melon belly most of the time. 

However it can also happen if you just drink too much water at once together with your sugary fruit. That way the simple sugars are also coming to the cells at unnatural speed. In nature you wouldn´t probably eat fruit and drink water at the same time. You would do one or the other. 

I hope this helps, 

Healthy Adventurer.

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