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Here's my dilemma. I HAVE A BLACK WIDOW IN MY BACK YARD. SHE WOULD COME DOWN FROM THE ROOF EVERY NIGHT AND SET HER WEB IN THE TOMATO PLANT WHICH MADE THE TOMATO PLANT HEALTHY BECAUSE I HAVE A TON OF BUGS IN THE PLANTS THAT SHE SEEMED TO BE MUNCHING ON. a real cool and mystical creature. now she has laid a ton of eggs. and she might have even left because I don't see her any more. Do I kill the eggs. Can I move them elsewhere?

Is any killing killing. I tend not to see things in black and white.

is it bad karma to kill them off?

Can I live in harmony with them, I dont bother them, they dont bother me?

There is a ton of birds out in the yard so I can imagine few of the baby spiders will make it to adulthood.

Any thoughts on this :) ?

Any wise input will be helpful :)

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Comment by Katia Cherimoya on August 21, 2014 at 8:00am

So.... what ever happened?  I've got a black widow living on my patio.  She might be helping my tomato plan as well ;>   Nature works in mysterious ways.

Comment by Ali on September 1, 2011 at 4:57pm
@ Mattias I totally love your attitude towards nature. I guess we humans no longer consider ourselves a part of nature and thats why we are so disconnected.
Comment by Ali on August 31, 2011 at 1:29pm
haha i guess if you have a phobia all bets are off. for example i "hate" moths. they are very destructive to food and they seem to have weird consciousness. so i kill them. i would not think twice about killing rouches either. but the thing with this spider is that she saved my tomato plant which was not doing good up until she showed up. she is like organic pest control. and call me crazy but I had developed a relationship with her.  i would get goose bumps every night i see her descend into the plant in a slow mysterious way...
Comment by Ali on August 31, 2011 at 12:41pm
@ Discus Thrower that is such a beautiful experience. i know that when we experience true harmony with them then we coexist in peace. when i was growing up my grandpa was a beekeeper  so i always played around bees and didnt even know humans fear them. now when i see people so scared of bees makes me chuckle. now i am torn again between moving them and leaving them. they are truly mystical creatures and i have respect for them and they dont mess with people for the most part :) i dont have any kids but if i did i would be more likely to move them even though thats not a way to teach kids about nature i guess.
Comment by ednshell on August 31, 2011 at 9:46am
you can also repel them by spraying a garlic and water solution over your yard, I know it works for mosquitoes, I would think it would work with spiders too.
Comment by Discus Thrower on August 31, 2011 at 9:37am

Black widows are not agressive toward humans. But if it would make you feel safer, I would definitively try to move the eggs in the woods or an empty field somewhere. I have a bunch of noctural spiders in my backyard, pretty amazing creatures as they built and fold their web every day. One had done this on our back doorway, she is our guardian at night ;) And I have awesome close-up pictures too!


Just to give you a short story:

I had a paper wasp queen built its nest in the top corner of my back door frame. The colony would grow around 25-40 individuals each summer. I've research about them and even I've sent pictures to a Doctor in entomology at the local University. I've learned to live with them (just had to bent my head a bit when going in the backyard :) as they have no agressivity toward humans. My neighbors could not understand at all why I would risk this especially with my young daughter. At one time, one wasp had entered the house. I took my daughter and showed her how to handle it (even feed her honey on a stick :)) and but her back outside.


I just love to show respect of life in all its forms to my daughter as it is very important to me. I hate for example when the neighbors kid just come over my house and squash every bugs in sight without even blinking or thinking (I explain to them why we should kill like that and they are getting better around me). One other neighbor was telling me about this product that you spray in your backyard to get rid of mosquitoes for 21 days but at the same time it kills all bugs and spiders ... it just made me cringe to hear such ignorance about the respect of life! Yeah, use chemicals, go overboard, kill everything is sight for no reason! For crying out loud! 


Of course we need to protect our children against harm, but I think it is also important to learn to live in harmony with nature as much as we can.

Comment by Ali on August 31, 2011 at 9:36am
thank you guys. yes good point about the lice. on one hand i am thinking i do remove mold from places which is alive as well. on the other what do highly enlightened people do :) i get it that true killing does not exist because beings move on.  i guess i'll try to move them and see if thats an easy task :) oh and by the way where i live there is hundreds of them so even if i move them i will still have a ton of them everywhere. as far as the place being spider-free - that will never happen because this is their natural habitat and they were here before me :)
Comment by ednshell on August 31, 2011 at 9:24am

I would take all the eggs and place them somewhere far away from people, in the middle of the woods somewhere.  All you can do is try your best to not kill but If you have to kill to protect in self defense, do it with awareness and sending metta to the beings out of respect for their lives.  Even meditation centers have had bug infestations and have had to resort to killing them.  What would you do if you had lice in your hair? 


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