30 Bananas a Day!

    I tried drinking 3 litres of water a day but that wasn't enough for me. I'm on 4-5 litres a day and it feels good. I like to slam 1.25 litres before breakfast.

    I am sleeping a ton, I would say minimum 12 hours of sleep a day. That looks like 10 hours a night plus a 2 hour nap during the day. I'm going to bed early and I'm not totally consistent with it but I'm getting better. This is much more than I would regularly sleep and I am spending a lot of my spare time unconscious. The important difference is I don't feel tired like I'm ill or stressed, the tiredness feels so calm, comfortable and rejuvenating. It feels like when I was kid and I would take a nap and wake up taller, it's that kind of tired. It feels like a healing reaction. I will be glad when it's over and yet I'm really starting to enjoy the process of this odd phase of healing sleepiness I'm in right now. Durianrider says you can't sleep too much, I'm testing that theory right now.

    I like to workout in the mornings so my resistance training is 100% fruit powered. If anything I have more energy and am doing more than ever. Consistently training 5 days a week down from 6 because of all the sleeping, sometime I nap instead of workout. I accepted the 100 squats a day for 30 days challenge in addition to my regular training. Today is day 6, that's 600 of 3000 squats completed so far. I'm not doing much cardio right now but hopefully I will feel up to it soon.

    It looks like I'm settling into something very close to Rawtil4 which is an excellent transition from the SAD I was on before. For the moment I am into monomeals for breakfast I like to only eat bananas, morning snack more bananas. Lunch I like to have subacids, mostly grapes, apples and berries which are easy to get where I live. After 4 I have some buckwheat with nuts & sugar as an afternoon snack. Then for dinner I'm into greens and potatoes or greens and rice. One of Freelee's recipe vids said she recommended greens + potatoes for people who've had digestive problems and it makes a tasty dinner. So why is this close to Rawtil4 and not full on? Because I follow the Rawtil4 diet rules except my meals are 100% cooked. I tried raw meals but my digestion rejected it and isn't ready. I expect this to be a temporary phase, when my body heals I hope to get back to raw, until then I bake my fruit in the oven.  I managed to eat 3000 calories one day this week and it's fun to have all the rice and potatoes I want. I even made one dinner all potatoes, that was so good.

    When I ate high fat, high animal protein diets I craved carbs all the time. Now that I'm eating 10% protein or less on high carb low fat vegan I have absolutely zero cravings for meat, protein or any animal products. I thought my cravings would go both ways and this would feel like a restrictive diet, but I don't feel restricted or deprived, it feels more like a feast every day.

    I'm trying dates lots of different ways and it seems my body doesn't like them. I'm going to try a few more experiments today but if I can't get any quantities or combinations to work I will drop dates from my diet entirely. I know this is a diet staple and I'm surprised they might not be a part of my routine.

    I thought for sure I'd be craving salt but I guessed wrong again, now it tastes kind of weird to me when it's on things.

    I noticed fruiflies seem to be following me everywhere I go :p

    On Thursday I got a surge of energy during my workout I felt so pumped I had to get out and enjoy things or I knew I'd have to do a bunch of jumping jacks to burn off the energy. I went out and had a great time, my energy tanked around 4pm because I'd used it all up. I feel like that afternoon I got a taste of what it could be like, if I felt like that all day every day. It was an amazing feeling I'm eager to repeat the experience.

    I'm still eating too fast, I'm one of the fastest eaters I know and I really struggle to eat slowly enough that my digestion isn't hurt by my "let's get this over with" attitude towards meals.

    I had a couple of incidents of bloating but as I discovered those were all improper food combinations and not any negative reflection on the diet itself. The struggle here is experimenting with all these foods on my body and just going through the trial and error finding which foods my individual body likes and doesn't like. My torso got flatter right away after giving up the meat and dairy so apparently those foods were hurting(causing inflammation) more than I suspected.

    I feel impatient because I'm so excited to get to the fun vibrant life part that comes after the healing reaction. I also realize I have no idea how long this healing phase might last and I just have to be patient and trust my body will take only as long as it needs to.

    I am more excited than I was a week ago when I started because my results are all positive. Sure I've got some odd healing reaction/detox symptoms but no other diet I've tried made me feel like I was recovering so intensely, that carries the possibility of new levels of health and vitality I may never have seen before.

Week One: I'm feeling good and carbing up!

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Comment by PeaceofFruit on July 22, 2014 at 1:01pm

Hardcore effort produces hardcore results my friend :) & those are the only type of results that will be good enough for me.


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