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In week 2 I fell off the wagon and had one serving of fish as a farewell to one of my former favorite restaurants. I definitely noticed I felt kind of heavy and slowed down after I ate it. It was a great reminder why I don't eat any animal products. In a way I'm grateful I did make that mistake because the experience will help give me strength not to slip up again.

I continue to find chronometer indispensable in making sure I get enough calories in a day. I need to keep on it for awhile because when I think I'm eating enough food usually I'm way under-eating, it's a really valuable tool that's helping me not starve.

I'm all up in that research phase of this lifestyle. I got Freelee's book Go Fruit Yourself. I got one of Dr. McDougall's starch books and I finally got around to watching Gary Yourofsky's "Best Speech You Will Ever Hear". Every one of those resources is invaluable to me. I needed McDougall's recipes to make my dinners more exciting. I needed Gary's speech to begin finding my way in vegan advocacy. I learn the best from people telling their story and relating all the mistakes they made and that's exactly how Freelee's book is formatted. I think rereading it is going to keep me from making all kinds of mistakes as I set up my vegan lifestyle.

And now the medical side: In week 2 my complexion was godawful, that was no fun, but I knew it was a temporary healing symptom so it was fine. Week 3 I had a reemergence of migraines, which I struggle with and they were pretty hardcore. Some people were quick to blame my new vegan diet for their return. I knew that logic was total bunk, my suffering had everything to do with a simple medical treatment mistake and nothing to do with my diet whatsoever. In week 4 I dropped 3 lbs in one week eating all the fruit, veggies, potatoes and rice I wanted. Frankly reading these forums made me worried I might gain a ton of weight on this diet and it was a relief that no longer seems likely. I think the difference is it never even occurred to me to diet prior to this year so it's possible I have far less metabolic damage to recover from than other people that come to this lifestyle. I'm still sleeping really a LOT of hours a day and I think that is probably going to be one of my hardest to get over healing symptoms.

I am loving being vegan. When I workout or do anything my energy is better than ever. My muscles are looking good and getting strong on this super low fat, low protein diet, I can't believe how much all those fats and proteins were slowing me down. Since I'm not eating animal products I feel closer to my emotional experiences, the feeling is so different now, it's almost like I felt drugged/sedated when I ate meat and dairy. I've been enjoying some McDougall style monomeals of rice or potatoes for some dinners and that really satisfies my starch cravings, I bet that doesn't appeal to everyone but I love it. I don't think I ever really appreciated lettuce greens before this month and now I'm all about them. I'm currently eating my way through 7lbs of figs (not all in one day) and they are wonderful. I think the best feeling is knowing I make choices every day that speak to my sense of compassion and integrity for the environment and the world. I can't imagine going back to eating animal products, vegan is the lifestyle I've been looking for all year and it is worth every mistake I had to make to get here.

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Comment by PeaceofFruit on August 28, 2014 at 1:15pm

Oh yes, I've got them eating lots more fruits and vegetables because I have so much in the house for me to eat. We're taking it slow. I'm not here to tell them how to live, but I want them to be healthy and happy. I just don't like to use force, I like subtlety and leading by example. It's my intention to come across as kindly and respectfully as possible when I encourage others to try veganism too.

Comment by Marcais on August 24, 2014 at 9:13pm

The only vegan in your house?? well done. Has your success not inspired them to eat healthier even the slightest bit?

Comment by PeaceofFruit on August 24, 2014 at 11:44am

Thank you Maryka! I know something of your struggle, all of my housemates eat meat every day, I'm the only vegan in the house. There is definitely hope!

Comment by Maryka on August 22, 2014 at 4:20pm
As I am very new to this lifestyle I must say I really enjoyed what I read...I am at the research phase...this is my day one...of trying the lifestyle...so II am still learning allot but I thought taking it one step at a time and easing myself into it...being married and having a child is really going to make it hard as they love meat...but I will try to work through it...thanks again maybe there is hope...
Comment by PeaceofFruit on August 21, 2014 at 11:36am

Thanks Marcais! This forum does a lot to keep me on track and motivated. I know exactly what you mean, it is hard to remember how I felt differently in the past, it's like I was so angry and sad (when I ate animal products) and I don't even know why. Now I feel so open and full of possibility, as a sky full of stars.

Comment by Marcais on August 21, 2014 at 10:26am

Loved reading this update: can really relate to a lot of it - especially the emotional side you mentioned, i feel like its hard to remember how or why you felt differently in the past but it's a kind of maturity and openness....as most of the vegan benefits - really hard to put into words.
I haven't quite gotten as settled as you but getting there and always good to hear how good other people are doing.
You sound like you're doing right, no doubt, congrats


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