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My Sugar Addiction (Thank You Doug Graham)

My mom did the best she knew how to do in feeding our family- home-cooked was the norm and sweets were desserts, candy virtually unheard of. That is, until we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where the sky was the limit! I remember my summer visits as an orgy of bubblegum and soda pop and anything made of sugar I could ever want or dream of! At some point, I became possessed with the desire to put something sweet in my mouth- almost anything, although cookies would be the drug of choice; lemon creams, oreos, peanut-butter pirate cookies, fudgeeos, chip's ahoy! the list goes on. I would eat jello powder straight from the packet, anything short of shovelling in plain white sugar- except maybe powdered sugar, which melted starchily on the tongue.

As a teenager, my awareness of health and whole foods began to grow, in disproportion to the vast amount of candy, french fries and nachos I now had access to  and consumed daily. I learned that I was a sugar 'addict', programmed by my thrifty genes and propelled by my dysfunctional pancreas towards a life of diabetes and heart disease, or at least a sizeable potbelly. So with time and experience, and a large helping of Atkins-style propaganda, at last I became an adult who ate a 'real' breakfast, with eggs to manage my bloodsugar levels, and more frequent protein based meals throughout the day. And when I (frequently) fell off the wagon and binged on m&ms, or jelly bellies, or anything sweet and fruit-flavoured, I would pay the next day with wonky bloodsugar levels and dangerous crashes. And all the time, I had no idea that the sugar I was eating was not the real problem!

Thank you, Dr. Graham! I am so grateful to have you as my new dietary guru! You have finally made sense of a lifetime of being a sugar junkie, who wanted to be a whole foodist, who finally can be both! You have shown me the light, and it is FRUIT!

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Comment by Msbunny on October 26, 2013 at 2:07pm

your story sounds a lot like mine, except the day after a "binge" it was fasting. ive lived that way for years, it was horrible! food controlled my life. now i feel like im in heaven <3 


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