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I am not finding this easy. I tend to eat around 1800 -- 2000 calories a day. I am trying to get more! I have started doing a curcuit weight training workout, full body, every other day. Yesterday I didn't eat enough and had some cooked veggies at the end of the day. I don't feel too bad eating the cooked veggies, at least it wasnt' pizza!

I am having trouble eating my greens. If I put them in a smoothie, I get bloated and gassy, if I eat them in a salad, I have to add avocado (at least 1/2) and some spices(which has a little salt in it). I have tried lemon and lime juice, I have tried fruit dressing and I just can't stomach eating them that way. I tried eating bananas all day and I feel great doing this, but how long can I eat like this without eating greens? I tried putting celery in my banana smoothies, it was horrible, I gagged! Also, my stomach seems to be upset all the time! I am getting more headaches as well. Still detoxing? How long should it last? Do I start detoxing again every time I eat cooked veggies? Why should cooked veggies upset my tummy? I don't understand why my stomach is so sensitive now that I am eating a clean diet of fruit and greens, when it never was when I was eating SAD?? If I am eating better for my body and health, why is my tummy always upset? Yes, I only eat ripe fruit, I learned my lesson early on about that. I am not giving up yet, I just want to feel better!

And my feet are still really bad, seriously considering having surgery on them! Its been a year and a half, and they are not getting any better. (Plantar Fasciitis). I sit most of the time, I can do the weight workout on my bench as long as I am not on my feet, any other workout is out of the question for now, even yoga hurts my feet. And I am going through Depo withdrawl, yeah fun!!!!

Ok thats my rant for today! I hope I have a better day today!

Happy Spring!!

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Comment by Carly on April 21, 2010 at 10:37am
I just came across this on vegsource about the detox:

Question: I remember you saying that if someone is experiencing detox symptoms doing
the 811 lifestyle, they are doing something wrong, something needs to be
adjusted, that detox should not be experienced on 811, that the body should
be eliminating unwanted conditions and toxins in such a way that is comfortable
and in balance for the over all function of the body.

Can you talk about this? I've told people about this but I don't know exactly
where or when you said this. Thanks! :)

Doug's answer: I believe the quote you are referring to, taken slightly out of context,
refers to extended periods of extreme detox.
I find that most of what people call detox really isn't, but as you
mention, is more a form of tox, lack, or overdose.
Acute detox (as might occur in the instance of a complete, overnight
switch from SAD to 811) should be relatively short and sweet; the
passing headache, tummy upset, or other symptoms that last from
several minutes to several days, but not months, or usually even
Chronic symptoms, as a result of improving your lifestyle?
Not likely.

Comment by Banana Buzzbomb on April 20, 2010 at 4:49am
Hang in there Claudette! I'm newer to this also, so I know exactly what you're going through. I promise, it will pass. I was told my "need" for greens would come with time and be patient for it. It most definitely has come, especially after being a week on banana island. I'm still staying on BI for another week but will be ready for those greens when the time comes. Trust in the process. You can do it!
Comment by ednshell on April 20, 2010 at 2:59am
I've read that from Dr. D about the detox more than once. I'll see if I can find something on it.
Comment by Laurie on April 19, 2010 at 3:59am
Yeah, I don't understand the no detox comment either.
Comment by Carly on April 19, 2010 at 3:56am
Celery is really salty! After about three months of doing 811, I had some and I couldn't believe how salty it tastes! That makes sense about the 8-10 days of the salt leaving your system because for the first two weeks, I was craving salty cooked foods but not anymore as long as I eat enough.

I'm confused about what Dr. D says about no detox on this diet. How come so many people experience acne after first starting and then it goes away? I thought it was the body cleaning itself out? Maybe I'm just confusing definitions, I'd love to know more though, if anybody has info!
Comment by ednshell on April 19, 2010 at 3:55am
My name is Shell and I'm a saltaholic. :) I have been salt free for 3 months (and 811)! :D I've known I've wanted to eat this way for 8 years and have been making steady progress and continuous effort. My family went 811 before me even though I have been at it longer, lol. The longest I've gone before was 6 weeks, so this is great for me, I feel I've taken a turn, gotten past some issues and it helps thatmy husband and son have been doing it for 11 months and a year and 4 months respectively. Just keep trying, it works if you work it ;) Much LOVE to you! XO

I am so happy to hear you're getting the book!!!
Comment by Laurie on April 19, 2010 at 3:44am
Oh, and celery really does help with salt cravings. Munch it, add it to smoothies and soups, juice it, dehydrate it and put it on things if you like. Celery-apple juice is wonderfully sweet-salty. You might like tomato-celery-basil soup. Todd has been blogging about how celery juice is really helping him. He's having it every day and he has no salt cravings, which he used to have.
Comment by Laurie on April 19, 2010 at 3:40am
Claudette, If you can commit to going salt-free for a period of time, at least then you will know if it helps. You can always go back to eating it later if you decide to. Just try going without it. I'm not sure how long it would take for you to see, but I would think you'd see improvements in a couple weeks? I can't imagine you would be all cured from that surgery--flat feet can't be good! You are in charge of your body and there's no hurry to have surgery. There's no going back after that. Don't let your Dr. rush you. Take your time, do your research, and try no salt! You can do it.
Comment by Claudette on April 19, 2010 at 3:18am
Hi, My name is Claudette and I am a saltaholic! :-(
ednshell, I read what you sent me before, I know salt is really bad for me and I am trying to stop eating it, I really am! I am fine without salt when I am just eating fruit. Then I start to crave a salad, but now I am begining to think it is just the salt I am craving. I will try going without the salads for a while and see if the cravings stop. Yesterday, I had bananas all day, and my tummy was fine, then I had a salad with the salt and avocado and I got gassy. So I guess I will head to banana island until my ripe bananas run out and see how it goes. I have ordered the book, just waiting for it to get here.

The Doctor said that if my feet don't get better soon he wants to operate. He wants to cut the tendons away from the bone. He says the pain will stop, but I would end up with flat feet! Has anyone ever heard of this? I hope it will help if I stop eating salt. I am so tired of being in pain all the time!
Comment by ednshell on April 18, 2010 at 9:02pm
Get the 811 book asap. It will help you immensely. Dr. Doug has said it is fine to not have greens the first few months of doing 811, that you will eventually crave them. If you want the benefits of 811, if you want your body to heal, you must give up salt, it is an addictive drug. It takes 8-10 days for the salt to leave your blood stream and with that will be the water weight and intense cravings. I remember day 10's being a little rough but after that your taste buds awaken, you feel different. You gotta get off the drugs! Salt is a drug amongst other things. Salt Warning
by David Klein, Ph.D.
from Living Nutrition Magazine vol. 18

Avoid all salt – it’s a toxic, irritating, corrosive, stimulating, enervating and potentially deadly poison. Yes, even Celtic and Himalayan salts are destructive to your body and health – don’t be fooled by marketing hype! These inorganic substances may be trendy but they are not healthful. In addition to sodium chloride, they contain numerous toxic elements including heavy metals, such as aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury. These wreak havoc in the body, and are very difficult to eliminate.

If you live in a northern region or near the ocean you have probably seen how rock salt and salt spray eats steel members and chrome coatings on automobiles. If you’ve ever had an open flesh wound and exposed it to salt, your senses will have told you how destructive it is. Salt paralyzes the intestinal villi and kills cells – would you knowingly bathe your delicate villi, your arteries, veins and capillaries with such a corrosive solution? Salt brine kills insects and “pickles” vegetables. Do you want to run a solution of that through your brain 24 hours a day? An ounce of salt, taken all at once, spells suicide.

You cannot become healthy if your sense of taste is befuddled by unnatural flavorings. Salt does not bring out the flavor of food; it overpowers your taste buds, deadening them to all sensation other than additional salt, causing unnatural cravings, overeating and beverage guzzling.

Salt bonds with water, and its toxicity necessitates extra fluid intake. The body’s dilution response causes the cells to become dehydrated, severely impairing health. Salt also throws off the blood’s electrolyte balance (e.g., the sodium to potassium ratio) and acidifies the body, eroding health and impeding healing. Most illness cannot be overcome when salt is part of the diet. The few salt eaters I’ve counseled did not heal their disease conditions until they followed my recommendation of giving up salt--even though their diets were otherwise nearly perfect.

Hypertension (high blood pressure), edema, cardiovascular disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, lupus, premenstrual syndrome, gout, cancer and a host of other disease conditions are linked to salt. Can the body handle a little bit of salt? Maybe, but not on a regular basis. Why risk ruining your precious health?

We do need mineral salts–no doubt about it. From where should we get our mineral salts? Plant foods is the natural answer. The liquids from fruits and vegetables contain all of the mineral salts we need, in safe, organic, usable form. For rich, satisfying flavors, obtain produce grown in soil generously mineralized with a rock powder amendment. If possible, grow your own produce, adding such mineral sources as rock powder, azamite, or kelp powder to your compost and soil.

Abstain from salt, clean out, eat whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic tender vegetables plus savory and sweet fruits. Your salt cravings will vanish and unseasoned foods will taste outrageously delicious.


Have you looked into barefoot walking? It may help. http://www.30bananasaday.com/profiles/blogs/the-lies-of-footwear-co...

Dr. Doug says there is no detox on this diet, if you are having problems, you need to adjust something. He often advises people to start out of banana island. You could choose a different fruit as well.

It is important to get in your perfect amount of calories, adding dates or datorade to your bananas will easily get you there. Are you using nutridiary or the like to track fats and calories?

From what I have read in many articles, bone density problems is not from lack of calcium, it is from an acid condition, usually from eating too much protein and/or eating acid forming foods, soda and milk are major contributors, the body must leach the calcium from your bones to keep your blood from turning acidic and killing you.

Best wishes! :)


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