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So I need to write some things down as I want to look back on all this and reflect.

I am proud to say I am celebrating my first week into my new lifestyle.

I was very worried my debilitating stomach pain would come back with fructose malabsorption but after reading a few posts and looking further into this lifestyle I thought I would give it another go and try a few things. As everyone is different etc. I will probably comment on my post as well as no one commented on it about fructose malabsorption.

So when I first started this lifestyle I was under eating, not eating enough "sweet" fruits and not adding things like coconut sugar and I was eating oranges whole (looking through freelee's posts and other people's posts no one eats oranges whole but mainly has just the juice I thought there must be a reason for that). Eating too fast when I did eat because I was starving. Eating fats with dinner. Everything I was doing must of been wrong. I was taking herbs and I was stressed. It could of been an accumulation of things.

Today I can happily say - I have no pain and have been following rawtill4 as much as possible

Yesterday I slipped and had rice crackers and veggies and beans during the day. I felt very hungry yesterday.

I eat as much as I can

I eat bananas and dates mostly during the day... eating rice and veggies at dinner. I don't care about my weight. Im sick of living egotistically. I have been feeling energised. eyes opening at 5am no alarm my appetite is good and im enjoying eating and not depriving myself. My skin (acne from pcos or diet who knows) seems clearer. Less cystic and more surface smaller ones.

 my skin feels softer... on a whole I just feel better. I was emotionally flat yesterday and had some issues with people around me and it brought out the "binge emotional" eater.... though I binged on rice crackers, beans and carrots... more worried about the salt content but you know what I feel I have adapted well coming from a full flesh eating horrible death person to this, lighter, happier, softer version of me.

I know its only been a week and there are people out there that celebrate raw days (years) or celebrate how many vegan years they are... well im celebrating my first week... yes and im proud

I have one more vice to let go of... coffee... yes it is an addiction... I tried not drinking it first few days of starting this lifestyle and wasn't a pretty sight and I was that close to giving up so instead of eating flesh or pus I had a coffee and felt much stronger... as soon as I feel strong enough diet wise I will be eliminating that next.. I have done it before but it was not fun. I drink two cups a day.

Only close family know of my lifestyle change... I want to come out of the closet soon.. Just want to make sure I don't fail and this is what I really want (which I am pretty sure it is) ... Something big is happening inside I can feel it..

 anyway.. this is my first blog, first week HCV (mainly raw) vegan lifestyle..

I am feeling strong


more in control

stronger at training sessions

more loving in my heart

less hate, depression

I hope I can continue to be strong.


feel free to follow me on insta... im sorry there are meat photos from my past... im yet to document my new venture as of yet... but please if you know anyone with PCOS or hormonal conditions I just want to inspire people also..


Vegans are amazing... life is amazing.. animals are amazing..


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