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I can't say more, I can't live like this anymore, I have serious mental conditions now, which are ruining my everything.

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Comment by ednshell on February 19, 2012 at 3:07am

Simon that amount sounds okay to me, I watched this video and this researcher recommended very high amounts like that.  It's been a while since I watched it so I don't remember exactly what he recommends but it's a good video:

Comment by Shay Beauty on February 19, 2012 at 1:14am


so sorry for your troubles. But you know what? "Let go and let God". Meaning even though you are going through so much you just have to trust that God will see you through. You just have to hold on because we all have to go through a storm at one point. Find some sort of peace in your negative situation. Whether that's listening to meaningful music or reading meaningful books. I do pray for you and hope you do see this through. Sometimes things get worse b4 they get better but when they do get better you will apprecate everything you went through to make it where you're going to be.

good luck

Comment by Fruit fly on February 18, 2012 at 9:00pm

Dear Simon, I tell you my story in last year that may give you streanght. Before that I have to remind you, eat enough calories! To be strong no metter the weight gain, just to make sure you eat enough and you blood test are ok then. 

So here is my story. I did waterfast 22days in back and I ate only fruit and veg then, then I undereat, coz my metabolism wasnt truly cured, but most of the symtoms were. I still dont have diagnosis. And due to my symtom free issue(If I didnt make my own documentary of bad days as a fotos) I would never expain to doctor I was and probably still am sick. 

I get urinary track infection on a day I was on cooked vegan and with my partner. Classical. But then I simply never get it on raw vegan law fat, enough calories. Then I ended up in hospital with that urinary track issue, coz I have still this problem of all cooked food and raw higher(with fruit) and spices and salt issue. I have many blood and nodes problems and bloating and edema and fatigue, sinusitis, ear ache, join pain, kinda like fibromyalgia symtoms, eye vision up and down, homonal disbalances(amylase, thyroid, menstrual cycle), temperature 37-38constant unless raw food diet to 34-36.5constant, astma, alergy and face deformation, and weight struggle....

After that fast it was gone till mild comeback and go, coz I skip a meal or so, due to social issue, but stay vegan and law fat or law sugar that day, anyhow.

While I was in hospital, they give me antibiotics intravenouse, coz of high intolerance of everything. I did have a friends with anorexia and bulimia on college to which I safe the life. But I though I never have a issue with food unless now. But guess what it is the best I have ever done. I was still wondering as most of you I dont know in person and that really dont help(SO MAKE YOUR OWN FRUGIVORE FRIENDS AROUND!!! URGENT). It will ground your balance mind more than any greens, haha... just try to make an easy joke.

And what I think is that I have been though all this, due to that hospital visite, where they feed me my frugivore way and she told me I have a eating disorder issue, but I didnt listen, but it stays on my mind. Because from my childhood I am this way, it is problem of self-love and respect and trust, I never have problem achieving what I want. But I needed a good guidance from my self not others, I only respect a lot a religion point of view. Eventhough in a good way it is also more free by frugivoser, we are simply more free but still truly loving as friendship and true love.

I was afraid of this all one love issue in here as well. And of many things and due to my personal up and downs with diet, I easily get persuade I do the wrong especially when I try to preach it to someone and joudgeing by my self. I believe that I would joudge me the same without testifying it so long as you. 

The problem is, our body could not be perfect health, unless we search of mental issue with most of our society had. I got some genetic abnormalities from my birth, so as type on diabetes, but with tons of misdiagnosis(looks like you got a lot too) I simply always though I am just sick and need medication and some sickness like astma and so will need to be life time medication.

And after I hook up with my new bf. I simply start to inspire his dad(with cancer) prove my self with easy mind(that I may fall down again) that simply I am on the right track for life and went all so called healthy diet, even prescribed from that dietetitian. I though up the fact, I get all my 10kg up again so I am far from fine little frugivor:D(that bother me, but teach me self-love in any case and I see who truly loves me as a men....guess what even more, coz I see confident, but that is another issue, but actually not, you need self-comfident). I can tell you and prove you with 20doctors(the highest capacity and best hospitals) in one chain 2times

Comment by Simon on February 18, 2012 at 8:40pm

My doc wants me on 20,000 - 30,000ui D3 though... :(

Comment by ednshell on February 18, 2012 at 8:32pm

I've heard good reports about this vegan D3! http://vitashine-d3.com/ 

Are you tracking your calorie intake with chronometer or nutridiary?  Getting in at least 3000 calories daily?  I would try increasing calories first to see if this helps you.

Have you read Victoria's story?  Eating over 10% fat causes her schizophrenia to flare up.  It's an interesting thread:


Wishing you the best! :) XO

Comment by Dreamer on February 18, 2012 at 8:11pm

I just want to hug you after reading your comments, Simon.

I know how it feels when no one understands you and wants to label you with a bunch of scary stamps. The Vit D is something doctors use against me all of the time, I'm darker than average Europeans as well and haven't spent much time outside for years because of loneliness, depression, shyness etc. Hmm... are you getting any support? Is your mother supportive or is she on the doctors' side? And are you for real in any kind of hospital right now or are you at home? Back a few days ago when I was at the hospital I was messaging back and forth with a friend here from 30bad and he really cheered me up! Feel free to start a discussion and ask for advice, I think many people here have gone through similar feelings and events. Remember, people here love you!

Comment by ricthuse on February 18, 2012 at 2:54pm
I was diagnosed with major depression and schizophrenia over 20 years ago.  I am MD drug and symptom free now for 11.5 years.  This is how I beat mental illness:
1)  I am 100% Low Fat Raw Vegan.
2)  I supplement vegan methylcobalamin B12.
3)  I use Omega 3 seeds (flax and chia) for the overt fat portion of my diet.
It is very important to use zero gluten grains, which of course are automatically excluded with LFRV.

To kick start the program, use lots of fresh flax seed oil for 2 weeks.  Do not worry about the 10% fat limit during this time frame.  After that time, stop the oil and go to whole fresh ground flax seeds, about 5 tablespoons (measuring them unground), a day.  Chia seed do not need to be ground up.

I use Jarrow Methyl B-12 1000, but any high quality vegan methylcobalamin should do.  Let the tab dissolve slowly under your tongue.  I take this very sparingly, but for the first 3 weeks, you might take it every 2 or 3 days.
You must keep your O3:O6 ratio at 1:1, or even biased towards O3.  But at the start, we need to go very heavy on O3 fat.
If this program helps you, it should do so within a few weeks.  The B12 can help very quickly.  The O3 oil takes about a week and a half to kick in.
Don't give  up.
Comment by Sean big Sexy Rich Ⓥ on February 18, 2012 at 12:23pm

Simon im sorry to hear you feel this way... close family members suffer with similar issues..keep searching for the right help my friend. Sean

Comment by Simon on February 18, 2012 at 11:34am

I have been LFRV for a couple of years I think now, I quite rightly fear being in an eating disorders clinic, eating tofu burgers and chips, or whatever they have to throw at me, followed by "dessert", a refined sugar concoction of some kind...

I also think I have built up an intolerance to junk, I went to a raw-food potluck once, the food made me feel physically sick and I avoided soy, garlic and other unhealthy supposed foodstuffs, plus nothing seemed to digest properly...

Soo, they are going to make me very ill if they don't understand soon that what I am doing is not because I am crazy or because my eating is disordered.

But that is not their first concern, they generally think I am going to break and go from Bipolar 2 to Bipolar 1 where they say unless I medicate... I will be crazy...

And my mother has my medical rights....

There lies my biggest issue...
Oh and the fact my organic raw foods do not seem to cure anything :S :'( 

Comment by Daniela on February 18, 2012 at 11:08am

I know what you talk about, most of these diagnosis sound familar to me. i worked in psychiatric hospitals and i was there as patient...my experience is, that the disordered people are those outside the hospital. You are not alone Simon, welcome here, where the healthy people are :o) Hugs!


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