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Aloha Beautiful People :)

I feel the time has come to jump in, no more transition, no more comprimise, no more slipping, etc etc.. 100% Live, fresh, raw, organic, whole, natural...

I have been Fruitarian before when I was living in New Guinea, total Tropical Fruit Paradise, it was great. However now I live in what is called a Mediterainan Climate, or Warm Temperate, so the fruit is not so prolific particularily on my land.. I'm VegAquarian ATM, drink beer on occasions and smoke pot occasionally too, all of which I want to change for good come 2012 in a couple days. But basically I eat 95% Organic have a fresh Garden salad each day, eat fruit that is available and growing off the tree and, make smoothies -coconut/cocoa/ricemilk, and have been eating eggs also.. So yea lots to drop, lots to take up, I am excited about replacing the negatives with beautiful positives and the beautiful Fruitarian life I remember so well.

I really don't like buying loads of fruit from the Organic shop because it's energy is already depleted from travel/storage and also the energy behind most of it involves money/machines, so I'm in the process of growing my own Food Forest. In the meantime I am growing fast growing things like salads, tomato's, melons, pumpkins, capsicum, corn, herbs etc I plant fruit trees and rainforest trees amongst it all becuase they take time to mature and by the time they are ready the garden has provided valuable food and created a lush humus rich environment for the tree. You can get an idea of what I'm doing at my blog in progress nohasark.com.au

My question

In most Western places this lifestyle must cost quite a bit. Organic Fruit here in Australia is pretty expensive and I have seen what others eat on here and it's alot. I Don't eat much ATM maybe 1 meal a day, the rest of the day I munch in the garden, drink water, smoothie, but basically not much, although I work in the garden about 10hrs a day. I believe most of our energy comes from the Sun, Prana if you like, so I feel that is where I get most of my energy. However reading the amounts suggested here and the monitoring required to reach certain amounts of calories each day through fruit I realise that I need to eat way more. I do want to eat more and realise I need to, I'm a little underweight, although I'm strong, but not as athletic as I should be. So yea I guess I'm after some advice. Do I really need to eat so much? Or should I just go by my body/spririt instead of the monitoring with Cronometer etc..

I would like to do a regular bog post that allows me to share my journey and gain support and encouragement, and most importantly it will keep me accountable because it is far too easy for me to slip if no one is watching, so I want to share, be honest and most importantly stick with it..

Back to the Garden I grow :)

Love n Light

Noha (mini Essay complete, thanks for reading:))

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Comment by Noha on January 22, 2012 at 12:42pm

Yes Daniela, I am doing that and getting better day by day.. My food instinct was a bit distorted like many peoples, so I'm retraining myself and re-educating, monitoring and writing.. I'm doing great, eating Raw fruit daily with a big garden salad at night, feeling good as and not really tempted to eat other stuff now, I feel like I have slipped into the stream of truth and conscious eating and being..

This site is helping enormously!!!! I feel like it's natural to eat like this, and it is, I don't have anyone around me eating other junk or telling me I'm weird etc, weird for me right now would be to spend a couple hours in the kitchen preparing a cooked meal,,,. So Thankyou everyone :)

Comment by Daniela on January 22, 2012 at 9:13am

let your food-instinct decide, how much in what amount when to eat.

Comment by Noha on January 8, 2012 at 10:35am

Good ideas!@ Prob is finding enough food to have 3000 calories a day for me, I am so used to eating just whenever and not really knowing the calories etc, and especially with fruit we need to consume so much.. All learning though ha, and all progress towards being truly healthy so I'm onto it.. Cheers again :)

Comment by Michelle N on January 8, 2012 at 8:15am

Just eat as much as you can, don't make yourself uncomfortable by eating too much. What I did was start out with numerous relatively low-cal meals throughout the day, and worked my way (and stomach capacity) up until I could have a few 1000 calorie meals throughout the day and a big salad for dinner :) Hope that helps!

Comment by Noha on January 6, 2012 at 7:41am

Thanks Michelle, Great advice! So what do you do when you are full but have not necessarily had enough Carbs? Rest?

I hit the wall 2 days ago, I worked really hard looking after a whole bunch of Banana trees, it was hot, I didn't drink enough and it basically sucked the life and energy out of me. I did feel full during the day also eating some big Banana's and Dates, but yea I paid for it, I was in bed most of the day yesterday reading. I was totally lifeless.. So yea feeling better today, stronger, muscles still sore, but feel much better and will make sure I eat enough today and drink enough, hopefully this is the hurdle crossed :) Thanks for your help!

Comment by Michelle N on January 5, 2012 at 11:45am

It seems like you're pretty active, and you DEFINITELY need to be eating way more!! You get your energy from the simple sugars found in fresh ripe fruits that fuel the trillions of cells in your body. Over time you have gotten your body accustomed to eating less food, but you can't live like that for long, and you certainly won't be thriving like you would if you were eating more fresh juicy fruit and leafy greens!!


I suggest using Cronometer to track how much you eat, because initially you will think you are full but will really need more calories (as your body will not be used to the increased food intake at first). Start with at least 10g of carbs for kilo of body weight, and eat more if you desire.  It's great that you grow/are in the process of growing your own garden. In the meantime, find a local wholesaler to get inexpensive fruit or get to know other local farmers or get your fruit from farmers markets and the like.


Best wishes! :)


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