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My Delicious Breakfast Smoothie and Raw Vegan Lifestyle

This morning I had a large smoothie that was quite simple but very delicious. 

9 medium bananas

4 medjool dates

1 C frozen strawberries

It had just the perfect hint of strawberry, it was a lovely texture and it was a beautiful light pink color. I am afraid I was too excited about drinking it and didn't take a picture of it, but it was just delicious! 


I typically start my day with a smoothie because I can take it with me to work or school. I will also often make a raw vegan apple muesli, eat that at home and then make a smoothie that I can "nurse" through my morning classes or work hours. 

This keeps me satisfied until I have a chance to eat lunch.

I also like smoothies for breakfast because they seem to digest better after breaking the fast.


Although most of my friends are aware that I am eating raw, I still get the occasional sidelong glances from acquaintances at the site of my strange diet. Sometimes I feel that there needs to be a limit to "not caring what others think." I hate to be questioned about my diet by someone who comes at me with the attitude of breaking me down. When people are genuinely curious and interested, I have no problems telling them. 

The smoothie is a way to avoid questions. Just about everyone loves smoothies. We have a smoothie place right across the street from campus (the kind that puts sherbet and other junk food into the smoothies) and people go crazy for it! People love fruity refreshing drinks. 

I used to make a large smoothie and put it in a giant mason jar and take it to school. This would always get strange looks. This could be because people in the Southwest typically use mason jars for moonshine or whiskey! I found these BPA free plastic cups that look similar to the Starbucks cold drink cups, and they are reusable. Since there is also a Starbucks directly across the street from school as well, people live on coffee and drink them all the time. Now when I come to class with a smoothie in a cup like that, nobody gives it a second glance. 

This is much easier for me. I am not trying to disguise my healthy lifestyle by making it seem like I drink coffee or Italian sodas. I do want to set an example with my diet. But I can't stand being ridiculed and scoffed at daily. 

This is just an example of a way that I eat to avoid attracting negative attention. When I eat large quantities of mono foods, I usually do it at home. At school, however, I try to eat delicious meals made from recipes like cucumbers with mango salsa or something that everyone finds refreshing looking. Then I get questions like, "you sure do like salad, huh?" or "that dip looks really good!"

After a few years on this lifestyle, hopefully it wont matter as much. But as a "novice" I would rather avoid all of the questions, criticism, and hype.  

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Comment by Isabella Tomberella on August 14, 2011 at 5:20am

I tend to "disguise" my habits as well even after 4 years. I hate confrontation.


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