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I´m on 80 10 10 since 4 weeks now and i love it.

After 3 days of detox symptoms: cold, headache and soar stomach i felt better than ever before.

I did not loose much weight, but I lost fat, i can see it!

I sleep good, my digestion is better than ever before.

I feel vibrant and energetic and I am highly motivated to work out daily.

I run 7.5km in 60 Minutes and it is easy.

Before that, i didnt work out much in the last year, i was recovering from cancer.

The cancer came from stress and acidic food. 

My problem is my partner.

He is overweight and always tired.

His favourite food is fastfood and all kind of sweets.

He feels personally offended by my new lifestyle and he gets mad about everything i say about food or diet.

When i need something from the market he complains about buying so much fruits.

Its really hard. He also buys me chocolates and puts them in front of me.

I know he doesnt mean to be bad, but he just doesnt get it.

The last 3 days i ate little chocolate, and i feel really bad.

My stomach hurts and i feel the negative effects of it immediatly.

I dont know how to deal with that constant drama about my diet.

Any ideas? ( other than ending the relationship )

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Comment by Petra Fuerst on February 9, 2014 at 5:28am

Hi Zeus!

Thank you! Im very proud that i could heal cancer without medicine, just with alkaline food!

Since 2 weeks i also have stopped taking the hormones, which the doctor told me to take until the end of my life!!!! OMG I know that my body can heal itself and i know for sure that my body will soon produce all the hormones by itself.
I feel so alive and so good like never before. The medication made me numb and im shocked about how stupid doctors are.

Im very blessed now, because my boyfriend realized that he is going to loose me, if he doesnt change his drug addiction ( i mean the SAD food)

Last week we went skiing, he ate a lot of poisonous food and alcohol, while i stayed on my 80-10-10. I was energetic and felt good. He was tired and had a lot of pain in his body.
Suddenly he told me that he is now going to TRY IT!
He asked me about everything and he also watched one of Freelees Videos!
I cooked some pasta with tomatosauce for him and made him delicious banana smoothies.
He loved it.

So now SINCE 1 day i have a VEGAN Boyfriend. Isnt that great?
He loves me a lot, im so blessed.
Now he is away in NZ to work and im still in europe. But im sure he will continue and give it a try. He is doing RAWtill4.

Im so proud of my man, switching from alcohol, sugar and meat to 80-10-10.

Now i will read this book you recommended and share the knowledge with him.

Pray for me, that he will stay on it and we can be a happy, healthy, vegan couple!

I couldnt download the Movie Forks over knives. It wasnt available there, just a trailer. Do you know how i can get it?

Oh thats bad, that your father doesnt understand it. My family thinks im crazy too. But i have been vegan and raw already for a few years, so they accept it but think im weird. I guess we just have to live with that.

The older people often associate food with love and connection. So if you dont eat their traditional meals, they feel rejected in their love. So i try to give everybody extra love and bring positive, happy energy to them. :)

Cheers and thank you so much for your message!

Comment by Zeus Loréz on February 9, 2014 at 4:36am

Hi Petra,

First of all, congratulations for the effort you've done, not just about healing cancer (which its the most important issue), but about trying to maintain a relationship, which from my point of view, it brings you all kind of discussions and unfortunately ending with disappointments. 

I know how hard its to present this lifestyle to someone who doesn't see and believe more than cultural beliefs, furthermore when is part of your daily life. 
In my case, my father. 

When we talk about it, he can't reply me back with a heavy argument. All he bases in, its culture. But unless he doesn't believe in science, he will realise you've got the truth. At least the truth that science NOW proves. Because its all about proving. 

So, I will recommend you to watch those video documentaries that our mates just shared before, but I will add some books in order to have the science by your side. Numbers in studies and experiments. This is, for me, the optimum way to demonstrate and defend this lifestyle. 

"The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell discloses all kind of information it has been hide to the society about everything in relation with nutrition and diseases. Cancer its a word that I read many times there.

Even if your boyfriend doesn't want to follow (because he haven't open the mind YET and so, he doesn't understand) the 811 lifestyle, he should take out animal products from his lifestyle. After the first step, the second comes up and I'm sure you will feel a way better than now.

Wish you the best! 
Go ahead, strong!!

Cheers : ) 

Comment by Petra Fuerst on January 18, 2014 at 7:57pm

First of all THANK YOU ALL for your helpful comments!

Its so great to have so much support and help, this forum here and all the people in it are very special!

I have good news: HE is trying to eat healthier now. I dont know why he changed, it just didnt say anything

( except when we had an argument, i said: Im not going to live with someone who is poisining himself. I give you a few months, but if you really dont want to, then we cant be happy together... )

I know thats a bit extreme, but i was quite angry, cause it is very important for me to be and stay healthy now.

He reduced Burgers, Fries and Coke to 10% and now he eats Salats and Fish most of the time.

@Mama Wolf: Yes, me too! I got cancer because of to much acidic food. I never want to feel like this again. Never! It is horrible to be poisoned and acidic. Its hard to stay alkaline if you have someone who is against it at home. I am now trying to be a good role modell: If he sees how good and happy and healthy i feel, he might also one day follow me and we could be a happy healthy couple :-)

@Jackie Owens: THANK YOU!!! I will watch that asap!

Oh no, you are in the same situation. Since when are you on 80-10-10 ?

Yes, the problem is, they eat behind your back, because they want to avoid conflict and then they get even more addicted to it. 

I dont know: If being a role modell doesnt work, we either have to totally accept it or leave.

What i found out is: Man sometimes act like kids. If you dont criticize and just let them, they sometimes change themselves. They somehow dont like to be told by a woman. ( At least my man is like this ) Its stupid, but well, its human. 

@Freshtival: You are right! 

@So Spiffy: Thank you so much. Yes thats true. Be a role modell, talk about with respect and appreciation. I will check the forum for more infos.

@Greg Blencoe: Thank you! I will watch it with him. Im curious how he will react!

@Jessica Marie drollete: Yes your a re right. He sometimes eats what i prepare, but not very often. He normally eats in front of the fridge, just out of it. No plate, no sitting down....

Its a challenge to change that, since he lived alone the last year and isnt really used to "eating culture". Im european, and he is from newzealand. We are so different in our cultures, thats challenging sometimes.

@Maxim Evsikov: It is the best decision ever! I cant imagine to ever go back to animal products. Being vegan feels so natural and healthy, its the best thing to do.

Thank you all for your support.

Im glad i get some much help here, it would not be easy to go through all this alone.

All my best :)


Comment by MAMA WOLF on January 17, 2014 at 1:37am

Honestly, I'm worried that he's getting so mad about you eating this way after you had cancer. Restoring your health is extremely important right now, it's sad he doesn't see that. And then he's trying to tempt you with crap food to bring you down to his unhealthful level? I'm not telling you to end the relationship since you clearly want to make it work. I don't see anyway for it to work without him supporting you in your journey.

Comment by Jackie Owens on January 14, 2014 at 5:14am

Vegucated on Netflix is a good documentary to watch too! It seriously made me cry at some points. 

I have the same issue with my fiancee getting upset about how much produce I buy. He is addicted to soda and sweets. I have been making dinners a lot and he loves it, but he also likes to get fast food when I'm not around or when he ins't in the mood for what I want to eat. 

If he buys me something I just tell him I'm not in the mood for it and not to buy me it again. My fiancee has a problem with "surprising" me with donuts in the morning, which makes me feel disgusting the rest of the day if I do eat it so I tend to get angry when he does this.

Eventually they will learn not to waste their money. I understand how it feels like they are wanting to be sweet and nice by doing this but they will eventually stop or buy you what you would eat. 

Comment by So Spiffy on January 13, 2014 at 3:34pm

This isn't a unique situation, so don't worry. Many of us have gone through similar experiencea. That's a big reason why these forums are so valuable. There are many posts in the forums discussing how to deal with a non-vegan SAD partner/significant other. While sometimes the only solution may be to let go, there are many other avenues to achieve mutual respect, understanding and support between you. Some, led by positive example even eventually begin to transition over as well. Do a few searches and I'm certain you'll find some valuable insights and helpful suggestions to deal with your suggestion.

Comment by Maxim Evsikov on January 13, 2014 at 5:00am

For sure (and you'll hear this from anyone on 30bad), not living off death and misery of other beings, being carbed up on healthy fresh plant foods just changes your perspective on life. I don't think there was any better decision i ever made than going vegan. I myself was into working out and health before i found veganism, was always looking up health properties of different foods on internet. Because of some bias that i had twards veganism, it took bit of time and research to convince myself (and the information out there is just so powerful, i basicly went vegan overnight), but it had a colossal pay off in the end.

Comment by Petra Fuerst on January 13, 2014 at 4:51am

Thank you Maxim!

I will try this film.

Yes i have had that thought too. I have always been totally focused on health and fitness. 

This is my number 1 value in life and i think, how you care about your body is a reflection of your selflove and selfrespect.

We live in a world where all the information about health is available for free, there are no excuses anymore.

Do you also experience this clarity in our thoughts&mind and this strong connection to nature?

Its incredible! Life without all this ("food")poison is amazing!

Comment by Maxim Evsikov on January 13, 2014 at 4:43am

Watch Forks Over Knives with him. I heard it works sometimes, but obviously if doesn't want to change, not open to it, it doesn't matter what you do, you can smash your head against a wall (figuratively) and he probably would't care.

This fact is hard for everyone who comes head to head with it 1st time, but it still remains a fact, if your partners lifestyle and goals so dramatically contradict your own (and he doesn't want to change), you HAVE TO let him go. May be then he will address the issue and try to change for the better.


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