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My annual human flesh diet...

I am now more than halfway through my annual water only fast to deal with debilitating injuries of 30 years ago.

By having water only,
My body is living entirely off human flesh, fat and skin, and occasionally toxins when I do not cleanse the colon often enough to keep up with the need to eliminate...
This year has been especially powerful as I have added Bikram hot yoga daily with enemas directly after. No dizziness when I stand up, and though I try to limit my construction job to 5 hours a day, the occasional 12+ hour days have been effortless. And this year I have reduced my activities and hikes. Limit, 2 miles of altitude mountain trails, and no more than a mile of swimming. Getting ready to reduce that to half this week...

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Comment by Rock on October 12, 2012 at 12:11am
I terminated this years fast at 22 days with an overwhelming ephiphany. Looking forward to next years fast.
Comment by Rock on May 7, 2012 at 4:32pm

if you can stand up from sitting in a chair rapidly, and not be dizzy and woozy, all during the day, your blood pressure is most likely not gone down much.  if you can usually run miles, and all of a sudden standing and lifting something simple makes you dizzy, your blood pressure is low--as to be expected.  live within the range of what your body will allow.  hopefully you will not have the abundance of energy i get, it is counterproductive, as i expect before the end of my fasr my body will tremendously lower my metabolism, which will take a month or more of over the top effort for me to get going again.  so far, my lowering my activity is helping me detox, and is keeping my blood pressure from plummeting.

read Joels book, keep it handy and with you all day. he worked through something like day 58 himself.  he also pointed out that in the first 10,000 clients he coached past day 40, he has only experienced 1 (one) person with electrolyte problem, and that was potassium in the first few weeks...

the things i monitor are obvious, and i deal.  food cravings (why?  And what do i do about it?)  Low energy--organize my day to accommodate it.  Food smells bother me?  Arrange my day to avoid.  watching TV increases food fantasies, looking at billboards on the hi way makes fasting hard.  tired at 3 in the afternoon daily?  Take an an extra nap.  feeling an intense headache, or skin eruptions, or nausea?  try a few enemas or deep colonic.  skin sagging?  Massage it 3X a day.  skin too dry?  i totally cover myself (not hair) with virgin olive oil, then buff excess off--every time I bathe.  people avoiding your personal area?  Bathe more often, wear more clean clothes, because you do not know how much you might be accumulating stink.  Teeth fuzzy?  brush thoroughly with water, then massage your gums.  Thirsty?  Drink More. This is the type of most of the monitoring I do.

Your knee hurts like it did 5 years ago and not since?  Chances are your body is repairing it, you usually will feel the old pain--"in reverse" while healing.  If your room smells like a hospital and the meds intensely, realize that might be the day your body is purging those residuals.  a hundred other things, and if you feel something new, look it up!

Comment by Perry Fullerton on May 6, 2012 at 8:29pm

I just went though your blog - you are inspiring! Congrats on the healing you have allowed to come your way. The hair thing was pretty crazy too, like you've discovered the fountain of youth.

I'm curious about what things you have to monitor during fasts and what you can do on your own and what you must have supervised; and by who? I am far, far away from any fasting retreat, both physically and financially. Is getting blood tests through an MD sufficient? I could monitor my own blood pressure I imagine. I plan to take your advice and do shorter ones first. I have read three of the books you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing this.

Comment by Rock on May 6, 2012 at 2:50pm
Greenmama, how many books have you read on fasting?
Comment by Rock on May 6, 2012 at 2:48pm
The word is "refeeding" not reseeding. Gotta shut the auto correct off on the iPad...
Comment by Rock on May 6, 2012 at 2:47pm
Have too much energy, my last long fast was immensely successfully in at least 50 areas of health. As I said, I am way down from what I've been doing, and this is a short one, 30 days--I've been doing this for 35 years, and fairly clean at that being strict vegetarian for over 40 years.
I do monitor everything, and if electrolytes go off, or whatnot, I start reseeding, my health is more important than some number of days fasting goal. I keep Joel's book handy, refer to it daily.

I seem to have Paul Braggs reaction to fasting rather than the other 99.99%.

It occurred to me that while I am going to Bickram, I did tell the trainer that I am on an intense cleanse and that I have low blood pressure and that I'd only do half or so of each sets, which is what I did. I sat in the heat and waited for the next sets, and benefitted greatlybbynbeing in the 109 degree rom, I did a lot of detox, and had enough sense to follow within the hour each time with an enema. So be assured, I would not even try to do the regular Bikram routine...
I am down for a minimum of 10 hours a night, and adding room for a nap each afternoon as well, though not actually sleeping.
No need to worry about me, I do things way more questionable than this with my life, that is why I have so many debilitating injuries. But still getting around at going on 60. I do not like the inevitable conversation when people finally discover my age, so I knock 20 years off till its convenient to tell them...36-38 has been the age people usually guess my age at anyway...but I do not try to hide my age, it comes out in normal conversation.
Comment by Greenmama on May 6, 2012 at 12:00pm

Dude, I am worried about you.  Fasting without complete rest can cause the body to eat its muscle as well as its fat.  And adding the stress of heat and tons of exercise... risking hyponatremia, heat exhaustion, electrolyte imbalance.  The purpose of water fasting is to free up extra energy to heal, but if you are using all of that energy to work and work, then how can the body do that?

Comment by Rock on May 6, 2012 at 11:42am
Yeh, I seem to do pretty good with a normal schedule, reduced extra activity for just over 40 days. Read my blogs from past 2years....

Not much reaction, except when I posted it here, and Freeley ran of with it as a topic for a blog...

Most people go "huh?" then "that makes sense..."
Comment by Perry Fullerton on May 6, 2012 at 10:23am

Human flesh - that's funny. Do you tell random people that? What kind of reaction do you get? How long are you fasting and how's it going? I aspire to a long fast perhaps this summer.

Comment by Yogaranka on May 6, 2012 at 8:31am

You mean you are fasting and doing Bikram? and working? and swimming? Wow!


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