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More sensative emotions when eating 811

Someone recently asked me this question, and here are my thoughts/response:

i just watched all of your videos and i would like to ask you a question on emotions.Everytime i eat fruits, in fact i eat 90 percent fruits, the other 10 percent are greens...so everytime i eat fruits, i don't know if you have the same feeling but i have issues managing my emotions.I don't know what happens...it's like a bomb exploding.You know,before when i ate cooked meals it never happened to me, it was like i was still asleep.Now it's different, i have trouble with myself, my world is crashing down...actually, from what i can hear and what i can see, relatives, friends are telling me that i am the opposite of myself. Eating this way,fruits and veggies, has changed my personnality a lot.I see it to, so without bothering you, i just wanted to know your opinion about it and how,if you are going through the same thing,how do you manage your "raw" emotions???

so thanks a lot and best of luck in life to you and your family.

My Answer

I have experienced many times being more sensative, and easier to aggravate my emotions. For sure when you eat cooked heavy food it knocks you out, in many ways it is like having alcohol, the body and mind just get numb. This is one of the addictive factors in eating cooked foods. For me eating raw low fat makes you more aware of everything around you. When you have bad air, bad people, bad enviornment you feel it much more, you need more 'clean' in your life when you eat a low fat raw diet. You can't deal with bad things as well when you eat a clean diet, and I think this is one of the things that happens when you get away from sedative foods. Yes it can be a problem, I think you need to focus on eating MORE, that is a big issue, you must not count calories on a low fat raw diet, you need to eat a lot, then you should be nicer ;) too. The health benefits outweigh the emotional reactions you may be dealing with, work on making everything else in your life better not just your diet, then you won't have emotional issues... think of the diet as a way to push you to better health in every area of your life.

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Comment by ednshell on August 31, 2009 at 10:47am
So true!
Comment by Ryan Lewis on June 19, 2009 at 6:11am
i haven't had any apricots lately.. they've been good huh? i'll have to give it a go
Comment by Michael on June 19, 2009 at 5:44am
Ryan, if you are an odd ball, so am I! Everyone wish's they had the health we exude! Thanks for your comments! Apricots are in season - awesome!
Comment by Ryan Lewis on June 19, 2009 at 5:37am
i totally agree with your advice.. a friend of mine just sent me an e-mail describing how she has noticed when she doesn't eat enough calories from sweet fruit she feels irritable and she realizes that she is in need of more cals.. then, when she fulfills her caloric needs she instantly feels better and happier.. she basically put into words something that i've noticed on several occasions during my 8+ month stint on hardline 811

now i hang out with friends and family members at a social gathering who are all having drinks and eating their cooked foods and, while i think they half-expect the non-drinking non-smoking fruit-eater to be a 'buzz-kill' to be around, i am typically in the highest spirits and have the best time among the group.. and i love being in this position and setting an example for those around me, no matter how much i sometimes come off as an oddball


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