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Hello fruity people,

today I would like to talk about miscinception in health movement about these 3 foods, that are being commonly represented a either healthy or unhealthy.

I Promote Sugar

As you know from my previous blogs and videos I am a big promoter of sugar. I was scared of sugar before as many people these days. I would not eat any sugar whatsoever for weeks and then I would just bing on all the sweets, chocolate, cakes and anything that has sugar in it.

You Don' t Hear Anywhere About Sugar Being Healthy

You don' t hear anywhere that sugar is good for you. Yeah you might hear many times that fruit is good for you and fruit has sugar in it in the form of mainly fructose. People say it' s different, because it comes together with all the fiber, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.

Sugar Alone Is Not Optimal

And that' s true. If you eat only sugar without any fiber it might get to your blood stream too quickly and cause some issues. I did experiment with mixing cane sugar and water and don' t seem to have any issues with that so far.

Add Cane Sugar To Your Smoothies

However what I am emphasizing here is to add cane sugar to your banana smoothies and juices if you drink them. That way you will create the original sweetness you would get if your fruit would be the top quality. Unrefinied cane sugar is 100% natural as it' s pretty much dried cane juice.

Why Adding Sugar When There Is Sugar?

Why I am recommending adding sugar to your fruit is because it will become tastier and easier for you to eat enough calories from fruits. Most of the fruit in supermarkets espeially in the winter is very low quality without much fructose. You will feel better, and less prone to bing on crappy foods that will make you feel crap and puts your acne right where it was before.

Do The Experiment And Stop Assuming

Durianrider, a well known advocate of this lifestyle, also did an experiment of putting sugar to his smoothies and his blood tests were opitmal as well as his health. Therefore I encourage you to step out of the dogma that sugar is bad and start experimenting with it.

Why Has Sugar Bad Name?

Sugar has mainly bad name because it' s almost always mixed with fat. Chocolate, cakes, ice-cream, pies, puddings. All these has well over 50% of its calories coming from fat. And people still think that it' s the sugar that' s causing the issue.

Many People Don' t Know What Low Fat Means

Many people never tried a low fat diet. Low fat for many people means low fat dairy products, low fat meats such as fish when in fact is not really low fat, just lower in fat than other animal products. Low fat in my world means no animal products whatsoever, no oils, no avocados, no nuts and seeds.

Experiment With Fat Too

If you exclude all these foods you will be still getting around 5-6% of your calories from fat which naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables. If you don' t believe me, experiment how you feel after adding more fat and after having no added fat. 100% percent of the time you will feel slugish, nausious and not motivated to do anything. Your digestion will take forever.

Problem With Salt

Another component that I don' t recommend on this diet is salt. I have also done an experimentation with salt and it has never been positive. Yes we need sodium in our diets, but only in minimum quantities. Salt is compound of Sodium and Chloride that our body can' t vreak down and treat it as a toxins.

Salt Alternatives

That' s why after consuming lots of salt you get headache, feel nausious, puffy etc. I advise you to keep your sodium levels low and beat your cravings with green leafy veggies, steam veggies like mushrooms, green peas and corn.  After a while your taste buts will adjust and you will experience great results without adding any salt. Also organic produce contain much more sodium than conventional.

Combine Well For Perfect Health

And the last tip to this diet is combining. People really start eating low fat, they make their best to get enough calories from high quality sugary fruits and if not they add sugar to their banana smoothies, they cut out the salt, but still they are not achieving the results they would like.

Always Eat Fruit First

Now I emphisize last point you should follow on this diet. Always eat you fruit before starches. If you mix these too you create more toxins because the two take different digestions. Even if you can' t get enough sweet fruit, buy juices and add sugar to them, try to be organize so you have enough ripe bananas around.

Raw Till 4

And only after all that fruit and juices have your cooked starches and veggies in the evening. Follow Raw till 4 program by Freelee on youtube. So this are my top tips on this diet.

And don' t forget about other commitments Sleep up, Hydrate Up, Get The Sunshine and Exercise.

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Hope you are doing well,

thanks for reading,

Healthy Adventurer.

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