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I saw a few posts recently that people have made mentioning cosmology, and since this is a passion of mine...

I have always been so interested in all things cosmological/astrophysical since as far back as I can remember. I always wanted to be a cosmologist, until, that is, I began to see more of the truth about it.

We have learned a lot, as a humanity, in the past centuries - but it's
also true that we have attached to many ideas and progress is much
slower than it could be, I actually think we have become stagnant. We in this forum already know
this, about the current medical model, but the same mistakes repeat like a pattern in many branches of human "knowledge".

It all changed for me when I studied theoretical physics
at university, I became disillusioned with it just as with
modern medicine after digging further. For those interested, here are
some very good resources that I consider to be the 811 of modern
cosmology ;-)

I hope those here with interest in these matter will find things of interest here.

Many articles:


A forum with blogs and articles:


A documentary on YouTube about the current problems in cosmology (a must watch ;-)):


(that's just part 1 - can easily navigate from there to the rest)

And another very interesting video:


Let me know what you guys think :-)

P.S.: I don't know if it's appropriate to post this sort of thing in 30BaD, but if it isn't feel free to remove it ;-)

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Comment by Pau Casas on April 25, 2012 at 10:41pm

There are many good accounts of pilots and high ranking ex-militars that have witnessed UFO phenomena. One of the best collections of testimonials is from the Disclosure Project, check it out if you like, but it's a good 6 hours worth of material here:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud49Gh9yYLs&feature=related

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpHAxxRKksQ&feature=relmfu

National Press Club Conference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkswXVmG4xM&feature=relmfu

Comment by Fruit fly on April 25, 2012 at 10:08pm

I met one british old pilot from second world world while I was in enland about 15years ago and he show me a picture took from his plane(and it was a misterious object in the sky)...

On the otherhand, how much do we know about what is really happening in our human world. See HAARP and other 11/9 and so on... maybe, there is not actually some higher power, just a power behind the power.....

Just like I heard about opus day, from my ex job chief. Opus day is bad part of christians, but what they write bad about it, is like saying someone here is stealing, but actually same group of people is killing in the back....I have no personal experience with it, thank god. And sometimes it is hard to distinguis if someone is menthaly damage, or actually not at all.

Comment by ednshell on December 1, 2010 at 11:36am
I watched a couple of the documentaries posted, they were great thanks!
I watched Thunderbolt of the gods, makes so much more sense to me than the old theory:

and symbols of alien sky from superdupercucumber, very interesting stuff! So may great people in the world eh?
Comment by SuperduperCucumberLover!..=) on December 1, 2010 at 2:07am
This is better..

Comment by SuperduperCucumberLover!..=) on December 1, 2010 at 2:05am
This is interesting..

Comment by SuperduperCucumberLover!..=) on November 30, 2010 at 9:34am
This is so intriguing because there is so much that scientists don't know and they pretend their theories are set in stone. Like global warming. Something like that gets taken over by politics and can influence so many things. What has been shown is that all of the planets are heating up from the outside planets more than the ones closest to the sun. This could mean that a large comet or planet\comet is coming in this direction and causing this. If the poles are going to melt and the inhabited areas are going to be covered in ice and snow that would mean so many things wouldnt matter anymore. I am not sure what governemnts could do other than ignore what was going to happen because it would be outside of their scope to address. Even what we eat and what plants we should grow to eat would be affected if the truth was accepted.
Comment by Pau Casas on November 30, 2010 at 6:04am
Yes I am familiar with the Symbols of an Alien Sky series too, it's a good series.

All the links to plasma phenomena and archeological findings is very interesting, but I'm more interested in how by taking into account eletrical phenomena, there's no need for really bizarre, some unverifiable, all as yet unproven hypotheses such as the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, black holes etc. They're all what Donald Scott likes to call FAIRIE DUST (Fabricated Ad hoc Inventions Repeatedly Invoked in Efforts to Defend Untenable Scientific Theories).

I have heard the Big Bang theory for example, hasn't made one single correct prediction, yet has been modified countless times in order to fit with observations. One very interesting book on the subject is The Big Bang Never Happened by Eric Lerner. I don't know how accurate it is, because I don't have the training in cosmology, but it was a nice read. Very compelling however, is the galaxy-quasar connection first observed and studied by Halton Arp. If true, it would completely invalidate the current redshift interpretation. It's explained in more detail in the documentary that I linked in my post, the documentary Cosmology Quest.

I'm not saying all of modern cosmology is wrong, but I find it sad that it has become close minded to such elegant, simple, and experimentally verifiable explanations such as offered by the Electric Universe. One very interesting case was NASA's Deep Impact, if you're not familiar with it:


The Electric Universe predictions became true. NASA's predictions where so wrong that after the experiment they were shocked and couldn't explain it in any way. When asked about the successful predictions of the Electric Universe, a spokesman from NASA said something like "Electricity in space? That's crazy. We would never consider such a possibility".

The subject of planetary scarring and craters is also very interesting :-)
Comment by CinnaB on November 30, 2010 at 5:38am
Awesome thanks
Comment by pradtf on November 29, 2010 at 3:52pm
greetings pau!

no problems posting universal matter such as this - especially in your blog.

you may find john baez quite intriguing (we were following a guide he'd provided a few years ago on cosmology, but got diverted into various computer projects).

he has some fun stuff on astrophysics in his fun stuff section (of course! ... as well as lots of other things). we plan to get back to cosmology again, but are too busy right now - besides, our computer studies led us to some very interesting stuff on classical mechanics that we want to examine by (gerry sussman) - but it'll take some work.

we have a resident cosmologist on here btw - look up courtney:
she hasn't been around for a while because she's in the middle of her dissertation, but will hopefully be active again in the future.

in friendship,
Comment by SuperduperCucumberLover!..=) on November 29, 2010 at 3:27pm
This is the video I was talking about.


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