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Okay so I've been trying not complain about my husband but sang it he makes me so mad! Ill be quick in explanation. Hes overseas right now and we're fighting a lot because if my food choices I'm constantly telling him its not just about health, its also unethical to treat the animals this way! So I just got a text from him " merry Christmas I just bought you some leather coaches, I know we need some" WTF! Seriously what the hell is wrong with him?????

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Comment by Dot Wren on December 1, 2011 at 9:09am

lead by example, that's what I try and do. My husband is (more) understanding, but he still thinks I'm a little crazy. He gets stomach aches and nausea after eating what he eats though, and he knows he can feel the difference. I make him green smoothies which he's open to and he always reports back at the end of the day saying he's feeling great, and had more energy working out etc. He's not ready to give up his old lifestyle, but he's catching on. I"m sure your husband will too, it just takes time. He's not SEEING you either if hes overseas, so it's hard for him to grasp what changes your going through. And frankly, it takes an open mind to see the ethical argument, which can be hard for a guy used to eating steaks (my husband). I feel your pain though, being the only one in a marriage that's eating this way can be hard..

Comment by Robbie Belmonte on December 1, 2011 at 4:31am

Unlikely he'd make this kind of a purchase without you, most likely he's frustrated because he does not understand your lifestyle changes and their benefits. Maybe his peers are also pushing the envelope with him if he has shared information outside your relationship.


Keep your senses and keep on eating the way you feel comfortable.


I remember my wife being confused and frustrated that she couldn't cook for me anymore and then the kids joined in periodically and they too have a new found wisdom of the food chain.



Comment by melissa jackson on December 1, 2011 at 3:43am

He feels very threatened right now. You're changing, you're growing and getting super healthy. He's overseas & you were able to accomplish making such a major life changing choice without him there, I can bet he's not feeling very needed right now.

I'm not a man, but I can just guess what's going through his mind. "She's looking good, feeling great and now has the confidence to stand up for her beliefs and opinions. What if she doesn't need me anymore? What if  I don't fit into her new lifestyle when I get back? What if there's someone else?.


He's going to panic, jump to conclusions and lash out. He's acting childish to push you away. He's terrified and worried about your new lifestyle because he doesn't understand it. He doesn't know how to voice these concerns so he argues instead. It's easy to get angry, much easier then to sit down and discuss things.


You're going to need to reasure him that everything is fine. You need to be the mature adult in the relationship right now. Do not let his comments get to you, brush them off. Be loving, be supportive and be an example of how great this diet is, make sure he sees that. Don't try and push him into anything, he'll resent that.


Tell him that you will feed your child the way you see fit. When your kid is old enough to decide then you can let him choose what he wants. If he argues this just hand him The China Study 80-10-10 and ask him to read them. Also explain that you just wants what's best for your guy's child & let him know how the meat and diary will negativly impact your son healthwise in the long run.


Hope that helps!

Comment by Perry Fullerton on December 1, 2011 at 3:11am

Tough situation.  First thing though, don't send that cheque!  And tell him there is no point in getting the couches because you would never sit on them anyway.  Protest!  And regarding your child you can just feed him veg while he is away and you could perhaps buy some time when he gets back by saying you don't want him to get sick eating meat because he's not used to it.  And perhaps over the time in between you'll have convinced him with some sound arguments, hopefully.  Good luck!

Comment by Kristen Michelle Yougman on December 1, 2011 at 1:35am

Trust me he's not joking, he asked me to send the check out today for it. The problem isnt so much my diet, we have a three year old and he's constantly yelling at me to feed him meat and dairy.  He knows why I changed my diet and all he has to say is that I'm dumb that I've joined a cult. He's in the Marine Corps and has kept in better shape than me since we graduated highschool so he uses that as an example that his diet is superior than mine. Since I've started this diet I've improved my running 100% when I first started running I could only run for a couple minutes straight and that was on a high protein low carb diet changed to LFRV and started running for a couple miles within a week and a half.  A huge problem is that he's in Afghanistan right now and he has no control over what I feed our child so he brings it up often.


Thank you for the advice!

Comment by Raisin D'être (Alice E) on November 30, 2011 at 6:07pm

I'm pretty sure he was just joking.


But here's some helpful advice: Why don't you just live and let live?

Tell him why you changed to an 811 diet. Tell him of the benefits you've experienced and why you don't want to go back to a conventional way of eating. Let him know that you intend to eat like this for a very long time, and that it's not going to change.


But also be accepting of him. Tell him that you are glad that a meat-eating lifestyle is working out for him and that he seems to be doing okay on it .. but remind him that it just isn't an option for you, and so you should accept your differences rather than running in a circle arguing about things that aren't going to change.


Suggest that if he'd like to help; maybe he could try some of the meals that you cook, or save up to donate to an animal foundation together, or even go on a tropical vacation one day. And that maybe you'll help him out by agreeing to go to dinner somewhere he likes, even if you only order a salad or bring some organic dates along. It doesn't have to be a constant argument all the time. You can work together! Obviously you're still with him, so you love him for more than his diet. Think of that while you're settling things out and everything will be okay :)

Comment by Kristen Michelle Yougman on November 30, 2011 at 3:53pm
Seriously who buys a vegan leather couches?


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