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Let changes happen - How I became vegan

It's tree months ago since I decided to put an end to supporting animal death and environment damage to this planet. Already one year ago I asked myself if it would make sense to stop it and go vegan... I was never like a very good friend of meat, but still I was told to eat chicken and fish to lose weight, because it's the carbs that make you fat. I couldn't live without milk because it tasted so nice and i loved cereal. And cheese: here in Switzerland this is a big thing. Fondue, Raclette all the great dishes I loved like Pizza and Rösti, and knew they were fatty but it was not often I had them so I didn't think about it further... I love to bake, I was the cupcake girl. Now I only make low fat vegan cakes.


My excuse to not go vegan was following - The animal is already dead in the supermarket, if I don't buy it, someone else does - besides, if I had to kill an animal to survive, I wouldn't. Since I don't have to do it, I buy it. Diary and Eggs, the animals don't get hurt by this, it's a byproduct so... and everyone else eats them since I can think and the skinny girls I know they don't eat so many carbs, I think I do the right thing - LAME.


So, 6 months ago I would roll myself on the floor laughing, if you told me I would chose a vegan lifestyle and stop drinking milk. But I stopped. What got me motivated to do so? I watched a lot of Freelee's videos and I was malinformed about the way humans and food industrie treat the animals. I burst into tears because I was always a lover of animals but never made the connection between what I see alive and what's dead on my plate. And the worst thing is that the ppl here in Switzerland always bring the argument that here, it's not as bad as in other foreign countries but that is not true and they die - just like all the other foreign animals. I watched the movie earthlings and I couldn't stop crying during the whole movie and everytime I see dead meat I think of the animals even if I sometimes still think that it smells nice and I would not deny that I liked the flavour of it and maybe still would because I didn't stop eating it because I didn't like it. It was the shocking truth that got me so far to stop it all. I never went vegetarian or stuff but why do something halfway, if you know that milk and eggs chause death as well ... not even talking about the health issues that come with all that. My parents did not agree with my decision, but since I live alone and have my own life, they can't be complaining all the time. It stopped after a while, I got my sister to eat meat only once a week and that was a little success that made me happy. But still am concerned about my parents. They eat meat every day and they do look like it...

It's true, you are what you eat.

Because I love them so much and because I care, and I don't want them to have another bypass or more medication for high blood pressure or diabetes, Mama told me I would get diabetes by eating 7 bananas for breakfast, but Papa has diabetes and I've never seen him eat so many fruits - was my response. I was very sceptic and I had so much information floating trough me but when I got here - to 30bad - I really enjoyed how many ppl are beautiful and happy and healthy living a great lifestyle of abundance and eating as much as they want without gaining weight and supporting each other, like a great big family full of love - sounded good to me. What did I do? I started Raw till 4.

My results after 3 months: I haven't lost weight, but I haven't gained some eighter. My legs are less swollen when I get home and my skin is better, my hair is thicker and I stopped feeling cold all the time. Best change ever: I don't feel like the world is going under anymore when I have to get up for work.

Since I live alone I like it very clean and tidy. But after I went vegan I got more sensitive to those things. I felt uncomfortable in the kitchen, I had to change the place of my stuff because it didn't feel right. Even if it is clean to others, for me it still could be better.

When I was in the very begining I felt very comfortable and I thought it's okay, it was not so hard to become vegan because it's a big big great vegan world out there! But the more I think about it the more I recognize that there are a lot of things changing! The way I feel the way I look and even the way I think. I accepted it, and I will let all those things happen to me because until now I only feel positive changes.

I get to eat pizza and rice and curry and sushi and pasta - all vegan and I love it. I love dates, nanas and mangoes, oranges, I always loved fruits and I never came to the idea I could eat them in higher amounts because they are good for me - I feel better when I work out when I go to sleep and when I wake up! It's so amazing!

Since I'm here, I don't crave meat, cheese, cakes or cookies or other bad foods and that is impressive!

The only thing that still bothers me is that I haven't lost weight (but I'm patient, I know it will happen) and that I don't have enough fresh ripe fruits available as I wished and still need backupplans because they take so fukcin long to get ripe or are just not pretty or too expensive. I struggle with the sodium sometimes because cooked foods like pasta or couscous just taste empty without seasoning for me, and I need to get more greens in but it's a little hard for me since I can't imagine having green smoothies - it scares me.


I know it's a long story but I felt like sharing it. Thank you for reading.


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Comment by feebstar90 on July 15, 2014 at 10:24pm
this is me all over!!
Comment by Nathan O'Donnell on July 15, 2014 at 2:17pm

Thanks for sharing! :)


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