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Tomorrow is the definitive day to get back on track. It is my father's birthday and I think it's good to start on such a day... this way I can always remember the day I started eating the way Gaia defined us to. Believe me I would eventually forget...
Adding that I am also going to quit smoking for good and begin with a fitness plan. First, rebounce 'cause I'm a little bit overweighted, then running on the rebouncer and out in the street and at last I hope to start running barefoot.
I already know who my enemies are:
- living in a house with different types of food... and although my mother follows a raw vegan diet she just keeps on buying cashews, and bread and tuna and toasted korn flour (don't know the equivalent in English) for my father to eat... I Guess I have to consider move out in a short-time period, expensive though.
- Visiting friends and staying in their houses with their families... I mean eating in the car would be considered extremely rude at least.
- Dealing with the friend's friends... boy that can really be overwhelming, having to deal with all those... hey aren't you the guy that eats everything in a raw state?? what is it called?? crudívorismo (portuguese word for raw eater, not raw vegan though) have you seen beargrizzlie on discovery channel?? he eats raw meat... they are humorous although there's always the word 'lunatic' perpassing behind their eyes while speaking to me.
- Avoid smoking and alcohol while visiting friends... there's always something to celebrate... couldn't we try eating bananas and get fully energized instead of drinking our energy's out???... guess not... and above all my friends don't believe in the 'don't drink and drive' moto... one less excuse to use...
- Having lunch at the canteen... hmmm, this one's easy, just drive the car to the nearest parking lot and eat your 7 pack of bananas. Just say to the other teachers that I am going to lunch at home while they hesitate in asking me: Hey isn't more expensive to go home than paying 2 euros for lunch here at the canteen and you still gain some free time and get to spend some time with us... No... I have intestine problems ... they don't absorb fat well so... better go home... and leave as fast as possible before they get the chance of asking you more about your illness and find out that afterall you have an illness of what you just don't anything about... it's a good way of avoiding the unwanted conversations about your diet, say you have some kind of disease which I actually do... vitiligo... and this way of eating, raw vegan I mean, allows me to controll it... although I truly hope not just to controll it but heal it with lfrv.
-Stressing times- these can really be one of the most dangerous periods I'll face... I've been through the experience of going off the wagon while waiting for a call to start a new occupation as an English Teacher. It can be devastating... suddenly you are on a new job but your health isn't what it used to be and your carreer ends up suffering the consequences. Don't get me wrong... I just don't give a f*** to my carrer, still one must be professional if you know what I mean and with a poor health is more difficult to face the difficulties of changing occupation and starting a new job. Just want the money to live wild and free of bosses and schedules, unfortunately one needs the money to start such a project... and teaching is always rewarding in the sense that we can open up some future minds into trying to have a different perspective of the world and to not believe in everything that they are told, although yes, to some point it can be considered castrating...
-Initiall changes of humor... know that it's just a phase but still is always a potential excuse for me to go and get me a loaf of bread and dip it in olive oil... just to numb me down a little bit... and when I notice... I am off the wagon again...

Ok.... so, now that the enemies are identified... just have to fight them with calmness and with the wisdom that I am on the right track, the path of health, of love, of energy and the achievement of new goals, inside and outside goals.

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Comment by golden skan on February 10, 2010 at 9:55am
thank you zoe... just want to feel the way I used to about 3 months ago or even better... well today failed in staying 100% lfrv those cashews... just can't eat two or three... but the worst was the bread and olive oil... tomorrow whenever I feel hungry will just fill me up with lots and lots of fruit and vegetables just like Apple-man told me to do... cause if I wait for my next meal time by the time I get there I simply can't control myself... in the beginning it's definitely the best choice...
Comment by golden skan on February 10, 2010 at 2:55am
it's been difficult but that I already knew... Woke up and ate 14 pears... immediate reaction: diarrhea :) but still felt great although I've already eaten a bit of bread... because I was already empty... no doubt: the trick of never going hungry is the one I must follow without looking for the time that has passed before going to the next meal...
Thank you so much khor and Apple-man, appreciated for the knowledge and support.
Comment by Jolene on February 9, 2010 at 10:49am
go kassula! identifying ur enemies definitely goes a long way! i didnt even recognize some of them at the start and fell into loads of traps. but i learnt a lot of good lessons and am still learning:) just keep positive! im sure u'll make it! xoxo


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